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Solar SystemYou're Ranked 169 out of 210

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 788,290: Ranked 169 out of 210 w/ 6 scores entered
Level 10-100n/a53,460n/an/a
Level 10-200n/a109,057n/an/a
Level 10-300n/a171,958n/an/a
Level 10-4138,44021-5,230121,915+16,525n/a
Level 10-500n/a101,023n/an/a
Level 10-600n/a77,705n/an/a
Level 10-700n/a115,912n/an/a
Level 10-8174,86012-4,190168,652+6,208n/a
Level 10-900n/a136,980n/an/a
Level 10-10138,62026-7,400136,820+1,800n/a
Level 10-1100n/a66,212n/an/a
Level 10-12118,20023-4,380112,462+5,738n/a
Level 10-13105,56014-3,950100,763+4,797n/a
S-24 Bonus112,61028-7,450106,364+6,246n/a

Brass HogsYou're Ranked 193 out of 225

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 196,600: Ranked 193 out of 225 w/ 1 scores entered
Level 9-100n/a40,202n/an/a
Level 9-200n/a63,424n/an/a
Level 9-300n/a94,071n/an/a
Level 9-400n/a99,069n/an/a
Level 9-500n/a121,222n/an/a
Level 9-600n/a138,049n/an/a
Level 9-700n/a96,669n/an/a
Level 9-8196,60024-32,470176,236+20,364n/a
Level 9-900n/a89,323n/an/a
Level 9-1000n/a73,940n/an/a
Level 9-1100n/a143,252n/an/a
Level 9-1200n/a82,749n/an/a
Level 9-1300n/a119,217n/an/a
Level 9-1400n/a65,326n/an/a
Level 9-1500n/a130,226n/an/a
Level 9-1600n/a126,388n/an/a
Level 9-1700n/a95,251n/an/a
Level 9-1800n/a74,180n/an/a
Level 9-1900n/a68,475n/an/a
Level 9-2000n/a105,511n/an/a
Level 9-2100n/a67,209n/an/a
Level 9-2200n/a93,977n/an/a
Level 9-2300n/a78,376n/an/a
Level 9-2400n/a217,817n/an/a
Level 9-2500n/a98,266n/an/a
Level 9-2600n/a64,497n/an/a
Level 9-2700n/a80,847n/an/a
Level 9-2800n/a132,586n/an/a
Level 9-2900n/a78,527n/an/a
Level 9-3000n/a110,031n/an/a

Beak Impact: Part 2

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • No Scores Entered Yet
Level 8-2100n/a76,649n/an/a
Level 8-2200n/a104,857n/an/a
Level 8-2300n/a100,707n/an/a
Level 8-2400n/a86,435n/an/a
Level 8-2500n/a105,413n/an/a
Level 8-2600n/a104,146n/an/a
Level 8-2700n/a118,266n/an/a
Level 8-2800n/a103,713n/an/a
Level 8-2900n/a99,607n/an/a
Level 8-3000n/a84,033n/an/a
Level 8-3100n/a108,458n/an/a
Level 8-3200n/a86,264n/an/a
Level 8-3300n/a118,159n/an/a
Level 8-3400n/a154,837n/an/a
Level 8-3500n/a108,188n/an/a
Level 8-3600n/a80,769n/an/a
Level 8-3700n/a147,538n/an/a
Level 8-3800n/a179,054n/an/a
Level 8-3900n/a100,647n/an/a
Level 8-4000n/a117,413n/an/a
S-22 Bonus00n/a93,443n/an/a
S-23 Bonus00n/a142,863n/an/a

Beak Impact: Part 1You're Ranked 345 out of 375

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 299,700: Ranked 345 out of 375 w/ 2 scores entered
Level 8-100n/a71,589n/an/a
Level 8-200n/a82,904n/an/a
Level 8-300n/a79,744n/an/a
Level 8-400n/a72,867n/an/a
Level 8-568,1301 Top Score!59,046+9,084n/a
Level 8-600n/a78,901n/an/a
Level 8-700n/a109,672n/an/a
Level 8-800n/a80,746n/an/a
Level 8-900n/a63,212n/an/a
Level 8-1000n/a118,376n/an/a
Level 8-1100n/a67,176n/an/a
Level 8-1200n/a92,033n/an/a
Level 8-1300n/a87,508n/an/a
Level 8-1400n/a88,913n/an/a
Level 8-1500n/a111,025n/an/a
Level 8-1600n/a92,754n/an/a
Level 8-1700n/a123,825n/an/a
Level 8-1800n/a124,632n/an/a
Level 8-1900n/a128,116n/an/a
Level 8-20231,5708-9,690200,604+30,966n/a
S-20 Bonus00n/a126,284n/an/a
S-21 Bonus00n/a217,834n/an/a

Cosmic CrystalsYou're Ranked 445 out of 528

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 424,970: Ranked 445 out of 528 w/ 4 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,810,000: 2,385,030 more points needed
Level 7-100n/a36,663n/an/a
Level 7-200n/a51,716n/an/a
Level 7-300n/a52,517n/an/a
Level 7-400n/a86,971n/an/a
Level 7-500n/a74,204n/an/a
Level 7-600n/a33,858n/an/a
Level 7-700n/a105,979n/an/a
Level 7-800n/a118,012n/an/a
Level 7-900n/a72,250n/an/a
Level 7-1091,4103-75075,395+16,015n/a
Level 7-1100n/a81,176n/an/a
Level 7-12124,02034-4,850112,865+11,155n/a
Level 7-1300n/a96,861n/an/a
Level 7-1400n/a72,938n/an/a
Level 7-1500n/a167,853n/an/a
Level 7-1600n/a98,519n/an/a
Level 7-1700n/a66,165n/an/a
Level 7-1800n/a174,713n/an/a
Level 7-1900n/a83,157n/an/a
Level 7-2000n/a134,433n/an/a
Level 7-2100n/a137,161n/an/a
Level 7-22105,3107-1,76090,484+14,826n/a
Level 7-2300n/a128,958n/an/a
Level 7-2400n/a79,990n/an/a
Level 7-2500n/a127,398n/an/a
Level 7-2600n/a155,028n/an/a
Level 7-2700n/a77,928n/an/a
Level 7-2800n/a169,849n/an/a
Level 7-2900n/a118,119n/an/a
Level 7-3000n/a41,218n/an/a
S-17 Bonus00n/a64,538n/an/a
S-18 Bonus104,2306-2,46078,155+26,075n/a
S-19 Bonus00n/a66,186n/an/a

Pig DipperYou're Ranked 705 out of 795

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 219,550: Ranked 705 out of 795 w/ 3 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,910,000: 2,690,450 more points needed
Level 6-100n/a52,316n/an/a
Level 6-268,8607-86064,530+4,330n/a
Level 6-300n/a55,275n/an/a
Level 6-400n/a60,604n/an/a
Level 6-500n/a88,192n/an/a
Level 6-600n/a113,849n/an/a
Level 6-700n/a109,707n/an/a
Level 6-800n/a94,168n/an/a
Level 6-900n/a74,251n/an/a
Level 6-1000n/a120,194n/an/a
Level 6-1100n/a107,975n/an/a
Level 6-1200n/a117,028n/an/a
Level 6-1300n/a82,455n/an/a
Level 6-1400n/a132,219n/an/a
Level 6-1500n/a106,001n/an/a
Level 6-1600n/a63,532n/an/a
Level 6-1776,73013-5,88070,198+6,532n/a
Level 6-1800n/a89,810n/an/a
Level 6-1900n/a100,976n/an/a
Level 6-2000n/a148,141n/an/a
Level 6-2100n/a93,977n/an/a
Level 6-2200n/a98,749n/an/a
Level 6-2300n/a87,274n/an/a
Level 6-2400n/a110,139n/an/a
Level 6-2500n/a140,445n/an/a
Level 6-2600n/a112,247n/an/a
Level 6-2700n/a93,789n/an/a
Level 6-2800n/a105,398n/an/a
Level 6-2900n/a161,065n/an/a
Level 6-3073,96013-3,92054,879+19,081n/a
S-14 Bonus00n/a123,062n/an/a
S-15 Bonus00n/a144,571n/an/a
S-16 Bonus00n/a137,050n/an/a

Red PlanetYou're Ranked 871 out of 1,016

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 693,370: Ranked 871 out of 1016 w/ 5 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,690,000: 2,996,630 more points needed
Level 5-100n/a42,452n/an/a
Level 5-200n/a56,601n/an/a
Level 5-3136,8702-550129,435+7,435n/a
Level 5-4135,0705-2,210126,412+8,658n/a
Level 5-5168,20032-5,410147,507+20,693n/a
Level 5-600n/a123,459n/an/a
Level 5-700n/a105,799n/an/a
Level 5-800n/a84,286n/an/a
Level 5-9152,46010-3,870140,634+11,826n/a
Level 5-1000n/a108,585n/an/a
Level 5-1100n/a47,371n/an/a
Level 5-12100,77014-5,63091,194+9,576n/a
Level 5-1300n/a123,278n/an/a
Level 5-1400n/a100,088n/an/a
Level 5-1500n/a95,002n/an/a
Level 5-1600n/a134,969n/an/a
Level 5-1700n/a118,782n/an/a
Level 5-1800n/a126,789n/an/a
Level 5-1900n/a135,902n/an/a
Level 5-2000n/a111,229n/an/a
Level 5-2100n/a95,283n/an/a
Level 5-2200n/a84,601n/an/a
Level 5-2300n/a63,711n/an/a
Level 5-2400n/a107,500n/an/a
Level 5-2500n/a133,878n/an/a
Level 5-2600n/a132,283n/an/a
Level 5-2700n/a112,906n/an/a
Level 5-2800n/a145,815n/an/a
Level 5-2900n/a154,039n/an/a
Level 5-3000n/a97,194n/an/a
S-11 Bonus00n/a139,144n/an/a
S-12 Bonus00n/a140,052n/an/a
S-13 Bonus00n/a146,337n/an/a

UtopiaYou're Ranked 1,166 out of 1,258

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 126,810: Ranked 1166 out of 1258 w/ 1 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,450,000: 3,323,190 more points needed
Level 4-100n/a35,982n/an/a
Level 4-200n/a57,832n/an/a
Level 4-300n/a138,920n/an/a
Level 4-400n/a81,026n/an/a
Level 4-500n/a95,488n/an/a
Level 4-600n/a56,349n/an/a
Level 4-700n/a111,506n/an/a
Level 4-800n/a61,169n/an/a
Level 4-900n/a121,961n/an/a
Level 4-1000n/a80,764n/an/a
Level 4-1100n/a124,273n/an/a
Level 4-1200n/a82,444n/an/a
Level 4-1300n/a96,219n/an/a
Level 4-1400n/a78,664n/an/a
Level 4-1500n/a78,519n/an/a
Level 4-1600n/a103,470n/an/a
Level 4-1700n/a87,140n/an/a
Level 4-1800n/a128,138n/an/a
Level 4-1900n/a134,654n/an/a
Level 4-2000n/a121,283n/an/a
Level 4-2100n/a133,450n/an/a
Level 4-2200n/a97,442n/an/a
Level 4-23126,8103-1,350114,576+12,234n/a
Level 4-2400n/a140,861n/an/a
Level 4-2500n/a125,507n/an/a
Level 4-2600n/a105,935n/an/a
Level 4-2700n/a194,262n/an/a
Level 4-2800n/a128,012n/an/a
Level 4-2900n/a96,327n/an/a
Level 4-3000n/a56,084n/an/a
S-8 Bonus00n/a78,191n/an/a
S-9 Bonus00n/a124,585n/an/a
S-10 Bonus00n/a120,392n/an/a

Fry Me to the MoonYou're Ranked 1,216 out of 1,303

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 150,930: Ranked 1216 out of 1303 w/ 2 scores entered
Level 3-100n/a37,251n/an/a
Level 3-200n/a65,689n/an/a
Level 3-348,57062-1,91046,107+2,463n/a
Level 3-4102,36026-3,03091,804+10,556n/a
Level 3-500n/a54,502n/an/a
Level 3-600n/a62,776n/an/a
Level 3-700n/a140,397n/an/a
Level 3-800n/a68,940n/an/a
Level 3-900n/a118,358n/an/a
Level 3-1000n/a138,137n/an/a
S-7 Bonus00n/a134,584n/an/a

Cold CutsYou're Ranked 1,429 out of 1,629

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 379,800: Ranked 1429 out of 1629 w/ 4 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,660,000: 2,280,200 more points needed
Level 2-100n/a48,051n/an/a
Level 2-200n/a52,240n/an/a
Level 2-300n/a73,429n/an/a
Level 2-400n/a37,249n/an/a
Level 2-500n/a53,750n/an/a
Level 2-600n/a43,609n/an/a
Level 2-700n/a88,225n/an/a
Level 2-800n/a73,201n/an/a
Level 2-900n/a68,613n/an/a
Level 2-1000n/a74,429n/an/a
Level 2-1100n/a98,040n/an/a
Level 2-1200n/a87,192n/an/a
Level 2-1300n/a66,968n/an/a
Level 2-1400n/a79,077n/an/a
Level 2-1500n/a70,758n/an/a
Level 2-1685,5809-3,76069,572+16,008n/a
Level 2-17115,67010-4,200103,873+11,797n/a
Level 2-1800n/a131,177n/an/a
Level 2-1900n/a60,594n/an/a
Level 2-2000n/a59,999n/an/a
Level 2-2100n/a76,242n/an/a
Level 2-2200n/a114,091n/an/a
Level 2-2300n/a106,625n/an/a
Level 2-2400n/a87,403n/an/a
Level 2-2574,6107-1,82066,720+7,890n/a
Level 2-2600n/a98,638n/an/a
Level 2-2700n/a64,003n/an/a
Level 2-2800n/a83,573n/an/a
Level 2-29103,9401 Top Score!91,257+12,683n/a
Level 2-3000n/a95,856n/an/a
S-4 Bonus00n/a164,703n/an/a
S-5 Bonus00n/a92,691n/an/a
S-6 Bonus00n/a88,797n/an/a

Pig BangYou're Ranked 1,873 out of 2,058

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 206,630: Ranked 1873 out of 2058 w/ 4 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,200,000: 1,993,370 more points needed
Level 1-100n/a27,914n/an/a
Level 1-200n/a45,447n/an/a
Level 1-328,6005-3026,833+1,767n/a
Level 1-400n/a71,110n/an/a
Level 1-500n/a28,433n/an/a
Level 1-600n/a31,486n/an/a
Level 1-700n/a41,795n/an/a
Level 1-800n/a54,686n/an/a
Level 1-942,78013-53038,140+4,640n/a
Level 1-1000n/a42,425n/an/a
Level 1-1100n/a51,997n/an/a
Level 1-1200n/a57,170n/an/a
Level 1-1300n/a47,577n/an/a
Level 1-1400n/a85,002n/an/a
Level 1-1544,59016-40040,400+4,190n/a
Level 1-1600n/a97,934n/an/a
Level 1-1700n/a133,231n/an/a
Level 1-1800n/a78,510n/an/a
Level 1-1900n/a91,897n/an/a
Level 1-2000n/a36,174n/an/a
Level 1-2100n/a106,479n/an/a
Level 1-2200n/a59,263n/an/a
Level 1-2300n/a94,518n/an/a
Level 1-2400n/a78,181n/an/a
Level 1-2500n/a49,410n/an/a
Level 1-2690,66013-2,16080,171+10,489n/a
Level 1-2700n/a79,540n/an/a
Level 1-2800n/a44,228n/an/a
Level 1-2900n/a114,188n/an/a
Level 1-3000n/a87,275n/an/a
S-1 Bonus00n/a80,309n/an/a
S-2 Bonus00n/a137,029n/an/a
S-3 Bonus00n/a67,032n/an/a

EggsteroidsYou're Ranked 795 out of 1,428

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 445,770: Ranked 795 out of 1428 w/ 4 scores entered
Egg #100n/a28,686n/an/a
Egg #200n/a15,769n/an/a
Egg #300n/a57,051n/an/a
Egg #449,7705-2,39042,851+6,919n/a
Egg #500n/a117,602n/an/a
Egg #600n/a24,944n/an/a
Egg #700n/a129,531n/an/a
Egg #883,3508-2,57072,812+10,538n/a
Egg #900n/a80,335n/an/a
Egg #1000n/a110,092n/an/a
Rover #11125,3901 Top Score!103,651+21,739n/a
Rover #12187,2604-1,300167,573+19,687n/a
Rover #1300n/a149,953n/an/a
Rover #1400n/a149,626n/an/a
Spacecraft #1500n/a93,072n/an/a
Spacecraft #1600n/a56,448n/an/a
Spacecraft #1700n/a204,328n/an/a
Spacecraft #1800n/a44,398n/an/a

Danger Zone

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • No Scores Entered Yet
Level #100n/a91,389n/an/a
Level #200n/a113,628n/an/a
Level #300n/a110,445n/an/a
Level #400n/a106,763n/an/a
Level #500n/a92,267n/an/a
Level #600n/a99,713n/an/a
Level #700n/a153,671n/an/a
Level #800n/a70,253n/an/a
Level #900n/a66,643n/an/a
Level #1000n/a108,591n/an/a
Level #1100n/a103,659n/an/a
Level #1200n/a100,864n/an/a
Level #1300n/a105,626n/an/a
Level #1400n/a125,786n/an/a
Level #1500n/a130,446n/an/a
Level #1600n/a61,270n/an/a
Level #1700n/a87,266n/an/a
Level #1800n/a142,348n/an/a
Level #1900n/a132,137n/an/a
Level #2000n/a95,580n/an/a
Level #2100n/a72,001n/an/a
Level #2200n/a105,762n/an/a
Level #2300n/a123,898n/an/a
Level #2400n/a105,405n/an/a
Level #2500n/a108,959n/an/a
Level #2600n/a72,459n/an/a
Level #2700n/a152,408n/an/a
Level #2800n/a51,317n/an/a
Level #2900n/a85,036n/an/a
Level #3000n/a122,558n/an/a

Froot Loops Bloopers

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • No Scores Entered Yet
Level K-1Disabled0n/an/an/an/a
Level K-2Disabled0n/an/an/an/a
Level K-3Disabled0n/an/an/an/a
Level K-4Disabled0n/an/an/an/a
Level K-5Disabled0n/an/an/an/a