Entering Scores: Find the level you want to enter a score for then just click or tap the cell under the "Your Score" column. As soon as you do an entry field will appear where you can enter your score. After you're done entering your score just hit enter or tap outside the form field. If there are no errors your score will be saved and you can enter another.

Removing Scores: Note, you can always update your score, so you should only have to delete your score in the event you entered it on the wrong leaderboard. To delete your score just enter a 0.

Undoing Scores: We now keep record of your scores, so enter -1 to go back in time. Note, if you delete a score by entering '0' it can't be undone.

Be sure your score contains only numbers (i.e. 100,000 or 100000). If you notice a bug or have a question, please leave a comment.