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Rank: Flinger with 30 points
By Derrek (@derrek)

I’m currently #1 in “Angry Birds Star Wars 2” for level P2 and ranked 103 total overall. So… I’m finding these scores a little hard to believe. Sorry :( I’m gonna change my pic to my leaderboard.

Rank: Hardened with 730 points
By atestofpatience (@atestofpatience)

I don’t dare count the likely thousands of times I have played this level. I felt certain that 130,000 was possible and that after blasting everything in numerous ways that 134,000+ was conceivable no matter what the Sicilian said. Today I finally hit a stopping point; 135,530! The curse has been lifted, my thumbs are mine again. I’ll post a pic once I figure out how.

By rainbow tash

i cant play at moment

By Mat2Cee2

I just played level 20 of naboo invasion on bird side, (played with my phone). I shot the first bird (yoda) to the tnt on the floating island, after that my fps fell to 1, everything disapreared exept the birds and grass and up in the right Corner my score was 153837584. The game glitched or broke? (I think)?

By Danny7225

Same thing happened to me, so i used yoda and while he was spinning like crazy he hit the blaster and the whole game just dissapeared and i thought the game would crash because of how little the game moves, so i left for like 20 minutes and when i returned to my surprise i didnt crash and i was left with 650 million points and now my whole naboo invasion bird side total points is at 660 million lol

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