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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 4,620,370: Ranked 1 out of 421 w/ 29 scores entered
Level BR-1156,1401 Top Score!115,093+41,047n/a
Level BR-2150,5101 Top Score!93,820+56,690n/a
Level BR-3133,4601 Top Score!107,008+26,452n/a
Level BR-4108,2301 Top Score!84,208+24,022n/a
Level BR-5142,0601 Top Score!104,976+37,084n/a
Level BR-6132,8002-210109,799+23,001n/a
Level BR-7143,5901 Top Score!102,732+40,858n/a
Level BR-8171,7301 Top Score!149,232+22,498n/a
Level BR-9178,9501 Top Score!147,388+31,562n/a
Level BR-10150,9901 Top Score!116,664+34,326n/a
Level BR-11220,1401 Top Score!168,563+51,577n/a
Level BR-12144,9101 Top Score!103,974+40,936n/a
Level BR-13157,8601 Top Score!95,499+62,361n/a
Level BR-14113,4901 Top Score!84,811+28,679n/a
Level BR-15136,8801 Top Score!119,068+17,812n/a
Level BR-16171,7501 Top Score!152,237+19,513n/a
Level BR-17143,8101 Top Score!101,985+41,825n/a
Level BR-18115,9401 Top Score!106,372+9,568n/a
Level BR-19119,6001 Top Score!104,174+15,426n/a
Level BR-20258,2601 Top Score!217,817+40,443n/a
Level BR-21175,3801 Top Score!143,327+32,053n/a
Level BR-22208,6901 Top Score!166,066+42,624n/a
Level BR-23201,3401 Top Score!143,297+58,043n/a
Level BR-24192,4906-2,150182,905+9,585n/a
Level BR-25200,0401 Top Score!178,646+21,394n/a
Level BR-26180,7703-4,030169,588+11,182n/a
Level BR-27121,5101 Top Score!114,826+6,684n/a
Level BR-28127,3901 Top Score!122,111+5,279n/a
Level BR-29161,6601 Top Score!125,568+36,092n/a