Angry Birds Space Danger Zone Level 9 Walkthrough

Danger Zone level 9 may make your brain hurt. One strategy is to aim the first Red bird into the stone blocks of the top-left planet. With this shot, you can usually clear three planets worth of pigs. What remains is a long, looping shot toward the top-right planet. The score in the video below is 60,330.

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MVNLA2 says:

Yes, my brain hurts! “Usually clear out 3 planets of pigs” is a huge exaggeration. Any other strategies?

MVNLA2 says:

Not to mention, that even if you get all pigs with 2 birds, you may not get 3*s.

I cleared all pigs with 1 bird and still got 2 stars.

Toucan says:

a straight shot at the bottom left pig, roll around the top of the asteroid to hit the tnt to shoot a pebble at the next tnt and so on, then they should all line up one after each other and clear the screen

Star says:

This was by far the easiest method. I tried all the others and came really close to ***, but this was the only one that I didn’t feel like relied on luck nearly as much. You can tweak the shot just a little at a time and see a difference…aiming a little high on this pig to help the bird roll over the top of the asteroid was 65k without half as much effort as the other strategies.

This is definitely the easiest way to get 3*s. I got my score with your method on around the 6th try.

Pete says:

This worked for me on the third attempt. Thanks.

MG516 says:

A lot of different strategies, but I found this works consistently with decent scores. Thank you.

Sandini says:

Awesome! Thanks for the great tip!

Lesleymaui says:

Thank you Toucan. Worked perfectly on about the tenth try. Thanks for sharing

FlyHi says:

Thanks Toucan. That’s how I think the designers meant it. I was struggling but this strategy solved it. 64.630

Katie says:

Yeah, if you get it aimed juuuust right, it’s a one-birder. Like, aim for the near side of the TNT, the little stone on it, and it causes a chain reaction. I got 65,630.

mwryum says:

If you’re lucky, it’s a one-shot deal, but there’s a lot of “by-God” factor in getting that.

Wildo says:

Aim directly into the bottom-left pig’s left eye for scores of 65k

justpast40 says:

I guess I got very lucky with this one. I didn’t buy DZ until the massive Brass Hogs update & needed to 3* this for Daily Mission. 2nd try after watching video managed to clear the level on iPad with a 1-birder for 70770….maybe it’s easier now

GFish says:

There are probaly more then a gazillion ways to make a one-birder, but they usually involve more than 99% L-factor.

try going below the lower left planet, so it will swing above the lower right one, making a 270 degree counterclockwise loop around the most-right planet, going through the lower right structure, into the tnt. if you are lucky, all the pigs will suffer from gravity.

[this is actually my favorite level ;]

Kartflyer says:

Thanks for the tip, this method managed to blast up all the TNT!

loox says:

This is what I did too… And just like @kartflyer, all but last (bottom left) TNT was destroyed… If only :(

Laurence says:

Whoo thanks, 64k, but still had one TNT remaining!

tkw says:

after a few gazillion tries, i actually manage to get a 1-birder with the 1st aiming method as shown above… score 70130

MVNLA2 says:

@gfish Your method worked 1st try. Only complaint is that I was rereading your comment to see what went wrong when all the pigs fell!

Indie_guy says:

Look guys, it’s all luck. I used the same strategy as the video. Just keep aiming the first red bird like in the video and you’ll luckily get a one-hitter in the level. It took me 10 minutes.

magickal.kitten says:

Score – 64,370
Agree. It’s totally luck & a Lot of repetition!

Nigel says:

I managed to get it with 1 bird but and got 64660. Just lucky that the lower right blocks flew up to hit the top right pig.

Rob Y says:

1 Shot – 3 Stars. I aimed under the moon on the right aiming for the TNT on the upper left. I tried to replicate it for the past hour to no avail.

frozndevl says:

This is my strategy for 3* and 66k.

1st Bird: Shoot NE, just above the small atmosphere, this will cause him to loop around the upper left planet, and into the tnt in the upper right. If all things go as planned, that pig will burst, and throw one of the small pebbles into the middle planet. This pebble will ricochet down onto the lower right tnt stack, and hopefully knock it over. When this stack falls over (killing that pig) there is a chance that a pebble from that stack will ricochet back to the lower left tnt stack. Once that blows up, that’s 3 birds.

Now, the bird you shot will have looped around the upper right planet, and go back into the upper left, hitting that pig directly.

Alternatively, the lower left pig may be broken by a pebble from the upper left stack if the lower right stack doesn’t shoot one properly.

2x birds = 20k bonus.

frozndevl says:

Quick clarification, the pebble from the upper right will probably break the grass under the stack in the lower right, which enables it to topple.

And as with all others, luck plays a factor as I just got a 1-bird for 55k because it left 2 tnt stacks unexploded.

Awesome!!! I already posted my strat below, but tried yours and it worked first try and raised my score from 67K+ to 69K+, pretty cool that it’s pretty repeatable as is the other way I was doing it, surprising that they actually can be repeated :-)

knichy says:

Yep, that’s what I had settled on before coming here to check out strats. basically the second shot fro the video first, but with red looping around cleanly and into the NW planet’s atmosphere. a little cheering and tilting of the phone, and the pigs just blew!

p8mty says:

Woohoo – finally got a top score in a level!! Strategy was similar to others, under bottom left planet, swing round top of bottom right to hit TNT as bird goes round. But then it was luck as to where the stones went – the first TNT blasted the stones into the top right TNT, that one blasted the stones into the middle planet, and they happened to drop on to the other two TNTs – in the process all the pigs got fell off their perches. Score 71280.

I shot the first bird into the bottom side of the wooden horizontal beam under the pig on the lower left planet, pretty much a straight ahead shot

brave1966 says:

Thanks @damni82much! 8k score boost using your method. Take out the bottom of the bottom leg without touching the bubble or the plank it sits on.

JAmaral says:

66820, after many, many attempts to replicate all the above strategIes. What worked for me was to aim at the lower leftmost bird, just skimming his perch on the top edge to topple him and skip red bird into the next gravitational field. With ( as always!) luck, the TNT will cascade and take them all out. Note to self: Do NOT have that third cup of coffee before trying this method. Jittery aim is not a goo thing!

loox says:

I think luke meant to type 69k…. 99k is not possible.

PPM says:

1 bird strategy – 64K

I agree that we are dealing with a bit of luck here but I’ve been using a strategy that seems to get a good result at least 1 out of every 4 tries or so.

Aim 1st bird so that it just TOUCHES the tip of the TOP of the left most tiny planet. What is a bit counter-intuitive here is that you actually want the bird to HIT the planet thereby rendering him “dead” where he floats around the orbits rather than having any speed behind him. If you just nick the top of the tiny left most planet with him he will float over to the upper left planet and the key is instead of hitting the TNT directly he will sort of tip the stone blocks over and THEN detonate the TNT. The result is that a couple of the little stone blocks will now be AIMED at the other planets (usually the lower right big planet) and sometimes the pig will even drift over to the top right planet. But the key is getting the little stone blocks on the top left planet to TIP over so they are “aimed” at the other planets. This results in at least 3 TNT detonations (usually all 4) and killing all 4 pigs. Like I said I’ve been able to get this to work at least 1 out of 4 times. Remember to just barely have bird touch the tip of the top of the left most little planet in the middle. Always results in a score of between 62 and 64K when successful and also gives those who try for the one bird shots a repeatable strategy. Good luck!

Thanks for the idea. But I actually had better luck when the red bird touched the bottom of the small planet.

Jeff says:

Aim straight at the bubble of the closest pig. It’ll clear the whole thing.

duffy says:

Thanks Jeff. A single sentence strat that worked like a charm for me. 3 stars first try & I even missed one TNT.

What a fun level!!! The only headache is trying to figure out which previuosly posted strats is like mine so I don’t duplicate someone else’s already written strat., lol…One method that works alot is to aim red bird right at the right side of the very first little leftmost planet with no pigs and have it bounce of the right side of this planet into the bottom left tnt (which he will land here every time) and then that explodes debris into the bottom right which explodes debris into the two top ones. 67K+ scores.

E-Star says:

Had the same problem as AA, don’t know if anyone else described this LOL
It’s almost simular to Rob Y, but slightly different.

I aimed the red bird to the nearest piggie (the one on the bottom left side). I used less speed and aimed for the top of the planet. This way the red bird bounces against the wood underneath the Pig and bounces around the planet into the TNT. This sets off a chain reaction. It got me 69570.

Here’s my video

The last one for now, personal obligations are keeping me away a lot from my birdies :(
That’s why there are one 9 vids of DZ yet. But I want to get the DZ addict Badge, so if there is time, it’s going to be, Birdie time :)

trishohara says:

thanks for the video E-Star. In 4 of 5 tries it worked.
Hope you have time soon to make more videos.

wrw01 says:

@e-star Thank you for the video. Your technique provided a 4k increase in score. This level provide a challenge but using less speed worked very well.

duffy says:

@E-Star…many thanks (again)for your video(s). This one got my score up to 68+. May try later for higher but for now I’m happy. You are quite the flinger. Good luck on DZ addict badge, altho you probably have it by now.

andreasnaw says:

i still in 2 stars why???
have another strategy

sal9 says:

You need to have a score of 60,000 to get three star.
Have you tried all the alternate strategies?

toucan says:

if you aim for the bottom left pig, pretty much a straight shot, and just hit to the top of the wood piece to roll around the asteroid and set the tnt off, if done right with a bit of luck you will trigger tnt and shoot pebble into the next tnt and so on, its all lined up if they dont move and you should clear the whole screen. have done this repeatedly scoring between 62330 and 67790.

JO says:

This is how I did it. 1 bird, 65k….less than 5 tries to get it to work

Pete says:

Only 1 bird, used strategy listed in Walkthrough and it chained all of them…67,130. Thanks!

Kelani says:

Same as above, 62,450 after a few dozen tries.

duffy says:

Thanks Jeff. A one sentence strat that worked like a charm. Got 3 stars first try & even missed a TNT.

Liam says:

71180 – First shot like the video. Cleared the pigs and TNT’s. two birds left on the sling platform.
Another I.G.L. level for me. I came here looking for help because I couldn’t get beyond 59K and that video is what I tried first. I’ll look at the other ways of one birding it later.

Liam says:

Now 71340. It takes a stone from the upper left quadrant going down to the TNT in lower left quadrant. I have repeated a one birder about 40% of the time for scores ranging form 67K to my maximum.

Madbird says:

After less than ten attempts I got 70720 with one bird by following video and aiming at the left side of the block.
Anyone want to tell me how to find the leaderboard for individual levels?

vista says:

Nice shooting @madbird . For individual level, Just go to the leaderboard of that episode, and click on the corresponding level name listed in the first column.

Love it! This is such a fun level. I was able to get good scores in almost any direction but the most consistent for me is the straight on shot at the bottom left pig. I aim for the dumb pigs eye.

Kathy says:

Great job @bird-addict i am also above average I’m going to keep moving:) I’ll bump into you here and there wonder where’s @Mumsie ? Thought she was on adventure with us?

kimmiecv says:

After almost 2 full days I upped my score a rediculous 300 points!! I give up @Kathy this is not a fun level!! Hate that I’m going to have to come back to it!! :/ Bird-addict your a loony Bird!! LOL
Kathy, mumsie popped in for her badge and got the heck outta dodge once she got her points!! Hahaa can’t blame her at this moment!! ; /

Kathy says:

Wow @Kimmiecv :( i followed slims video on this one…just barely graze the top rock on the upper planet..its pretty much a lot of ‘L’ factor , rinse and repeat…gl…

kimmiecv says:

I’ll come back to it after a break @Kathy, I hope your having better luck than me right now! I saw your getting up there on levels! Yeay almost through the first step!! :)

Douglas Wegner says:

I find when I send the red bird to the lower left planet on the inside very close to the piggy, I pop the pig set off the dynamite which sets off a chain reaction and clears the board. For a score of 65460.

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