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TatooineYou're Ranked 1,336 out of 1,734

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 195,490: Ranked 1336 out of 1734 w/ 3 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,380,000: 2,184,510 more points needed
Level 1-100n/a43,707n/an/a
Level 1-200n/a51,029n/an/a
Level 1-300n/a44,413n/an/a
Level 1-400n/a65,880n/an/a
Level 1-500n/a63,138n/an/a
Level 1-667,650119-2,99063,951+3,699n/a
Level 1-700n/a56,711n/an/a
Level 1-800n/a63,492n/an/a
Level 1-900n/a56,181n/an/a
Level 1-1000n/a62,712n/an/a
Level 1-1100n/a78,452n/an/a
Level 1-1200n/a52,381n/an/a
Level 1-1300n/a76,505n/an/a
Level 1-1400n/a60,181n/an/a
Level 1-1500n/a82,542n/an/a
Level 1-1600n/a54,482n/an/a
Level 1-1700n/a52,106n/an/a
Level 1-1860,20042-2,39056,414+3,786n/a
Level 1-1900n/a39,931n/an/a
Level 1-2000n/a81,618n/an/a
Level 1-2100n/a77,900n/an/a
Level 1-2200n/a69,022n/an/a
Level 1-2300n/a71,804n/an/a
Level 1-2400n/a79,065n/an/a
Level 1-2500n/a88,000n/an/a
Level 1-2600n/a45,473n/an/a
Level 1-2700n/a46,582n/an/a
Level 1-2800n/a37,084n/an/a
Level 1-2900n/a45,316n/an/a
Level 1-3000n/a46,562n/an/a
Level 1-3100n/a62,555n/an/a
Level 1-3200n/a43,355n/an/a
Level 1-3300n/a53,993n/an/a
Level 1-3400n/a46,544n/an/a
Level 1-3500n/a61,591n/an/a
Level 1-3600n/a58,116n/an/a
Level 1-3700n/a76,152n/an/a
Level 1-3800n/a56,633n/an/a
Level 1-3967,64073-3,29064,514+3,126n/a
Level 1-4000n/a76,381n/an/a

Death StarYou're Ranked 1,123 out of 1,342

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 232,360: Ranked 1123 out of 1342 w/ 3 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,180,000: 2,947,640 more points needed
Level 2-100n/a56,649n/an/a
Level 2-200n/a53,909n/an/a
Level 2-300n/a68,443n/an/a
Level 2-400n/a76,063n/an/a
Level 2-500n/a114,612n/an/a
Level 2-600n/a62,624n/an/a
Level 2-700n/a59,708n/an/a
Level 2-800n/a61,519n/an/a
Level 2-981,2106-64074,756+6,454n/a
Level 2-1000n/a64,443n/an/a
Level 2-1100n/a81,494n/an/a
Level 2-1200n/a93,619n/an/a
Level 2-1300n/a70,119n/an/a
Level 2-1400n/a125,601n/an/a
Level 2-1500n/a67,221n/an/a
Level 2-1666,000141-1,98064,636+1,364n/a
Level 2-1700n/a86,946n/an/a
Level 2-1800n/a68,385n/an/a
Level 2-1900n/a111,683n/an/a
Level 2-2085,150139-5,88076,124+9,026n/a
Level 2-2100n/a97,753n/an/a
Level 2-2200n/a89,785n/an/a
Level 2-2300n/a76,522n/an/a
Level 2-2400n/a94,937n/an/a
Level 2-2500n/a133,438n/an/a
Level 2-2600n/a91,594n/an/a
Level 2-2700n/a71,098n/an/a
Level 2-2800n/a83,605n/an/a
Level 2-2900n/a76,234n/an/a
Level 2-3000n/a75,527n/an/a
Level 2-3100n/a55,744n/an/a
Level 2-3200n/a62,857n/an/a
Level 2-3300n/a85,602n/an/a
Level 2-3400n/a74,967n/an/a
Level 2-3500n/a111,311n/an/a
Level 2-3600n/a87,978n/an/a
Level 2-3700n/a69,571n/an/a
Level 2-3800n/a64,114n/an/a
Level 2-3900n/a88,700n/an/a
Level 2-4000n/a81,468n/an/a

HothYou're Ranked 977 out of 1,190

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 404,410: Ranked 977 out of 1190 w/ 4 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,450,000: 3,045,590 more points needed
Level 3-100n/a70,752n/an/a
Level 3-200n/a77,841n/an/a
Level 3-300n/a73,746n/an/a
Level 3-400n/a78,448n/an/a
Level 3-500n/a85,191n/an/a
Level 3-600n/a88,996n/an/a
Level 3-700n/a96,125n/an/a
Level 3-800n/a98,740n/an/a
Level 3-900n/a81,885n/an/a
Level 3-1000n/a71,458n/an/a
Level 3-1100n/a101,571n/an/a
Level 3-1200n/a66,802n/an/a
Level 3-1300n/a95,702n/an/a
Level 3-1400n/a92,332n/an/a
Level 3-15109,680166-10,690105,957+3,723n/a
Level 3-1600n/a105,515n/an/a
Level 3-17114,3604-2,46099,549+14,811n/a
Level 3-1800n/a86,470n/an/a
Level 3-1900n/a71,768n/an/a
Level 3-2000n/a165,671n/an/a
Level 3-2100n/a115,580n/an/a
Level 3-2200n/a60,623n/an/a
Level 3-2300n/a66,936n/an/a
Level 3-2400n/a59,652n/an/a
Level 3-2588,820104-5,05079,994+8,826n/a
Level 3-2600n/a99,728n/an/a
Level 3-2700n/a77,275n/an/a
Level 3-2800n/a80,581n/an/a
Level 3-2900n/a61,137n/an/a
Level 3-3000n/a92,332n/an/a
Level 3-3100n/a73,165n/an/a
Level 3-3200n/a87,095n/an/a
Level 3-3300n/a78,466n/an/a
Level 3-3400n/a76,229n/an/a
Level 3-3500n/a77,944n/an/a
Level 3-3600n/a80,371n/an/a
Level 3-3791,55041-1,68088,901+2,649n/a
Level 3-3800n/a83,276n/an/a
Level 3-3900n/a85,946n/an/a
Level 3-4000n/a131,967n/an/a

Cloud CityYou're Ranked 734 out of 835

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 228,290: Ranked 734 out of 835 w/ 2 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,740,000: 3,511,710 more points needed
Level 4-100n/a143,829n/an/a
Level 4-200n/a84,176n/an/a
Level 4-300n/a82,914n/an/a
Level 4-400n/a75,501n/an/a
Level 4-500n/a77,258n/an/a
Level 4-600n/a92,616n/an/a
Level 4-700n/a95,181n/an/a
Level 4-800n/a78,557n/an/a
Level 4-900n/a123,508n/an/a
Level 4-1000n/a92,594n/an/a
Level 4-1100n/a91,888n/an/a
Level 4-1200n/a96,026n/an/a
Level 4-1300n/a86,721n/an/a
Level 4-1400n/a83,483n/an/a
Level 4-15154,290232-15,220152,693+1,597n/a
Level 4-1600n/a89,259n/an/a
Level 4-1700n/a101,336n/an/a
Level 4-1800n/a107,534n/an/a
Level 4-1900n/a100,877n/an/a
Level 4-2000n/a119,589n/an/a
Level 4-2174,00044-2,90070,917+3,083n/a
Level 4-2200n/a57,435n/an/a
Level 4-2300n/a72,590n/an/a
Level 4-2400n/a82,458n/an/a
Level 4-2500n/a88,909n/an/a
Level 4-2600n/a96,245n/an/a
Level 4-2700n/a84,740n/an/a
Level 4-2800n/a87,901n/an/a
Level 4-2900n/a84,757n/an/a
Level 4-3000n/a90,660n/an/a
Level 4-3100n/a76,606n/an/a
Level 4-3200n/a126,753n/an/a
Level 4-3300n/a98,911n/an/a
Level 4-3400n/a80,196n/an/a
Level 4-3500n/a85,361n/an/a
Level 4-3600n/a88,823n/an/a
Level 4-3700n/a82,333n/an/a
Level 4-3800n/a105,160n/an/a
Level 4-3900n/a125,451n/an/a
Level 4-4000n/a83,098n/an/a

Moon of EndorYou're Ranked 521 out of 592

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 257,870: Ranked 521 out of 592 w/ 3 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,450,000: 2,192,130 more points needed
Level 5-100n/a66,194n/an/a
Level 5-200n/a65,593n/an/a
Level 5-300n/a55,042n/an/a
Level 5-400n/a85,597n/an/a
Level 5-500n/a103,043n/an/a
Level 5-600n/a61,924n/an/a
Level 5-700n/a56,197n/an/a
Level 5-800n/a82,703n/an/a
Level 5-900n/a68,856n/an/a
Level 5-1000n/a85,641n/an/a
Level 5-1100n/a70,158n/an/a
Level 5-1200n/a115,532n/an/a
Level 5-1300n/a120,286n/an/a
Level 5-14125,290108-3,920122,492+2,798n/a
Level 5-1500n/a95,929n/an/a
Level 5-1656,710195-4,83056,400+310n/a
Level 5-1700n/a49,538n/an/a
Level 5-1800n/a71,708n/an/a
Level 5-1900n/a62,769n/an/a
Level 5-2000n/a78,005n/an/a
Level 5-2100n/a72,477n/an/a
Level 5-2200n/a102,364n/an/a
Level 5-2300n/a68,302n/an/a
Level 5-2400n/a72,833n/an/a
Level 5-2575,87063-15,16065,726+10,144n/a
Level 5-2600n/a108,078n/an/a
Level 5-2700n/a104,447n/an/a
Level 5-2800n/a130,874n/an/a
Level 5-2900n/a103,510n/an/a
Level 5-3000n/a145,153n/an/a

Death Star 2

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • No Scores Entered Yet
Level 6-100n/a89,713n/an/a
Level 6-200n/a109,942n/an/a
Level 6-300n/a83,185n/an/a
Level 6-400n/a67,906n/an/a
Level 6-500n/a63,746n/an/a
Level 6-600n/a82,749n/an/a
Level 6-700n/a88,325n/an/a
Level 6-800n/a85,839n/an/a
Level 6-900n/a77,801n/an/a
Level 6-1000n/a88,911n/an/a
Level 6-1100n/a81,108n/an/a
Level 6-1200n/a93,298n/an/a
Level 6-1300n/a93,033n/an/a
Level 6-1400n/a102,503n/an/a
Level 6-1500n/a168,112n/an/a
Level 6-1600n/a79,706n/an/a
Level 6-1700n/a84,952n/an/a
Level 6-1800n/a74,631n/an/a
Level 6-1900n/a89,469n/an/a
Level 6-2000n/a93,621n/an/a
Level 6-2100n/a93,453n/an/a
Level 6-2200n/a83,102n/an/a
Level 6-2300n/a101,257n/an/a
Level 6-2400n/a91,572n/an/a
Level 6-2500n/a71,566n/an/a
Level 6-2600n/a93,372n/an/a
Level 6-2700n/a120,491n/an/a
Level 6-2800n/a120,613n/an/a
Level 6-2900n/a172,994n/an/a
Level 6-3000n/a79,028n/an/a

BonusYou're Ranked 938 out of 1,044

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 93,320: Ranked 938 out of 1044 w/ 1 scores entered
Stars S-100n/a62,501n/an/a
Stars S-200n/a94,522n/an/a
Stars S-300n/a95,709n/an/a
Stars S-400n/a57,357n/an/a
Stars S-500n/a78,728n/an/a
Stars S-600n/a92,530n/an/a
Stars S-700n/a109,637n/an/a
Stars S-800n/a87,184n/an/a
Stars S-900n/a95,169n/an/a
Stars S-1000n/a76,750n/an/a
Stars S-1100n/a93,350n/an/a
Stars S-1200n/a77,520n/an/a
Droid D-100n/a63,295n/an/a
Droid D-200n/a50,245n/an/a
Droid D-300n/a44,068n/an/a
Droid D-400n/a93,094n/an/a
Droid D-500n/a63,650n/an/a
Droid D-600n/a75,700n/an/a
Droid D-700n/a168,276n/an/a
Droid D-893,32048-6,73086,876+6,444n/a
Droid D-900n/a62,934n/an/a
Droid D-1000n/a92,670n/an/a
Droid D-1100n/a139,674n/an/a

Path of the JediYou're Ranked 996 out of 1,159

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 156,350: Ranked 996 out of 1159 w/ 2 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,250,000: 3,093,650 more points needed
Level J-100n/a66,159n/an/a
Level J-200n/a109,863n/an/a
Level J-300n/a61,023n/an/a
Level J-400n/a62,710n/an/a
Level J-500n/a50,981n/an/a
Level J-678,190212-1,90077,008+1,182n/a
Level J-700n/a80,575n/an/a
Level J-800n/a85,256n/an/a
Level J-900n/a92,501n/an/a
Level J-1000n/a74,524n/an/a
Level J-1100n/a108,650n/an/a
Level J-1200n/a79,435n/an/a
Level J-1300n/a61,058n/an/a
Level J-1400n/a98,917n/an/a
Level J-1500n/a75,164n/an/a
Level J-1600n/a65,491n/an/a
Level J-1700n/a76,777n/an/a
Level J-1800n/a88,505n/an/a
Level J-1900n/a76,860n/an/a
Level J-2000n/a82,271n/an/a
Level J-2178,160204-3,72076,393+1,767n/a
Level J-2200n/a84,356n/an/a
Level J-2300n/a58,772n/an/a
Level J-2400n/a57,635n/an/a
Level J-2500n/a72,706n/an/a
Level J-2600n/a75,996n/an/a
Level J-2700n/a66,704n/an/a
Level J-2800n/a72,222n/an/a
Level J-2900n/a78,485n/an/a
Level J-3000n/a63,796n/an/a
Level J-3100n/a70,909n/an/a
Level J-3200n/a73,746n/an/a
Level J-3300n/a123,213n/an/a
Level J-3400n/a91,894n/an/a
Level J-3500n/a159,988n/an/a
Level J-3600n/a104,160n/an/a
Level J-3700n/a66,625n/an/a
Level J-3800n/a67,251n/an/a
Level J-3900n/a88,100n/an/a
Level J-4000n/a97,374n/an/a

Boba Fett Missions

Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • No Scores Entered Yet
Level B-100n/a103,230n/an/a
Level B-200n/a92,774n/an/a
Level B-300n/a105,030n/an/a
Level B-400n/a115,059n/an/a
Level B-500n/a92,653n/an/a
Level B-600n/a113,039n/an/a
Level B-700n/a120,634n/an/a
Level B-800n/a145,046n/an/a
Level B-900n/a94,940n/an/a
Level B-1000n/a107,175n/an/a