Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Level 3-25 Walkthrough

Our strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth level 3-25 is to send Han straight ahead, aiming for the small asteroid next to the TIE Fighter and shooting out the southernmost pig as you pass by. In hindsight, pushing the large asteroid is likely a good idea for some extra points. Aim Leia to pop both pigs on the northwestern planetoid, and use her tractor beam to try to pop as many remaining pigs as possible. If necessary, use Han to snipe any remaining pigs and to push the large asteroid to its doom, if not already done. The score in the video below is 70,190.

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Comments (61)

Traneric says:

Two birds Strategy.
First aim han on the two pigs on the north west planet and shot the laser on the one sitting pig on the north east planet.
Second aim lea on the big asteroid and shot her tractor beam on the Two(sometimes only one remaining) Flying Pig North East.The asteroid goes down and clear the left planet. the Flying pig wich been tract will come down to kill the last pig on the south west planet.
Made 79600 with this strat.

lvmh says:

Thanks, Traneric, great strat!

stejaywild says:

I used your strat and after only a few goes at it I ragged a one birder with! Cheers @traneric

Maiasatara says:

I can’t seem to get the bottom left pig to pop using this strategy. The flyer doesn’t hit hard enough and the asteroid never sends debris that way, no matter where Leia hits it. What is actually killing that bottom pig when you use this method? Thanks!

burbman says:

Two bird strategy, part two
Fire Han at the nearest of the two tie fighters in the upper right, fire blaster back at upraised at-at foot to ricochet one to pop mustache and another to detonate TNT on right side planet. This sthould clear all but the upper left planet and the central tie fighter. Fling lea toward the upper left planet and use tractor beam to pull large asteroid down as well, picking off tie fighter on the way.

It may be possible to clear all planets with that first shot, as a tie fighter wing tends to hit there, but I do not think the center tie fighter can be picked up on that shot.

dmsral says:

A different way. Fire Han left and down, and then fire back to the small piece of wood on the left side of the bottom planetoid. Metal thing falls right and squishes Mustache Pig. Fire Leia just below the top left gravity field and the fire down at the left side of the asteroid. Asteriod takes out upper left planetoid, Leia takes out the upper right asteroid, tie fighter debris hits the TNT. Very repeatable.

dmsral says:

A variant: Fire Han along the same line as Leia above, but firing back at the Mustache Pig. Fire late, when it gets near the Tie Fighter. Goal is to kill the pig and get a few extra damage points. Also, Han should catch the big gravity field and cause some damage around the AT-AT head as it completes an orbit. Leia fired as mentioned above. 83110

Nardles says:

Good method

Chris says:

Best method!

dmsral says:

Not any more! Scroll down a little and look at the @LJL method.

AlphaJolt says:

Two birds. Fire Han straight at the first small asteroid, firing at the AT-AT foot with the big on it that is straight above the asteroids and slightly to the left. The shots should ricochet off the foot and again off the AT-AT head, destroying a ton of stuff, including the TIE fighters. Use Leia to finish off anything else, for me it’s almost always the bottom left one. I have repeatedly gotten 80k+ and currently have the top score at 83,060.

f91jsw says:

Many ways to skin this cat, apparently. This is what worked for me:

First bird above top left planet, so that the closest point of the trajectory is about 1/4 of the distance from the planet to the edge of the grav field. Shoot down/left through the two pigs and down at the ATAT’s leg. The outcome after this bird can be a bit variable but you can take out everything except the lone tie fighter in the middle. Possibly a one-birder but I haven’t done that yet.

Second bird at the top side of the asteroid next to the lone tie fighter. Aim tractor beam at the metal platform just right of where mr Moustache used to be. This should clear the level with some good destruction.


LJL says:

One birder (top score for now): fly Han clockwise around the top left gravity field, firing back to get the two piggies on that planet and Moustache, as described above. Was just about to post this as my own strategy but then saw yours! Persevere, I’ve repeated it three times now and got 89k plus. The head is a bit slow to move sometimes but hit the TNT and take out the TIE fighter above which will in turn push the last fighter into the rock.

dmsral says:

Took about 50 tries before I finally got a 1-birder, but it was worth it: 91000!

PourPete says:

Great strat @ljlh! Got many 80k+ scores with 2 shots before getting several 1 shot solutions. This was fun, requiring marksmanship, timing and some (but not too much) luck!

@f91jsw and @ljlh – This was the “peel the squeal” that got me 91020 with a one birdie…Thanks!!!
I got it on the third try and several other times for 90K+ scores. I fired back the lazers as mentioned, tapping on the Mustache pig, but the funny thing is that both times I scored the highest, my lazer missed the lower pig on the top left planet, the lazer ricocheted off the metal it sits on, hitting the wood plank on the big right planet with the AT-AT’s head causing it to fall forward and igniting tnt. This got all the “squealers” including the middle tie-fighter and pushing in the big asteroid for more debris points. Both times a piece of the higher tie-fighter landed on the pig I missed!!! Very cool! This is a great strat ;-)

ABcrazy says:

Really cool strategy and surprisingly repeatable once I got the hang of it. Thanks for the helpful descriptions!

Eagleeye says:

Took me some time, but twice managed to get over 90k. Thanks!

Kathy says:

Finally!!!:) thanks so much @f91jsw !! Excellent strat:)

justpast40 says:

Thanks @f91jsw. It was my 3rd or 4th attempt on Android phone when as AngryAdvisor described there was a ricochet that caused AT-AT’s head to tilt/roll & set off the TNT. When all of the ricochet shots, debris, etc stopped moving, all were destroyed & I’d improved almost 7k to 89260.

windwalker says:

ty @f91jsw and @ljlh took ages but finally the bottom fighter succumbed to the head.

scooter says:

Thanks @f91jsw and @ljh. This got me the one birder in today’s challenge! I don’t play the Star Wars episodes often but this one was fun.

scooter says:

Sorry. Should have been @ljlh. Thank you!

karen68 says:

Thank you @f91jsw, & @ljlh, this was a tough one. Also @lesleyg thank you for posting the screenshot below. The toughest part for me was moving that asteroid, I had a few 1-birders without it budging for around 80k, then finally got it to drop down for the needed points.

You’re welcome @karen68 ;-) I’m glad it helped out 8-) You definitely need the big asteroid to get those extra points!
I had one try where after the tnt exploded, the head flew up perfectly and landed right on that tie-fighter above the big asteroid. But for whatever reason…it just set there! Nothing happened, lol ;) The tie-fighter was wedged between the head and the rock and I was like, Really!!! lol ;-)

dasa says:

Cat skinned slightly differently….

Aimed Han at point between small and large asteroids and fire up to fighters and planet bound trooper, sometime get bounce of laser to hit pig on tower in left hand graviy field. Meanwhile the larger asteroid hits TNT and wipes out virtually all structure and At-At head.

Leia aimed at pig above sling on concrete blocks (top left spherre) and then fire attraction ray between Mr. moustcache and blocks to his right. Pig pops and blocks get taken to where Leia has just popped pig to get more destruction.

Sorry if long winded, nearly midnight after heavy day :)

annach says:

My strategy was similar to this, except I pointed Han at the lower edge of the large asteroid. Shoot up at the trooper on the upper planet. This normally destroys everything except the mustached pig. There is a potential for one-birder here, but I haven’t been able to do it yet. Second bird as described by dasa. I got 84940 with two birds this way (had 56K after the first bird).

jlz-666 says:

This is exactly the method I’ve been using from the start but have only managed to get 83k with what looks like only the indestructible metal legs left over. @dasa51 did you manage to get a 1 birdie with this method to get your 89k score or did you get it with the 2 birds? Like @annach I have hopes that this can be completed with 1 bird. A few times I’ve just had the bottom left piggie left over with debris floating frustratingly close by! BTW there is far too much cat skinning on this level for my liking….only the pigs should be suffering;)

dasa says:

@jlz-666 Yep, got a one birder but was after midnight and was playing on automatic so although method was the same I did not actually see the destruction take place. Suspect that last bits of the fighter just fell the right way.

There was debris left so I suspect 91k is achievable.

Perhaps we could do ‘100 uses for a dead pig’, as cat has already been done. :)

jlz-666 says:

Thanks @dasa51 Glad to hear a 1 birdie is possible with this method,I’m having no luck with the other strategies. Just have to keep fingers X’d that those pieces of debris play nice;) I’ll keep at it. Also yes, I’m much happier thinking of ways to dispose of piggies! Never ever cared for the other cruel saying ;(

jlz-666 says:

Yay! Persistence paid off! 2nd on leaderboard(for now)

sunshine says:

@jlz-666 some very nice shooting, missy!!! ;)
I’ve come close two time to a 1 bird, but as we all know, close isn’t good enough. Congrats!!!!

jlz-666 says:

Thanks @sunshine I got a bit obsessed with this one! I was oh so close on a few occasions that I just had to stick with it. I was usually left with the piggie on the bottom leg & a piece of fighter & the small rock floating teasingly close. Finally for whatever reason the explosion pushed them with more force than usual & voilà!!! Keep at it & good luck :D!

Kathy says:

@JLZ666 nice score..this level is so much fun to play around with, I’ve come close to 1 birder, but haven’t quite done that I’m reading here it seems there are many different options then I’ve been attempting, nice to know it can be done:)

@dasa51 and @jlz-666 – This is the EXACT strategy I was doing before coming here and came so close to the one birdie so many times that I came here to see if this is how the 90K scores were being done and if I should keep at it…I then tried f9ljsw’s with ljlh’s tips and got a one birdie for 91020 (5th place for now!) Conclusion…There’s definately several ways to “skin the pig” or better yet… “PEEL the SQUEAL” ,lol ;-)))
I love levels like this with several great options!!!

jlz-666 says:

“Peel the squeal” LOVE it!!! Great score @lesleyg Thanks for piquing my interest on this level again ;( I did try f9ljsw’s strat at the time but didn’t have any luck. The frustrating thing is it’s a different method with the same problem……….1 annoying piggie left over! This time it’s the fighter above the rock. I’ve had a 1 birdie with this method this morning but I only got 82k. I just can’t quite get the trajectory right with the first bird. I’ll stick at it as I did with the other method & hopefully I’ll improve on 90,880

Thanks @jlz-666 ;-))) Now you’ve got me trying it again, lol…It’s quite addicting!!! I keep saying, “Just one more”, lol ;-)Here’s a screenshot of the trajectory:

The big asteroid ended up going into the planet and the score was only 90220 but it shows the trajectory…I just fire the lazers as soon as Han makes the hook around…about right over the metal box with the “X” inside of it…but it’s such a quick shot that it’s hard to say…I just put my mark on the Mustache pig below and fire away!
You already have a great score but I wanted to share this with you incase you were still trying this way ;-) GL!!!

jlz-666 says:

Thanks for the screenshot @lesleyg but it looks like I’m well & truly stuck where I am! I’ve had three 1 birdies but all in the mid/high 80’s That stupid floating head won’t play nice………very frustrating:( I then realised that yeah,I did indeed have a good score so I should walk away before anybody got hurt LOL!! Thanks again for the help :)

kimmiecv says:

Hank you oh wonderous flingers above for all your strats and tips! I sucked at it but I got over avg so I can at least eh half smile! Maybe the next go round I’ll have miraculous good luck……Hahahaa a girl can dream! Great scores @JLZ-666 and lesleyg! Hmmm maybe I just need to rub your bellys???? That’s it girls!! Roll over would ya I need some luck!!! ;D

kimmiecv says:

Ooopsy that was supposed to be Thank you! LOL and @lesleyg I meant to give a shout out for your aiming picture! Made it waaaay easier to “see” what you all were saying! :)

jlz-666 says:

Sorry @kimmiecv I think this notification got lost in my mess of an in box, now who’s fault would that be? ;) do you still need to rub my belly or are you done with this one?

kimmiecv says:

Nope @JLZ-666 I’ll be back!! Let you know when it’s Time for that belly rub!!! ;D Whaaaaat whooooo dunno what you speak of no idea at all?!

GypsyBird says:

Wow! Thanks to @lesleyg for her trajectory image and the strats proposed by @dasa51, @jlz-666 and others above! This level had me really bird-boozled! I barely made the average and then moved on. I came back on this level today due to the challenge for level 3-28. I decided to work towards improving my score on other Hoth levels. After what seemed like eons of flinging and adjusting angle and aim, I finally hit the one-birder and slid in just under the top scorer! I sent Han over the top planet and put my target on the moustached piggie – the lazer did richochet just enough to send a fragment of metal from the top right planet down to just nip the wood holding up the AT-AT head -it slid forward and smashed the TNT sending the head UP and taking out the two fighters. WooHoo!

jlz-666 says:

Fantastic flinging @gypsybird Great score! I’ve kind of stalled on this one & not enough time has passed yet to put myself through it again lol!

justpast40 says:

Got a 1-birder with AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg) pic for 89130 during today’s Challenge …. Unfortunately, it was a little less than my current 89260 : -(

justpast40 says:

…and the whine worked ….very next same shot (or two) managed Top 50 for now, with 90100

@justpast40 – nicely done! I’m glad my pic helped for you ;-) It’s frustrating to say the least when you are trying to improve and can’t beat your previous score, lol…but you did it! I managed to squeeze out a few more points too ;-) I went from 91020 to 91260. That’ll do it for me ;-) On to the next!!!

Jaydee says:

Well done @justpast40 . The last 2 days’ challenges had me stuck on a score, but then I just don’t seem to be able to improve on it. My current score of just 88,820 is unacceptable, but I just don’t find joy! LOL! Certainly not from lack of trying…and trying…and trying…. Hahaha

justpast40 says:

Thank you @jaydee & a belated welcome to the Nest. I certainly hear what you’re saying. Sometimes I’m never able to improve on my score during the Challenge & trust me, they’re not all Top 50 in rank like this. I’m embarrassed ((sniffle sniffle)) at just how often I’m unable to improve upon my own barely above average score ranked in the hundreds out of thousands. I personally believe there are ever so slight differences between devices & platforms, but that’s just one person’s opinion.

It just takes time, hours, upon hours, upon hours. I should have a freezer full of bacon with all the piggies I’ve killed trying to improve. Good Luck & keep flinging.

Jaydee says:

Thanks for the welcome @justpast40 . Appreciated! Still after my first Daily win. Came close 2 days ago. I am one of those who initially played AB to get 3 stars, not worrying about high scores. Then, after I had 3 starred all levels available on my Windows Phone 7 platform, I started capturing my scores and realized that all that effort was a chase after terribly low scores. Hahaha. There are some ridiculous high scores in some levels.

I share your personal belief about platforms, but don’t tell anybody… ;-)

MikeinMont says:

Thanks @dasa51. Your strategy worked for me on today’s challenge. Now…on to the NFL playoff games.

ManofKent says:

1 birder strategy – only 81900 so far but has potential.

Fire Han towards bottom right of far right gravity field. Shoot back at mustacheoed pig and hope for richochets off the ‘foot’ behind him. Han continues round planetoid, knocking AT AT head into TNT. Chain reaction usually follows…

ManofKent says:

83610 using same strategy – key seems to be the bolt reflections off the foot

dasa says:

One birded as I fell asleep. Didn’t quite catch what happened but was using method I detailed above. Oh to sleep, perchance to dream (of top scores that is!!) :)

Odie says:

1-Birder (somewhat difficult but able to repeat multiple time) got me 89K

On the left side of the large stone there is a small nub(triangular point below the small flowing rock). Aim Hans just above the nub. Aim laser at the left-side of the top pig-trooper sitting on a stand. Fire so the laser kills all three pigs at the top center of level AND at least one ricochet returns to destroy pig fighter WHILE it is still above the large stone. Basically, fire so the last of Han’s laser just misses or passes through the small stone above the small rock.

Once the pig-fighter above the large stone is hit with ricochet laser, it’s left wing will send the small stone toward the boss pig. This severed wing will continue to kill the left pig sitting on metal. All other pigs are destroyed by debris or large rock hitting tnt.

good luck

Tinus says:

For those struggling to get above average, a simple 2 birder that gets 80K+

1. Fire Han straight into big rock and fire to get the two TIE Fighters and the pig on the upper right planet. This will take out bottom planet completely and the right pig on the upper left planet.

2. Fire Leia straight into litte rock in front of the TIE Fighter. Aim her beam down onto the moustache pig. Make sure to get the pig, the metal block it sits on and the AT-AT foot. The foot will be pulled upwards to destroy the remaining pig on the upper left planet

Kathy says:

Hey @Kimmiecv I’m here on my second go rOund and still NO luck!! Have you got any to spare? Lol
Needs lots!!

Jaydee says:

Fabulous top score for Daily Challenge, @SKinley and @bonneypattycat ! ;-)

Thanks @jaydee! I was about give up and settle for 85k when finally that big rock fell on the head, smashing both. And thanks to @f91jsw for the strategy

comex666 says:

thx to all for details and @lesleyg for picture
target is to cut and break the left foot.
for more details, see the video:

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