Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City Level 4-30 Walkthrough

Our strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City level 4-30 is to send Leia below the first fan, waiting until she’s even with the right edge of it, then pull it downward with her tractor beam. The fan should push the tower rightward, causing a domino-effect across the entire level. The score in the video below is 89,320.

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Traneric says:

Another one bird strat. Send lea to the horizontal metal plank of the left tower. Aim her beam to the right fan.
Seems to give a bit more destruction.

Thanks @traneric. I aimed just a tick above that horizontal bar to get my score using your strategy!

I pass it at 2nd try by video method and at 2nd attempt by @traneric way (+340). Lucky entry but harder to repeat :).

jbygden says:

The UPPER horizontal metal bar is the one to hit…

dmsral says:

My 1-birder: Lob over the steam and front tower, activating past the peak of the arc at the two horizontal planks in the second tower. With luck, everything goes down.

YES, with late catch and lob forward (+1,5K 4 me). Superb!

JackS says:

took me forever, but your strat got me about 7 K more points.

kpnanny says:

This was similar to what I did, although I think I used the steam to lift Leia slightly and then targeted the small sticks to the right of the vertical metal bar behind the lower pig… I say “I think” because I tried several minor variations of this strategy and didn’t realize what a nice score it was until I came here to enter it.

ABeggerToo says:

Thanks @dmsral. Like @kpnanny, I used the stream to push Leia up toward the second fan. A late shot at the horizontal beams on the middle tower caused a nice rotation to take out both sides. The last pig sat on the corner of the fan allowing the debris points to accumulate before falling into the steam. Still more points to squeeze out of this strat.

justpast40 says:

Per @kpnanny post, this was the way I was aiming on Android phone but I unfortunately missed what happened after I activated the beam because one of my kitties knocked my phone & iPad chargers to the floor just as I’d activated & I looked away : – (. When I eventually looked back to my phone screen it showed my new HighScore of 94770. Just prior, I know I’d managed 92800 this way. I need to work on how to slightly adjust this shot to ensure the left side comes down.

@dmsral great strat! If debris from the first tower falls to the left just right, it will cause the fan on the left to rotate clockwise 90° and it will blow everything off the two platforms.

jlz-666 says:

Another great strat @dmsral! As @hallieginsb said,the points really rack up if the fan tilts,blowing the debris off the platform. I’m pretty sure I’d be higher if the level didn’t time out……very frustrating :(

Great start!
But time-up is too early…


dmsral says:

Finally catching back up to you guys!

karen68 says:

Thanks @dsmral, I had more luck this way, lobbing over the steam. I activated the bubbles late, just before Stella reached the right tower, grabbing the horizontal bars. Then I got lucky with the left fan tipping & blowing everything off the platform & a slower time-out of the level.

kimmiecv says:

@karen68 I’m lost! Where exactly are you all aiming her, at the far right fan or the far right tower? I hit the right fan and it goes farther right instead of turning in, I hit the tower and it just sits there! If you can remember any more details as to the actual aiming point of her I’d Really appreciate it! I feel like I should be getting what ya’ll are saying but nope it’s not making sense to me?! Thanks for any help you can give me! :)

karen68 says:

@kimmiecv No wonder it doesn’t make sense, I started talking about the right tower when I meant the 2nd one (oops!) You want to lob Leia over the 1st tower so she comes down between the 1st & 2nd towers. Your tapping point for her tractor beams is the left end of the 2 horizontal metal planks in the middle of the 2nd tower.
What worked best for me was lobbing her quite high – on my ipad zoomed out there is a long pink bar over the 1st tower, I aimed her just under this bar & then waited til she passed the roof of the 1st tower & was almost level with those 2 horizontal bars before tapping on the end of them. But the results are so variable, you can play around a lot with the height of the lob & when you activate her. In the end you still need a lot of luck, the 1st tower has to tip the left fan right over to help blow debris off the platforms. And the “premature calculation” on this level is one of the worst you’ll see. I managed 1 score of 94k in about half an hour this morning, so cross your fingers when you fling. Good luck! :)
I’ve been underground in Mine & Dine for awhile, so thanks for pulling me up into the clouds! :D

kimmiecv says:

LOL @karen68!! Thank you for the wonderful details and it makes sense now, I will go back in and try it now that I’m sure where I need to go! I wasn’t even close! Heeheee as to the early calculation it seems these CC levels are all geared to it and its beyond frustrating!! :/ Thank you for taking the time to explain and good luck in M&D although with your flinging Powah you’ll be tops in no time flat! :) Now for a little luck to swing my way!!!

Kathy says:

Thanks @karen68 oh my this so far the most frustrating level for early timeout!!!
I want to keep trying but…getting bored watching points fall into nowhere,,
Great aiming point ty:)

Maiasatara says:

I just can’t get this to be effective. No matter where/when I activate, the pink carcass of Leia is slamming into the metal bar that’s headed straight for the left tower with the most force. As a result the left stays 99% intact. I’ve been away from daily challenge for a while and it looks like I picked the wrong day to return. I’ve worked my way down through every posted strategy and can’t get any of them to work. : (

PourPete says:

I used a variation on this strategy. I noticed that sometimes Leia collided with debris from the right tower lessening or even deflecting the impact on the left tower.

Instead I tossed Leia on a higher arc so she hit the left side of the left tower. Activate tractor at peak of arc aiming at twin horizontal planks as with other strats. You may get a slightly stronger impact on the left tower but the toss may be a little more difficult than going between the towers.

I found this a fairly repeatable 90-93k strat.

Good flinging!

windwalker says:

Ty @dmsral and @karen68 great strat and explanation you are legends

mwryum says:

Damn, this is deceptively simple strategy, thank you.

Pauliboy says:

My one bird strategy; aim Leia so she will bump the top corner of the first fan and immediately on launch aim her tractor beam at the left corner of the second fan, pulling it towards you. Both fans blow everything away.

FUNtustic alternative but I can push only 88K :(. I squize little more from Dmsral way witch lift me few hundrets point higher and to #2 (now). I watch @kpnanny score but I need longer time to improve. I’m on 2nd circle of new CC lvls now.

Funtastically amazing strategy, @pauliboy, I got to 88k, then the bottom fan got turned directly into the remaining debris, got quickly to 91k, and there was a lot or debris still falling, but the level timed out:(

I can pass 92K+ with Fun – Fan method but with previous way I catch 90-92 frequently. This look like not a clearing a lot. A must is R platform and the L one with chain. Rest of points (with 92K+ scores) goes from debris intersection. The time cut not allow to rich more point when action is still going on :(. With little more time I could cleen most of staff.

kimmiecv says:

Ok after trying dmsrals strat for hours, even with karen68s awesome details, I was unable to get enough damage scores due to the early calculation prob inherent in these CC levels so I went back to my original way of doing it. The scores range from 90K to so far my current score of 95K, here’s what I’m doing:
Aim leia so she goes through the steam to the mid range of the first towers top half and use her beams on the far right steam thingy, here’s what should happen, she crashes into the wooden part of the tower dislodging it and making everything go both right and left, if it falls right the left steamer will turn towards the rest of what’s left of that tower pushing everything over the right and left edges, meanwhile the right steamer has now turned towards the other towers on the middle and right tossing Everything over both edges. The end result is most if not everything of all the towers has fallen off the ledges, IF one of the piggies (usually on the left side) has delayed it’s demise it gives more time for all the debris to have landed racking up the points you lose due to the dread early time out, giving you a better chance of a higher score.
@Kathy when you get here if the other strats don’t work give this a try. :)

jeff tate says:

i had leah pull the top fan over and got a score of 93260

Jkhab69 says:

This level had to be designed by the most sadistic developer in existence. To have it end less than a second after the final pig dies is just cruel. That being said, yet another tip from @traneric pulled me back from the brink of total insanity, allowing me to three-star it.

Uncle B says:

Agreed !!!
This level times-out much too quickly robbing me of hundreds if not thousands of points. Need to find a way to keep one of the pigs alive a bit longer allowing the tally to continue to amass some of those “lost points”.

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