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    I recently came back to ABT after a several-month-hiatus, so I tried my hand at the Challenge Events. I got beat by other players for a while, but after a lot of grinding I finally managed to purchase Beachcomber (don’t judge me, my account was created a year ago). After that, the Events started getting harder, with higher level players appearing on the leaderboard.

    That’s when I noticed something I either didn’t notice or didn’t care about before getting Beachcomber. I would see high-level players at the top of the board one day, but never see their usernames again after that. This became clearer and clearer as I would now rank in the “100 token” zone instead of the “300-500 token” ranks I got pre-Beachcomber.

    So now I have a few questions. Does the game intentionally fill up the leaderboards with bots? Does it put me in an “Easy” leaderboard only to move me to the “real deal” once I’ve “beaten” easy mode and purchased a character? And if so, how do I beat those “players” that get hundreds of thousands of points with the fully-promoted prize characters? Or am I just a noob who needs to git gud at the game?

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  • Galaxes

    Welp u have to grind sparks to fully promote tfs and. u gotta use ur charges before they get full. U can also spend gems for recharges which is sometimes worth it.

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