• Stage 1 has four rooms, which suggests that stage 9 is probably going to be 8 rooms.

  • The fact the the OP posted a partial screenshot showing impossible figures, along with the low-ish frame colour of Red and the slingshot suggests that this is a cheater and anyone who replied to this thread, me included, are wasting our time.

  • I don’t think the leagues are rigged as such but be aware that of the 14 other people you see in your league won’t necessarily see you in theirs.  So while you see a player accumulate what appears to be unnecessary points on a Saturday when they are a couple of hundred ahead already, that player may see another player much closer to them.  I o…[Read more]

  • To answer you question there’s no hard and fast rule.  Sometimes as little as 100 may be enough to stay in Diamond but to be honest I’ve never really looked.  Even in Legendary League one week 500 may be enough to win it, in another week 1000 isn’t enough to finish in the top 3.

    The other point I was trying to make was that if just staying up i…[Read more]

  • Furthermore, I doubt that the winner of your Diamond league with 1922 points is a cheat.  However 1922 points I reckon equates to around 4 hours per day solidly for a week.  That is not worth 300 gems and Black Pearls, therefore I conclude that the player is an idiot.

    Putting it further into context, using UK figures…

    Minimum wage is £8.21 p/…[Read more]

  • To answer your original question, if you simply don’t have the time or tickets then why fight to avoid relegation in Diamond?  You could put in loads of effort for 10 gems and possibly another week like it the same the following week.

    When I was on holiday in the summer I dropped from Legendary to Amethyst but played a few times to get free…[Read more]

  • NAS replied to the topic Tower of Fortune in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 month ago

    I see your point, many people don’t, and on the other end of the scale some people spend ridiculous amounts of money per month.

    I pay a little, I usually spend amount £10 per month which I justify based on the fact that I use it a lot and I certainly use it more than I use Netflix for example where I spend ~£8 per month, but I don’t go crazy w…[Read more]

  • NAS replied to the topic Tower of Fortune in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 month ago

    I see now they have moved the egg from level 40 to 60.  Getting to 40 was hard enough, maybe about once a month for me, but level 60 is almost unattainable for the vast majority of players.  In 2 years I have got there about 3 or 4 times.

    I haven’t had adverts in ToF since January, however I believe that they usually only give ads in ToF to p…[Read more]

  • Whatever Rovio do they simply have to be consistent.  I don’t mind either way but they cannot make changes at random times.  Today wasn’t an issue for me as it’s the last day of the season and I’d already levelled up yesterday so I was never going to level up again but no doubt it has affected people.

  • NAS replied to the topic MEBC in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 month ago

    I agree with you that they should not have changed it during a season.  However as a result everyone’s final score and MEBC coins collected will be lower; but the change favours above average players shot selection and execution wise with lower FPs than high FP but not very good players.

    Other than losing out on some MEBC coins compared to…[Read more]

  • As I understand it you need all x10 hats.

  • @guava564 as Buster says, watch the videos, you will see higher FP players fill up the d-meter faster.

    Furthermore, I have an inkling the change was brought about because Rovio wanted to do something about Solo.  I have noticed that with one exception (probably due to cycling boulders in a lava layout) that Solo hasn’t been near the top 3 n most…[Read more]

  • @tubby it’s not down to AB2.  If a leader is inactive for a week then there could be a valid real-life issue that player had to deal with that takes precedence, however for the length of time you mention I’m surprised you didn’t leave already.  You wouldn’t not leave a sinking ship because it was nice once upon a time.

  • The MEBC coins per room was only added about 4-5 months ago so you still get more than you would have previously done so before that change.


    What I have noticed though, is that my daily finishing position is higher on average than it used to be.  When you think about it the reason is quite obvious, a player with a high FP filled the…[Read more]

  • Where did I crap on your ‘achievements’? All I said was that sometimes you get easier match ups than other times and the frame of your opponent *may* give you an indication of how skilled they are.

  • Someone who is not a great player will not score a great score for their flock power in MEBC, as the season progresses people with similar FP will achieve later frames faster than a poor player would.  Therefore if towards the end of the season you have a battle against a player who has the same FP as you but they are a few frames behind then you…[Read more]

  • We all get easy match ups and the further you go into the streak the harder it will be. The number of spells isn’t their weakness, it’s how many they wanted to add to guarantee victory.

    One thing that you can look at which may give an indication of how good the opponent is, is by comparing their frame to yours. Obviously in the first few days of…[Read more]

  • To answer the OP’s question, the 3,6,9 requirement which is common in most competitive clans is a method in which they are able to complete the event to get all rewards.  Some people will go over and above the requirement because they want the additional rewards than can vary for those finishing from the top 3 to the top 10.


    @ogandzyuk I see…[Read more]

  • Without going through every message in this thread I have come to the conclusion that DC difficulty is directly related to whether or not you buy the gem letter.

    Up until the beginning of May I was fairly regularly buying the gem letter, then when that one ended in early June I decided not to do it again.  Then about a week later, instead of…[Read more]

  • To answer the OP’s question, if you don’t play the hatchling won’t go.  However and you open the app more than 48 hours after the last feeding it will acquire a bag and you have one hour from that point of feeding it before it will leave.

    To build up apples is not difficult up to a level 3 hatchling, however if you don’t have the time to play…[Read more]

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