• Someone in my clan got a reply.  They are investigating why they can play however they said that no rewards will be given.

  • Looks like October 14th bannings will eclipse the July 4th bans.

    Itchy, Solo, For Solo (aka Leia, aka Sola Alexa) among others have been banned today.

  • Not everything resets at the same time.

    The daily apples and the arena reset at 00:00 UTC

    Your personal Daily Quest would usually reset at around 5am or 6am in your local timezone.

    Clan events and battles now start at 05:00 UTC, the 200/400/600 events used to start at a time relative to the clan’s home country’s timezone but Rovio stopped that…[Read more]

  • 007 replied to the topic How many hatchling levels in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    Up to and including level 3 it is sustainable if you feed every 48 hours.  Level 4, costs 50 apples per feed and is possible to sustain at that level for plenty of feeds if you are diligent and complete the Daily Challenge and King Pig Panic but your apple stash will go down slowly.

  • I’ve never heard of this but if I were you I would make a couple of screenshots before and after collecting.

    Before collecting, on the first tab titled “YESTERDAY”, it will tell you your position and below that the number of MEBC coins you earned.  For 70 coins you would finish between 1000th and 1999th position. Take a screenshot of that…[Read more]

  • You could just ask them.  They are an EU company and as such bound by the GDPR data laws, part of which is that they are not allowed to collect data that is not relevant and must be able to explain why access to certain data is necessary.

    If they fob you off, tell them to refer to Article 13  https://gdpr-info.eu/art-13-gdpr/

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  • Another Beak’s perspective…

    I get FF for completing stage 7 of arena (but I haven’t done that in a while), like the apples on stage 2 you can only get this FF once per 24 hours.  During Super Streak Week it disappears.

  • If you reply in the app rather than email they usually respond.  Assuming you haven’t gone off on a massive rant, I find them to be helpful in cases like these.

  • This is a good thing for these reasons:

    1: Clans who have 100% participation from their members as every million they get in their scores count.

    2: Clans that use a large number of very low FP accounts to get favourable match ups will be hindered as their lower FP accounts will not be able to get many eggs.

    3: Every minor improvement by each…[Read more]

  • I had an issue like this once but with fewer rewards lost.  I did get a response and some compensation in Piggy mail.  Firstly, you say you contacted Rovio, did you use the reporting tool in the app?  If you emailed, they don’t reply, use the app.

    Secondly did you include the screenshot you posted here?  If not, I suggest you add another tic…[Read more]

  • Stage 1 has four rooms, which suggests that stage 9 is probably going to be 8 rooms.

  • I don’t think the leagues are rigged as such but be aware that of the 14 other people you see in your league won’t necessarily see you in theirs.  So while you see a player accumulate what appears to be unnecessary points on a Saturday when they are a couple of hundred ahead already, that player may see another player much closer to them.  I o…[Read more]

  • To answer you question there’s no hard and fast rule.  Sometimes as little as 100 may be enough to stay in Diamond but to be honest I’ve never really looked.  Even in Legendary League one week 500 may be enough to win it, in another week 1000 isn’t enough to finish in the top 3.

    The other point I was trying to make was that if just staying up i…[Read more]

  • Furthermore, I doubt that the winner of your Diamond league with 1922 points is a cheat.  However 1922 points I reckon equates to around 4 hours per day solidly for a week.  That is not worth 300 gems and Black Pearls, therefore I conclude that the player is an idiot.

    Putting it further into context, using UK figures…

    Minimum wage is £8.21 p/…[Read more]

  • To answer your original question, if you simply don’t have the time or tickets then why fight to avoid relegation in Diamond?  You could put in loads of effort for 10 gems and possibly another week like it the same the following week.

    When I was on holiday in the summer I dropped from Legendary to Amethyst but played a few times to get free…[Read more]

  • I see your point, many people don’t, and on the other end of the scale some people spend ridiculous amounts of money per month.

    I pay a little, I usually spend amount £10 per month which I justify based on the fact that I use it a lot and I certainly use it more than I use Netflix for example where I spend ~£8 per month, but I don’t go crazy w…[Read more]

  • I see now they have moved the egg from level 40 to 60.  Getting to 40 was hard enough, maybe about once a month for me, but level 60 is almost unattainable for the vast majority of players.  In 2 years I have got there about 3 or 4 times.

    I haven’t had adverts in ToF since January, however I believe that they usually only give ads in ToF to p…[Read more]

  • Whatever Rovio do they simply have to be consistent.  I don’t mind either way but they cannot make changes at random times.  Today wasn’t an issue for me as it’s the last day of the season and I’d already levelled up yesterday so I was never going to level up again but no doubt it has affected people.

  • 007 replied to the topic MEBC in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years, 6 months ago

    I agree with you that they should not have changed it during a season.  However as a result everyone’s final score and MEBC coins collected will be lower; but the change favours above average players shot selection and execution wise with lower FPs than high FP but not very good players.

    Other than losing out on some MEBC coins compared to…[Read more]

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