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  • Quick q – what’s the most you’ve had to score to avoid relegation from the Diamond (or any lower) league?

    I’m in a nightmare one this week, the top one was in 4 figures by day two, third is over 650, 12th is currently on 200, I’m a bit adrift, knowing I wasn’t going to get promotion quite early on, I’ve just been playing free goes and the odd small run.

    Usually 150 or so is more than enough to avoid the drop.

    im not sure whether to bother chasing to avoid the drop – if I could be safe on 200-250 I’d probably do it, but I reckon this could end up 300 or so for 12th.


    Any thoughts :-)

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  • garethw

    Well having just lost three on the trot at level one – including the last where I had more FP and I took a full set of birds – against an opponent with none – by 15000 points it’s obvious the game is determined to relegate me.

    Never seen such a ridiculous fix with bombs doing nothing, reds not pushing anything over, and a plethora of micro pigs one of which survived a bomb next to it!!!!

    Screw you Rovio – I’m done.


    I agree with you, @garethw!  This whole week I couldn’t do half of the winning streak.  Four attempts to get at least the apples from level 2.  Opponents that are always far above my FP or use 5 spells.  Or opponents who are far below my FP and have a high win at the end. I’m not a bad player but it’s no fun!


    I’m afraid there’s no answer to your question. Luck of the draw. You just have to “know when to fold ’em.” You have to decide what it’s worth to you to avoid demotion, both in resources and time spent.


    For me it’s usually been around 100-150 to not be relegated from diamond league… I usually play enough so I get 4-5th spot and not get promoted to the legendary league as it’s only the top 3 who get anything from that.

    I’ve saved a fair few spells and arena tickets since I’ve been playing, so I won’t play any spells on stage 1, stages 2-4 I use Ducks, Inflater and Chilli, 5-7 all spells.

    I rarely have to spend gems with that approach, but recently stage 1 has gotten harder, but if I only lose a ticket I don’t mind.


    I had time so bumped my score up to 250 or so yesterday afternoon, which was enough by 20.

    Out of interest these were the top three – either cheaters or people with no kind of lives at all I’d have thought?


    To answer your original question, if you simply don’t have the time or tickets then why fight to avoid relegation in Diamond?  You could put in loads of effort for 10 gems and possibly another week like it the same the following week.

    When I was on holiday in the summer I dropped from Legendary to Amethyst but played a few times to get free tickets in those couple of weeks.  Once I was back I won Amethyst with little effort, and the rewards for winning Amethyst are almost the same as winning Diamond other than the fact that winning Diamond takes you to Legendary.

    As Buster said a few posts ago, it’s for you to decide when to fold.  In my Legendary League last week I had the top 4 all over 1200 points, although I had the tickets to compete I have better things to do than to spend many hours per day just to keep up.  The eventual winner had over 400 within 24 hours of the start; that made my decision nice and early, but only doing free plays I accumulated about 40 additional tickets.


    Furthermore, I doubt that the winner of your Diamond league with 1922 points is a cheat.  However 1922 points I reckon equates to around 4 hours per day solidly for a week.  That is not worth 300 gems and Black Pearls, therefore I conclude that the player is an idiot.

    Putting it further into context, using UK figures…

    Minimum wage is £8.21 p/h, multiply that by 28 (hours I reckon is probably needed to get 1922 points), that equals £229.88

    Rovio sell 400 gems for £5.99


    @NAS – I mentioned my limits for trying to win Legendary/Diamond league back in the big Arena thread – 400 or so for the LL though I went to 499 once (which was too much effort tbh), 300-350 tops for the Diamond assuming I’ve got the time on the Saturday.

    My q here was really to try and find out how much of an outlier the score needed to avoid relegation was.

    @Nik’s experience seems to tie in with mine that 100-150 is usually more than enough.

    tbh if it looks like >150 is going to be needed to stay in the DL and the top 3 are out of sight, I’m not going to bother a second time.

    FWIW I’ve got plenty of tickets so that’s not a concern.

    Agree the top three were idiots.


    To answer your question there’s no hard and fast rule.  Sometimes as little as 100 may be enough to stay in Diamond but to be honest I’ve never really looked.  Even in Legendary League one week 500 may be enough to win it, in another week 1000 isn’t enough to finish in the top 3.

    The other point I was trying to make was that if just staying up is your aim then as you get little or no reward below the top 5 or 6 places in Diamond then is it worth doing so?  You may be better off taking a couple of relegations and then going for a couple of promotions from Emerald, through Amethyst and back to Diamond and repeat.


    @NAS – the reason for trying to stay in the Diamond (and tbh it’s only been a real issue once) is that one promotion and you’re in the LL.

    Historically it seems you’ve got about a 35-40% chance in the DL/LL of a top three with 300-400 or so, and more of them are wins than 2nd or 3rd.

    In the LL that’s potentially 1000 gems, one or two of those a quarter and you can play for free with ease and some options.

    My “gut feeling” is that all the leagues are rigged – or auto played to a variable series of algorithms, and that since the last couple of updates the game has become noticeably “harder”.


    I don’t think the leagues are rigged as such but be aware that of the 14 other people you see in your league won’t necessarily see you in theirs.  So while you see a player accumulate what appears to be unnecessary points on a Saturday when they are a couple of hundred ahead already, that player may see another player much closer to them.  I once had a player from my clan in my league but they didn’t see me in their league table, in fact none of the players they saw matched any of the players I had but in my final table my clan mates final points tally agreed with what they said they did.

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