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  • Requires the Christmas hats, which most people should have.   Looks like they can also be purchased during the event as well so no one should have to rely on the Tower of Misfortune.

    This one is nine rounds with the usual rewards.

    Chest, 1000 feathers, 2000 feathers, 5000 feathers, and 10,000 feathers.

    I’m thinking we’re going to see a feather frenzy shortly given it has been a while and more than a few times a feather frenzy has appear in the last day or two of a hat adventure.

    One thing to note, switching to the Christmas hats does NOT give you a boost in FP.

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  • 007

    Stage 1 has four rooms, which suggests that stage 9 is probably going to be 8 rooms.


    I stucked on stage 4 which has 6 rooms. And I don’t think I will get any further.


    I had just finished stage 6 and was on the last room of stage 7 when I set my phone down. Picked it back up and what do you know, the  loading screen. The app refreshed itself.

    Went to play stage 7 again but it reset my progress and shows I didn’t complete stage 6! It took my several tries to complete it the first time. Can anything be done about this?


    reach stage 8 so far




    I’m stuck on 4 as well. Made it to the final room once with 1 bird, but like most of the preceding rooms, it needs 3 to clear it. Room 1 can take 3 birds (done it a few times with 2 if the Chemical Pig doesn’t turn everything to stone, which is what happens 90% of the time), room 2 can be done with Terrance alone (with some luck) and the rest usually take 3, assuming everything goes perfect.


    lvl 9 now , 8 rooms




    Not worth the effort with totally neutered birds for me.


    If you decide to throw in the towel and just want to grab the feathers before the event expires, there are Youtube videos out there with walkthroughs.

    I’ve managed to get through level 6 on my own so far. That’s a tough one.


    finish this event , harder than previous hat event

    lvl 9 is possible to clear without spending any gems ( actually , I don’t spend any gems at all in this event )

    personally , lvl 4 is the hardest stage to clear  for me ( you need very lucky here for room 1 to clear it with 2 birds )



    Finally got through it by paying gems on 4 and 9. I made it to a point on both round’s final rooms where I knew I could beat it with just 1 bird, 2 at most.

    120 gems was worth it for the feathers. Got Matilda and Silver almost to 50K and hopefully we’ll see a feather frenzy soon so I can try to level them up along with Bomb (who needs less than 100 feathers) so I can get double extra feathers when they level up.

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