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  • I’ve already posted this on the AB2 FB page but I’m going to do the same here for a bit more exposure. I had real rotten luck with the Tower of Fortune in general and the cruellest thing happened last week when I didn’t receive what I earned. I am still awaiting a response from Rovio support about it.

    I’ve been playing since 2016 and have reached the upper level of ToF on only two occasions: first time in November 2018 (which I posted a video of in my YouTube channel) and then again in April 2019.

    The third time, last week, I managed to reach level 60 and was lucky enough to get he right card for the Jackpot Egg. But I could not connect to get my rewards!

    The video (and posted to the FB group) I took shows me trying to connect via Wifi and mobile data, but it didn’t work. The video stopped at 00:31 on Tuesday morning 10th December. I then processed and uploaded the video to the FB group which was posted at 00:47. I also submitted my request to Rovio support at 00:53 UTC, with their confirmation email response came straight back to me at the same time.

    I am missing:

    • 3x apples
    • 7608x feathers
    • 12x blizzard spells
    • 1,620 gems
    • 420 black pearls
    • 16x mighty eagle spells
    • 14x inflator spells
    • 21x chilli spells
    • 1x steampunk hat
    • 5x duck spells
    • 1x Jackpot Egg

    I won / earned / acquired etc this rewards fair and square, but they were not applied to my account. Yes, it’s only a game but I wouldn’t feel so passionately about this if I didn’t love playing it.

    It’s been a week since I submitted my request and it’s only fair that I get what I fairly earned. What should I do if Rovio don’t give me what I am entitled to? To be honest I’m looking for Rovio to restore some faith and do what’s right.

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  • Buster

    Good luck. It happened to me several months ago (although no jackpot egg was involved). The rewards disappeared and so did the several hundred gems I spent to earn them. I never got a response from Rovio other than the auto-reply acknowledgement. I would have settled for getting the gems back!

    Unfortunately I didn’t have any video proof, although that seems not to have mattered.

    Vogel Birdson

    @douglas that’s pretty poor show that Rovio didn’t respond at all. Sorry you lost out.

    I am hoping this isn’t the case here as I’ve posted about it enough on the FB group and intend to keep it fresh here.

    I’m quite keen to share how this is resolved with the AB2 community to at least restore some faith. Or to put on record Rovio’s stance when this sort of thing happens.


    I had an issue like this once but with fewer rewards lost.  I did get a response and some compensation in Piggy mail.  Firstly, you say you contacted Rovio, did you use the reporting tool in the app?  If you emailed, they don’t reply, use the app.

    Secondly did you include the screenshot you posted here?  If not, I suggest you add another ticket with the screenshot.  Thirdly, be polite rather than angry.

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