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  • smithxxxxx

    still kinda confuse about this for now , but we will get clan battle tomorrow , so we all will know how good/bad this new things


    This is a good thing for these reasons:

    1: Clans who have 100% participation from their members as every million they get in their scores count.

    2: Clans that use a large number of very low FP accounts to get favourable match ups will be hindered as their lower FP accounts will not be able to get many eggs.

    3: Every minor improvement by each player will help the clan, under the old system a player getting a 1m or 2m improvement may not have translated into more eggs; referring to point 1 it will encourage clans to behave more like clans and help each other out.

    4: Any cheaters removed from a battle by Rovio, their scores disappearance will have a greater effect on the outcome than it currently does (current system means everyone moves up a place including the cheater’s clanmates so effect is less profound).



    review for this new system

    good for  clan with full slot & active members while it’s suck now for  clan with alot of inactive members despite even they have higher lvl members compare ith their opponent

    the different for clan poins between rank 1 and rank 20 is not so high now


    we can’t reduce our opponent clan points anymore with this new system , we really need very high active clan now to win

    I’m thinking to find new clan with very high participation in clan battle

    my current clan still got some inactive members who not even online for 2-3 days


    Our opponent brought in a ringer.  It has happened 2 times in the last 3 battles.  Everyone seems to have the same FP except for the leader.  Theirs is almost 2x more than the rest of the clan.  They are totally out of place.  Cheaters suck 😤

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Clan Battle Changes

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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