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  • What is the highest possible hatchling level, apple count to feed and multiplier?

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  • Doom Baby

    8 or 9 is the highest but it’s not possible to maintain anything higher than 3 without purchasing apples, 2 is the highest you can feed daily. I usually stick to level 2 unless I’m in a heated CvC and need extra power.


    10 is the highest lvl for hatchling , you need alot of apples & times to lvl up from 8 to 9 and from 9 to 10


    Must cost an absolute fortune to have a hatching at those levels unless you’re a hacker/cheater.

    You can sustain level 3 quite easily feeding every other day (daily during a feather frenzy).

    On a normal day you can get 13-15 or so easily,

    3 in chests. 3 in ToF. 3 in Arena. A maximum of 4 on map levels and levels of the Daily Challenge (repeatable)/KPP.

    3 if you complete the DC and 5 if you complete the KPP.

    If there’s a hatchling event on those numbers are increased e.g 5 in chests, 6 in arena, 6 for the DC 8 for the KPP.

    But I think even if you hit everything every day (which is pretty much impossible without spending a lot of time and gems, given some of the DC/KPP’s and the vagaries of the ToF) you still couldn’t quite get the 50 apples every 2 days to sustain a level 4 hatchling without spending money/gems.


    my friend have lvl 10 hatchling , he spend alot for this

    he also have really high bonus stamp

    lvl 10 hatchling isn’t reachable for cheater , that why all non honest hatchlings only stop at lvl 8

    you need to feed lvl 8 60 feeds to reach lvl 9 ( 250 apples per feed ) and feed lvl 9 60 feeds too to reach lvl 10 ( 300 apples per feed )

    that really alot of apples


    Easy to tell who the pay for play people are because their hatchling is always at the highest levels.


    Up to and including level 3 it is sustainable if you feed every 48 hours.  Level 4, costs 50 apples per feed and is possible to sustain at that level for plenty of feeds if you are diligent and complete the Daily Challenge and King Pig Panic but your apple stash will go down slowly.

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