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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 4,172,600: Ranked 1 out of 1018 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,690,000: Congratulations! You're over by 482,600!
Level 5-144,7301 Top Score!42,452+2,278n/a
Level 5-259,64010-1,19056,602+3,038n/a
Level 5-3136,7703-650129,440+7,330n/a
Level 5-4137,2801 Top Score!126,400+10,880n/a
Level 5-5173,3402-270147,478+25,862n/a
Level 5-6142,0102-1,640123,452+18,558n/a
Level 5-7126,5605-3,250105,796+20,764n/a
Level 5-890,5704-2,18084,288+6,282n/a
Level 5-9156,3301 Top Score!140,637+15,693n/a
Level 5-10115,8107-1,660108,579+7,231n/a
Level 5-1153,6401 Top Score!47,374+6,266n/a
Level 5-12102,8603-3,54091,192+11,668n/a
Level 5-13134,62018-2,610123,259+11,361n/a
Level 5-14106,31030-1,870100,070+6,240n/a
Level 5-15102,57012-1,36094,999+7,571n/a
Level 5-16146,39012-3,430134,978+11,412n/a
Level 5-17126,76010-1,310118,786+7,974n/a
Level 5-18154,5102-430126,781+27,729n/a
Level 5-19144,95011-2,720135,907+9,043n/a
Level 5-20123,3605-1,980111,228+12,132n/a
Level 5-21109,3609-2,94095,279+14,081n/a
Level 5-22109,0409-2,75084,595+24,445n/a
Level 5-2371,0209-1,00063,711+7,309n/a
Level 5-24144,0106-1,500107,463+36,547n/a
Level 5-25146,2201 Top Score!133,954+12,266n/a
Level 5-26144,8006-1,780132,281+12,519n/a
Level 5-27126,7205-3,790112,902+13,818n/a
Level 5-28165,8804-3,960145,825+20,055n/a
Level 5-29167,91014-3,600154,036+13,874n/a
Level 5-30123,4604-2,09097,177+26,283n/a
S-11 Bonus162,4807-1,930139,116+23,364n/a
S-12 Bonus161,4401 Top Score!140,039+21,401n/a
S-13 Bonus161,2502-3,530146,343+14,907n/a