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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,592,690: Ranked 1 out of 517 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,810,000: Congratulations! You're over by 782,690!
Level 7-137,5806-17036,671+909n/a
Level 7-253,8501 Top Score!51,699+2,151n/a
Level 7-355,6501 Top Score!52,524+3,126n/a
Level 7-490,5807-40086,947+3,633n/a
Level 7-594,1701 Top Score!74,290+19,880n/a
Level 7-648,1602-52033,832+14,328n/a
Level 7-7118,2305-650105,915+12,315n/a
Level 7-8123,1607-500118,014+5,146n/a
Level 7-989,2301 Top Score!72,001+17,229n/a
Level 7-1092,1601 Top Score!75,389+16,771n/a
Level 7-1194,9703-29081,045+13,925n/a
Level 7-12127,3503-1,520112,807+14,543n/a
Level 7-13104,2602-26096,750+7,510n/a
Level 7-1480,5605-49072,856+7,704n/a
Level 7-15187,7301 Top Score!168,011+19,719n/a
Level 7-16116,7501 Top Score!98,462+18,288n/a
Level 7-1780,1401 Top Score!66,124+14,016n/a
Level 7-18201,1101 Top Score!174,776+26,334n/a
Level 7-19102,9001 Top Score!83,206+19,694n/a
Level 7-20141,7907-1,520134,387+7,403n/a
Level 7-21154,77010-3,830137,072+17,698n/a
Level 7-22107,0701 Top Score!90,155+16,915n/a
Level 7-23144,1201 Top Score!128,907+15,213n/a
Level 7-2490,3202-61079,956+10,364n/a
Level 7-25139,1105-540127,218+11,892n/a
Level 7-26163,0501 Top Score!154,994+8,056n/a
Level 7-2787,3207-1,25077,965+9,355n/a
Level 7-28186,7701 Top Score!169,861+16,909n/a
Level 7-29133,9402-170118,043+15,897n/a
Level 7-3052,3502-40041,270+11,080n/a
S-17 Bonus83,1001 Top Score!64,397+18,703n/a
S-18 Bonus106,6901 Top Score!78,320+28,370n/a
S-19 Bonus103,7501 Top Score!66,266+37,484n/a