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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
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Level 7-137,34030-41036,682+658n/a
Level 7-252,83044-1,36051,768+1,062n/a
Level 7-355,09016-56052,573+2,517n/a
Level 7-490,33013-80087,034+3,296n/a
Level 7-578,85084-15,32074,208+4,642n/a
Level 7-647,18028-1,50033,876+13,304n/a
Level 7-7116,54019-2,360105,879+10,661n/a
Level 7-8119,98052-3,680117,987+1,993n/a
Level 7-985,62015-4,45072,172+13,448n/a
Level 7-1083,22050-8,94075,505+7,715n/a
Level 7-1194,1707-1,28081,190+12,980n/a
Level 7-12126,04012-2,830112,837+13,203n/a
Level 7-13102,70034-3,11096,847+5,853n/a
Level 7-1478,65048-2,40072,937+5,713n/a
Level 7-15183,38018-4,350167,932+15,448n/a
Level 7-16105,31048-11,44098,535+6,775n/a
Level 7-1771,55051-9,43066,171+5,379n/a
Level 7-18184,04061-17,070174,680+9,360n/a
Level 7-1998,85034-7,21083,245+15,605n/a
Level 7-20142,3205-990134,481+7,839n/a
Level 7-21140,720145-21,700137,391+3,329n/a
Level 7-22100,94061-6,13090,502+10,438n/a
Level 7-23141,96010-2,160128,968+12,992n/a
Level 7-2484,76046-6,17080,057+4,703n/a
Level 7-25131,98080-8,010127,385+4,595n/a
Level 7-26160,5207-2,530155,069+5,451n/a
Level 7-2782,72083-5,85077,934+4,786n/a
Level 7-28178,49042-8,280169,916+8,574n/a
Level 7-29128,15023-5,960118,129+10,021n/a
Level 7-3046,72031-7,89041,239+5,481n/a
S-17 Bonus81,8002-1,30064,479+17,321n/a
S-18 Bonus89,44089-17,25078,115+11,325n/a
S-19 Bonus80,66031-23,09066,238+14,422n/a