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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,483,080: Ranked 99 out of 543 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 197,60047-3,58092,490+5,110n/a
Level 2119,240148-7,430116,607+2,633n/a
Level 397,80096-6,70094,087+3,713n/a
Level 496,420156-7,10092,236+4,184n/a
Level 5104,080120-7,04099,860+4,220n/a
Level 6139,240129-8,800136,338+2,902n/a
Level 7159,310157-9,810154,303+5,007n/a
Level 891,010126-3,98086,588+4,422n/a
Level 995,260181-12,84093,033+2,227n/a
Level 10142,820123-15,550139,499+3,321n/a
Level 11119,100185-11,330116,341+2,759n/a
Level 12102,9404-11,33095,502+7,438n/a
Level 13163,850182-14,220160,518+3,332n/a
Level 14116,840185-17,960113,928+2,912n/a
Level 15122,530210-10,040120,442+2,088n/a
Level 16166,040137-6,470162,856+3,184n/a
Level 17141,800167-8,140139,489+2,311n/a
Level 1889,910186-6,76087,016+2,894n/a
Level 19127,52015-4,790119,554+7,966n/a
Level 20189,770128-13,300186,084+3,686n/a