• Yup, my friend list is populated again without any action from me. Just when the app is no longer available on the app stores, and almost all my FB friends have stopped playing it for months.

    Still can’t play the arena due to the blocking black screen. Yes, one can request support to sort it out, but as I have mentioned many times before, I will…[Read more]

  • @budstheawes

    No app updates but the game wanted to restart. After restarting, the videos for free roll on Golden Pig Machines (GPM) now takes an epic few minutes to ready before I can play them. In the past, they are ready immediately or after restarting (when Rovio did not screw up something). No more.

    App: ♪ Killing me softly slowly, with his s…[Read more]

  • Now I can’t even login to FB anymore from Epic… :(

  • @drachenbauer

    Replaying some of the battles especially those that give you the ingredients you need. Alternatively, buy the potions using Snoutings, if you have enough to spare. You can get more Snoutings replaying the battles as well, particularly helpful if rogue piggies are present. Some battles will get you more Snoutings than others.

  • Beaten “Unnamed-Player” last week to rank 1 in the stone league Arena in the closing minutes, and this week he promptly renamed himself DD. Called him out with “DD:Get.Your.Own.Name.Unnamed-Player” and he renamed himself the same. I then stuck in non English character and he called himself “The.Original.DD”. What an asshole.

    EDIT: He was smug…[Read more]

  • Now that the 50mil FB accounts were breached, more Epic users may be affected by this problem. That is, of course, if it still has a sizeable active user base.

  • @jamairoqui

    I keep track on who borrowed my birds and who responded to my FE request. (You’re 7th top most contributors for borrowing my birds, top 6th for responding to my requests. Thank you again.) And I priorities who I borrow birds from in case I don’t have the time to service everyone. I responded to all FE requests since it’s no loss to me…[Read more]

  • @jamairoqui

    I’m not sure about that since I got FE requests from the same FB friends almost daily still. But Rovio definitely limits daily FE we receive to 5, regardless of how many responses you get.

    On the other hand, I don’t receive FEs from some FE friends who borrowed my birds. Definitely smells fishy, indeed.

    BTW, many thanks for…[Read more]

  • @stevencore

    Sadly, I don’t receive any FE by asking from friends everyday. I do receive FE from borrowed birds but not getting the full 5 FEs everyday. And I never receive any FE from you borrowing my birds! (which may be a separate problem altogether :( )


    Yup. Except I can’t even find the Games page (this one is down to my own…[Read more]

  • @winkwink

    Glad to hear that you are not affected. I suggest you avoid removing Epic from Facebook, as it seems that adding it back will not have any option of sharing your Facebook friends with Epic. You can check your Epic app settings on Facebook. And it seems that some other players complained about the same problem on their Facebook…[Read more]

  • After logging back into Facebook from Epic, all my Facebook friends are missing from the friend lists. Even removing Epic from Facebook and adding it back by logging in from Epic did not fix the problem. And it appears that only name and profile picture is shared with Epic; sharing of Facebook friends is no longer an option.

    So now I can no…[Read more]

  • And this is the cause of the app hanging when autoplay. The thinking must be “How do we make the app feel faster? I know! Queue the remaining actions instead of doing that each turn. Fire and forget! Much more efficient and simpler to handle!”. Never mind beta testing it, I doubt they even bother with alpha testing, or any kind of testing.

  • @winkwink

    I see what they mean by improvement. Instead of wiping your data for having impossible amount of resources, they just surgically reset only those impossible scores. Wow, that’s a huge advance in cutting edge AI unrivaled in the industry or even the world. Definitely an achievement that deserves a pay rise or a big fat bonus. Well done, Rotvio.

  • @datguygamer

    Yours was maliciously reset, as was my 2nd profile (at least I didn’t receive any emails about “compensation”). But even without consider these, their ineptitude alone continues to bring pain and despair to their users.


    Is that recent? If not, may be nobody wants to touch it even with a barge pole. If so, did they fire the…[Read more]

  • @winkwink

    For the past week, out of the 87 FE friends, I got FE requests from 20, FE responses from 21, and borrowed birds from 8. That’s down from the hay day of 49, 57, 33. And the rate of reduction has increased lately.

    While some are natural drop off, most of them seems to be driven by the changes Rotvio instigated or the (in)actions of…[Read more]

  • @suzyq

    Agreed. However, by Rot-vio calculation, doing the right thing cost them upfront and won’t add anything to their coffers. So it’s not going to happen until significant number of users bail out and their ad revenue dries up. By which time, of course, it’s too late for them to do anything but rot.

  • @poptimus

    I don’t have most of the highest level gear (items), non of them are fully enchanted, and I’ve only got just 1 all-star and 1 challenger class. Luckily, the battles are still manageable most of the time for me. Nevertheless, I get your point of pointless endeavor.

    Totally agree on your approach to the arena. Sadly, winning first place…[Read more]

  • @coachmp Or old age pensioners etc.

    I feel your pain. Occasionally, when I managed to find time, the high score is possible. For example, I spent way too many hours the past 2 days when mayhem is on going, and I managed to clawed my way to 110k. But I don’t, and can’t, do it every day, so 149k is not really out of bounds. Nevertheless, it…[Read more]

  • DD replied to the topic Weapons or classes? in the forum Angry Birds Epic Forum 5 years ago

    By all means gather resources. But don’t hoard them too much lest they think you cheat and ceremoniously wipe your data without warning. Or at least you shouldn’t have too much of any resources when you contact their support to help fix problems in your data. Unfortunately, there is no hard limit what constitute “too much”. You are entirely at the…[Read more]

  • It’s one of the undocumented “minor changes & improvements”.

    Some time ago, people used to get a Golden Pig every 24 hours with a notice at the top when visiting the map. Then the notice was removed and the Golden Pig appeared between 24 and 36 hours. Now it is simply removed altogether.

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