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  • I haven’t checked if this bug is present in all cave levels, but for Cave 17, stage 5, if you are autoplaying and the pigs are knocked out before all three birds have taken a turn, the remaining birds then take their remaining turn from the previous wave on the pigs entering for the next wave. For example, say you have Wizard, Captain, and Rogues as your team, and the two pigs on Wave 2 are defeated after Wizard takes his turn. Then Captain and Rogues will attack the incoming pigs from Wave 3 as their final moves on the last turn from Wave 2 so that one of the incoming Wave 3 pigs will already have sticky goo on it.

    It’s kind of amusing, in a quaint, “awwww those lovable rascals at Chimera can’t even begin to do the most minimal beta testing of their game” kind of way.

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    “awwww those lovable rascals at Chimera can’t even begin to do the most minimal beta testing of their game”  Funny, I have that same feeling, quite often.  Never knew quite how to put it into words.


    And this is the cause of the app hanging when autoplay. The thinking must be “How do we make the app feel faster? I know! Queue the remaining actions instead of doing that each turn. Fire and forget! Much more efficient and simpler to handle!”. Never mind beta testing it, I doubt they even bother with alpha testing, or any kind of testing.


    It is clear that ABEpic is not the priority of Chimera, with a minimal staff to work on it (and test it). They switched to others projects as ABEvolution or others.

    For years, they are developping the smallest possible content to keep the game alive :
    – two chronicles caves 2x/year with the increase of mastery,
    – new headgears to keep an “interest” in the events,
    – arena headgears + mythic emblem to keep an interest in the arena,

    If they were working on a real new content as a new island, their communication would be different.
    This is just my point of view which is maybe too negative. I play with this situation in mind, so without expectation from Chimera. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe it’s already the time to ask for an ABE gift to Santa Claus for 2018 :-)



    It’s almost like ABE is a class project, or the game the new coder at Chimera is assigned to work on during their probationary period, so that it’s always getting someone to do the upgrades and so forth that has never worked on the game before. And every time the new person fixes a bug, they do it in the most ham-handed way possible, or leave behind a couple of unintended bugs as a consequence. Like their solution to people shutting down the network in Arena was to remove the ability to play unranked arena battles.

    Coding is hard, and keeping bugs out of a game that has all these different things going on, with constant network communication, must be a pain in the butt. Even allowing for that, there seems to be a lack of professionalism on the part of Chimera, like you would hope they don’t decide to make control systems for mission critical robots or something.

    Chimera Tech. Supp.: Hello, this is Chimera technical support.

    Caller: Yeah. Hey, we have a situation here. One of your maintenance robots for the Chunnel is malfunctioning and cutting a hole in the casing of the wall. It’s starting to leak. Any way to shut it down before it penetrates and the whole thing floods?

    Chimera: (after three week pause) Well, no. But we plan to release version 1.3.1 of the control software next month, and that should take care of the issue.

    Caller: <glub> <glub>


    Now the daily reward calendar seems to be changed – not for the better – each day you get increasing amounts of snoutlings. No more LC’s, FE’s, stamina drinks, shards, or anything else…


    Now the daily reward calendar is back to the way it used to be – guess Rovio got a ton of negative instant feedback…


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