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  • Epic has been fun over the years, even though we all have been frustrated by the many glitches. Now with the recent connectivity issues and inability for many users to use their Facebook friends when logged in, Rovio has seemed to give up on the game. Here is my last reply from Stefan…

    Stefan (Rovio Entertainment Corporation)

    Jan 9, 13:27 UTC


    Thank you for contacting us and I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. We have received a much larger volume of emails than normal recently, and haven’t been able to reply to everyone as quickly as we would like.

    My name is Stefan and I’m a member of the Player Support team that work on the Angry Birds Epic.
    I realize that experiencing issues like that can be really discouraging. At this point, the game is not in active development, so the events and arena seasons will continue normally, but there are no current plans regarding any future game updates. It also means that the problem you are experiencing is not being currently investigated and I can not provide you with any timeframe of a possible fix.

    If you have any other concerns or questions where Support could be of assistance, we will be glad to help and answer.

    All the best,

    Rovio Support Team

    A lesson to anyone who wasted actual money on Rovio games – you never know when they will toss away loyal players and move on to more profitable ventures. R.I.P. AB Epic…

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  • SumoBro

    That’s not good.  RIP Epic.


    Yeah, I just got more or less the same response today.  I had opened a support ticket because of a bizarre situation where I finished week #4 in the Arena at rank #5 and didn’t claim my reward until week #6 because of family obligations and somehow got demoted twice instead of being promoted once.  The conversation was quite frustrating to say the least.  Given the rampant cheating that had been going on in the early days of the Arena followed by an overaggressive cheater detection system, I kept asking why it was “impossible” to move players between leagues when there had been ample reasons to develop some kind of tool to do that over the years, but often times Stefan either didn’t seem to understand what I was saying or was trying to say whatever just to close the ticket so he could move on to something else.  Since I had already had a short fuse following the Patch 2.4.0 debacle, I basically lost it.  I didn’t make a reference to Stefan’s mother or anything like that, but I refused to take ‘no’ for an answer until finally another support team member, Pawel, stepped in to say that development for Epic is dead and they won’t be fixing any of the remaining bugs.

    I may not have spent anywhere near as much money as others have apparently spent, but like @winkwink said, it feels like all of that has gone to waste, especially since much of that went to overcoming bugs.  I may stick around to collect the remaining class upgrades, but after that I’m going to call it quits.  I even suspended play on 2 and Evolution so I could focus on Epic, but given everything that’s happened, I don’t feel comfortable going back to those either, so this may be the end of the line for me with Rovio’s games.  I’ll log on periodically to ensure that my progress continues to be saved, but that’s it.


    I got an update for the game around 3 hours ago… am I the only one?



    No app updates but the game wanted to restart. After restarting, the videos for free roll on Golden Pig Machines (GPM) now takes an epic few minutes to ready before I can play them. In the past, they are ready immediately or after restarting (when Rovio did not screw up something). No more.

    App: ♪ Killing me softly slowly, with his song this update… ♪

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