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  • I have no golden pig to fight now. Anyone with same situation?

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  • SquawkTron

    Yep. I don’t have any golden pigs to battle either.


    My gold coin count is now 137. could it be those who has more than 100 will not have golden pig battle?


    I think so. If not, then it’s probably a bug.


    In the past I had the golden pig on the map even if I had more than 100 points, so unlike a change in this feature, it’s a bug ;)


    It’s one of the undocumented “minor changes & improvements”.

    Some time ago, people used to get a Golden Pig every 24 hours with a notice at the top when visiting the map. Then the notice was removed and the Golden Pig appeared between 24 and 36 hours. Now it is simply removed altogether.


    they reduced by 1 unit the FREE Lucky Coins daily injection, leaving us only with the calendar one.

    so no more golden pig!? so almost no way to get any lucky coins now

    first the daily amount of lucky coins and daily reward gets replaced by the calendar one so we got about 40% less, then the daily pig gets removed so like 30 lucky coins a month less. Probably the next update is to remove all lucky coins from the calendar all together


    Remaining ways to earn Lucky Coins (without spending actual money):

    – Daily coin from calendar (must be logged in to Facebook). Implemented with current daily calendar rewards.

    – Calendar reward on 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th reward collected during the month (5, 10, 20 and 30 coins, respectively). Implemented with current daily calendar rewards.

    – First place reward for arena (scales with league).  Implemented when league sizes were increased from 14 to 25.

    – First place reward for events (15 for invasion and world boss, 25 for map events).  Implemented when league sizes were increased from 14 to 25.

    – Golden Pig Castle at end of map events (10 coins for defeating final boss pig, available after completing all other event map battles with a total of 55 stars).  Implemented when league sized were increased from 14 to 25.

    – Golden Pig map battles (daily or semi-daily, ended with introduction of Mighty Eagle’s Daily Punch Card, re-introduced with introduction of calendar rewards, disabled with 2.3.0 patch but we’ve been promised that it will return)


    Discontinued was to earn free Lucky Coins:

    – Golden Pig map battles (daily or semi-daily, ended with introduction of Mighty Eagle’s Daily Punch Card, re-introduced with introduction of calendar rewards, apparently ended again with 2.3.0 patch)

    – Mighty Eagle’s Daily Punch Card (daily Golden Pig battle worth 1 to 7 coins, increasing for each punch up to the 7th, +1 for Facebook login, completed punch card on 7th applied towards Dojo discounts, discontinued with introduction of calendar rewards)

    – Chronicle Cave daily chest (receive 1 coin, 1 friendship essence, or 1 experience potion for watching video in cave, discontinued a few months ago)


    The biggest loss was the daily punch card, which amounted to up to 35 coins a week, but that was also subject to an exploit that allowed some people to collect the daily reward multiple times a day, so it’s understandable why that was removed.  The calendar system that replaced it, if you count the semi-daily golden pig battles, adds up to roughly three-quarters of the monthly take.

    The addition of LC rewards for Arena and Events actually pushes the potential to more than before, but only one out of every 25 players gets to enjoy each of these rewards.  Unsurprisingly, I’ve been finding arena and event leagues to be much more competitive than before.


    Anyone remember something I’m missing above?


    Don’t forget they removed the Daily chest in the Caves not to long ago.


    How long until the Daily calendar rewards go away?


    @dahnlor you can include the GPC in the Events, wherein you used to be able to easily make five runs through, giving 50 LCs, before they changed the timer. Now the only way to make five runs is to spend a huge amount of SD to blast through the final levels and open the GPC (now costing 15 Stamina to play) to earn the additional 10 LCs…hardly worth the consumption.

    Well done again, Rovio/Chimera. The Golden Pig on the World Map has been a fixture, in various forms, since the game’s inception. Nothing like just taking this away. You have severely reduced sources of Snouts, FE and LC to fully promote P2W. What’s next?


    It is worth the consumption as 30 coins per event makes sense


    Not seen a GP in days!


    Rovio needs your money to fix the games they screw up 😉!


    I return after a few months and no golden pig is it a bug??


    @quickgaming we are not talking about 30 LCs, rather 10, and for the cost of at least 30 SD, and often more, to reach the GPC and play through it in the first hour that it becomes available. Not worth it.


    I only log in every few days now, so usually when I do, there is a Golden Pig available. Since I haven’t seen one in the last couple days, I was wondering what happened.


    According to the FB page, the Golden Pig should be back.


    I couldn’t find that comment on the Facebook page, but I imagine that it would have been a response within one of the various comment threads so I could have missed it.  Presuming that is correct, I’ve updated my comment earlier in this thread.


    I read it in the first comment for the new Halloween class, Pumpkin Paladin.

    Alex Bianconi : After weeks you didn’t make anything to fix the missing golden pig. I wondering if this was made on purpose and without write anything on the changelog

    Angry Birds Epic :  Hey Alex, not completely true. We know why and when the Golden Pig went on unauthorized vacation and we’re close to bringing it back. Stay epic!


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    There’s now a little hut that lets you watch a video for 1 gold and random silver.


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