• @jankrohn
    Thanks for the advice, but I already tried that.  Got the message “This item isn’t available in your country.”

    Not sure if this is only the case in the United States or if it’s been made unavailable for other countries, but knowing the game is essentially in a holding pattern with respect to development, I knew I’d run out of things…[Read more]

  • I got this screen today, and thanks for explaining what caused it (I had just reached the threshold where I would have earned a Challenger class, but no more classes were available).  I had thought uninstalling and reinstalling the game might help, but turns out the Play Store doesn’t even have the game available anymore.

    Since they discontinued…[Read more]

  • I just came here to look up the same thing.  While Rovio discontinued support for Epic over a year ago, it has remained playable, and I continued to play the game daily through until today.

    I had just reached the 10,000 point threshold to unlock the last non-holiday special class in the current event (I’m still missing two of the Christmas…[Read more]

  • Same thing happened with me.  The arena reliably crashes if I am logged in to Facebook when completing two daily tasks at the same time, so I logged out of Facebook when that couldn’t be avoided, and my friends list has remained empty since logging back in.

    The support site suggests removing Epic from the Games section of your Facebook account,…[Read more]

  • I had the Challenger Witch for a while and I did find it to work incorrectly, essentially the wrong bird would trigger the heal effect.  I usually play Arena with the Elite Sea Dog, so this worked well for me since that was the bird that was getting the effect.

    As @zhugeliang suggested, the recent update fixed this, and the Challenger Witch is…[Read more]

  • Just got the final Season Collection reward today, a Mythic Shroud. Turns out it was level 80, while the mythic emblems from the GPAM are level 82. Still, if I didn’t already have my Mythic Chrono Quest from before, I would not have been disappointed.

  • @marquel-letory-mcghee

    I haven’t seen the Watch-A-Video-To-Double-Your-Arena-Score thing since the 2.4 update. I’m pretty sure it was removed intentionally, and it’s a rather small loss. It wasn’t added very long ago (the twice-daily video option to double event scores has been around for a lot longer), and was worth far less than the daily…[Read more]

  • I’m in the same league with @poptimus this week, and he’s ruining everything!

  • The return of the Golden Pig as proctor of the amphitheater to reward you for watching an ad is welcome, though it’s more akin to the the daily chest in the chronicle caves that has also gone the way of the dodo than it is to finding the golden pig in the wild.  Giving us a timer at least lets me no longer have to remember when it was the last…[Read more]

  • OMG the lag is GONE!!!

  • I couldn’t find that comment on the Facebook page, but I imagine that it would have been a response within one of the various comment threads so I could have missed it.  Presuming that is correct, I’ve updated my comment earlier in this thread.

  • @winkwink My experience for the last few months has been that the Arena will reliably crash if I complete more than one daily objective in the same battle while logged in to Facebook.  The game crashes immediately upon winning, before the wheel comes up, so I don’t get any extra points for the battle, but I get credit for the objectives and the…[Read more]

  • @maxxmatt I very much doubt it.  Chances are, once you reach 400,000 points, the last progress bar will be filled and it won’t even keep track of any points beyond that total.  I’m pretty sure no one will get more than one Challenger class per season.  At least it’s accessible as long as you can complete the daily objectives an can be earned re…[Read more]

  • Remaining ways to earn Lucky Coins (without spending actual money):

    – Daily coin from calendar (must be logged in to Facebook). Implemented with current daily calendar rewards.

    – Calendar reward on 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th reward collected during the month (5, 10, 20 and 30 coins, respectively). Implemented with current daily calendar…[Read more]

  • Was it significantly more than 5,500 points?  It is certainly possible to complete all 3 daily objectives at once in a single battle.

  • Load times definitely better, though still a bit laggy and jerky when doing certain things.  Better apparent news is that it seems to actually be saving your progress consistently again – at least I haven’t lost any progress yet when a week ago it had become pretty much hopeless.

    New arena looks neat, though seems we don’t get to have friendly…[Read more]

  • Judging from the comments on the Facebook page, lots of people are losing progress.  Seems like a crapshoot at this point as to whether anything you do will still be there the next time you log in.  Already lost my progress from two sessions today – lost arena points, dojo purchases and GPM spins.

  • I can think of how it might happen, but more details would be needed to tell whether this was happening in your case.  What were the enemy birds?  Was it just one rage attack or did the other two birds do their normal attacks as well?

    I could see how a team with a Wizard with a +damage effect (like the Lightning set) and Sea Dog with the F…[Read more]

  • I had the same problem during the event.  At least three times the game failed to save any of my progress, except for resetting timers for play-a-video bonuses.  For example, in the waning minutes of the event, I played the Golden Pig Castle, after which I got the 5 stamina for playing a video, and had one last event battle.  Then I went into th…[Read more]

  • And Rovio just started a sale so you can buy your missing elite classes, now that the legacy and even more-worthless “All-Star” classes are further diluting the odds of getting our last elite classes through events.  Fortunately, while I still have four elites left to collect, none of them are among my most-used, so I’m saving my lucky coins.

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