• Flinx replied to the topic lost data in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 3 years, 5 months ago

    Yes you’re probably doomed without the account number, unless you had a unique user name. Went through the same thing over a year ago and had to start all over.

    Ill offer you some advice for if you do have to start over though.  #1 as many here will agree, don’t spend any real money on the game. Ever.

    Dont buy any hats, they’ll show up fast e…[Read more]

  • My game crashes after watching an ad to win prizes. Never any other time, never in any other part of the game. I watch an ad for one more spin in ToF and when it’s over nothing happens. The option to pay another 400 gems still worked though. Go figure.

    Talked to customer service and dealt with Caspar, THE most obtuse person I’ve ever had to try…[Read more]

  • Is it sh*t coding or malicious?  If it was just sh*t coding I could forgive it, but I’ve yet to see a glitch work in my favor.  Most every aspect of this game is corrupt beyond reason and it has nothing to do with incompetent code writers.

  • Yes, this game is completely rigged.  Rovio cheats 24/7 without shame.  They give zero f#*&s about any of us, the entire business model is based on screwing people.

  • Flinx replied to the topic I f*****g Give Up in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    I’m close to dumping this cheat ridden piece of &*#@ game too.  I don’t really care about whether or not other players cheat, it’s Rovios blatant scamming that ruins everything.  They always screw you just enough that if you watch an ad you can make a comeback.   Or like the OP said, he takes 5 spells into the arena against a player with his same…[Read more]

  • I’m kinda old school, not very tech savvy and don’t even know how a person CAN cheat this game.  By my count they could’ve achieved those gains with as few as 7 trips to the ToF.  Don’t even get me started on the ToF! I’ve been robbed there many times myself so I certainly realize it would take some coin to do it, but it could easily be done.

    W…[Read more]

  • Any thoughts or guesses on which hat set will be used in the next adventure?  I’ve got enough pearls saved to buy several more hats and most of my hat sets are already filled in the middle so, I’m planning to fill the right side of some them now.  The first few birds are easy to get in ToF so I’ll leave those open and pick them up when the time co…[Read more]

  • Looks to me like that player increased their temporary hat bonus and therefore, no increase to their slingshot.  How is that cheating?

  • I just came out of the tower and ya know what? screw it.  Scratch off lottery tickets have better odds.

    Since I have a ton of gems hoarded away I decided to have a go at it.  Setting my limit at 5,000 gems plus the 60 gem admission fee I ventured inside to get started.  First floor, 14 feathers. Oh yay.  Floor 2 is where the pig lives of cou…[Read more]

  • That has to be a bug. There’s no way they have a Bubbles at 147  when their Red is only at 57.  Actually, I reckon there ARE ways it could happen but I doubt it.

  • I’ve got over 10,000 gems banked up so could well afford to pay the 20 to continue, but when I see a pig on the second floor day after day it sours me on the whole game. Give me a pig on floor 3 just for a change of scenery and maybe then I’ll get up off a few of my shekels and continue.

  • Seems like 9 times out of 10 I get the pig on Floor 2.  I won’t spend 20 gems nor even watch the video for that.  Screw these guys and their dishonest business model.  If they weren’t so blatant with the cheating I’d be a better customer for them because I’d at least watch some ads, generating revenue for Rovio.  As it stands now I feel that w…[Read more]

  • I. Am. Sick. Of. This. BS.   Just went to floor 33 of ToF only to have the game conveniently glitch out when it was time to PAY me.  Besides a good pile of spells and feathers I also got screwed out of 600+ pearls, 350+ gems AND the 170 gems I spent to get there.

    Rovio, if any of you are looking in here this is where you should insert a very l…[Read more]

  • Change that to 9 days in a row now.  Am I having fun yet?

  • For eight days in a row now I’ve gotten the pig on Floor 2. Hardly feels like a random chance game to me.  8 times in a row, always on the second floor?

  • @garethw I’m using the same strategy of not watching any ads.  I don’t spend real money on the game and I’m sure not giving them ad revenue for 50 lousy feathers.  I used to watch every ad available for treasure chests when they had treasure in them, but no more!  I have exactly 250 spells left and when they’re gone, unless they change it back I’…[Read more]

  • I spend about 75% of my AB2 time playing the arena.  If there are no more free spells in the game I’ll show myself to the door when my current supply runs out.  If Rovio wants to look for more money I say let them look for new players while they’re at it!


  • @shaggydog  would have been nice if they had bothered to tell us that huh?  I was having no issues with the duck spell until today when I got pig mail telling me they had “fixed” it.   Now the ducks don’t work at all.  I’d probably lose my job if that was my idea of a “fix”.


  • The arena went to shit at the same time they forced that extra bird on everyone. Prior to that I was able to get first place in Legendary League for something like 12-15 weeks in a row, typically scoring only around 250-400 points for the whole week.  After that the scores started pushing up on 4 digits. I’ve since been kicked down to Diamond an…[Read more]

  • Good luck Joe B!  So far for me at least, level 7 has been so full of Rovios scammy shenanigans that it’s about impossible to get through it.  Pigs that refuse to pop, birds that suddenly don’t work, gravity apparently turned off etc etc.

    ill try to add a pic from my last attempt, how this structure remained standing is beyond me.

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