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  • You’ll need the spooky hat to play, but thankfully it is not a new hat set so most people should have it.

    Runs for 5 days and the usual rewards

    Chest after round 1
    500 feathers after round 3
    2,000 feathers after round 5
    Legendary chest after round 7

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  • AngryBoston

    That’s how hats should be used in the game. Build events around existing hats without introducing new ones each months. Adventure – finished in one attempt, but maybe for those of FP lesser can be still challenging.


    I’ll wait for the double feather event to start maybe…

    Joe B.

    Was on a streak until level 7 to earn the Legendary Chest and fell short of the last room. Will keep trying and don’t think it should be too much trouble to master.

    Always refreshing to play an event with full hats!


    Good luck Joe B!  So far for me at least, level 7 has been so full of Rovios scammy shenanigans that it’s about impossible to get through it.  Pigs that refuse to pop, birds that suddenly don’t work, gravity apparently turned off etc etc.

    ill try to add a pic from my last attempt, how this structure remained standing is beyond me.


    Finally made it through Round 7, and all I got from the chest was 4,000 feathers. All of the other rewards were also 4,000 feathers, or 500 pearls.

    As to beating Level 7, it meant the max number of birds I used per round was 2, except on one room I used a chili to kill a micropig that I hadn’t even attempted to hit yet and he was at the bottom center of the structure on the far right.

    It was dumb luck, but on room 2 the debris launched upward by the fan landed on the far right structure (balloon supported with a chemical pig on it and pig in a bucket) which collapsed and killed both. If at all possible, save Bomb for the final room because he can nuke it by himself. Anyone else except perhaps Matilda (and I think the crap structure in the way makes her useless for the first shot) means you’ll probably need 2 birds.


    7-th room was a headache (five tries, Bomb is a preferable must in the final room) but Red’s 15k feathers from the chest was a good reward. Rovio thank you for that event!


    Breezed the first six – not even close on two or three tries for the 7th – so much crap, indestructible pigs etc.

    Not that bothered tbh.


    Oh yes and Terrance has turned into mush – won’t even go through one wooden structure.


    Cannot get through the last level 🤕

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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