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  • My angry birds 2 just dropped out. No trace. I had star level 78 and now there is nothing. I reloaded it and I am now in a tutorial with a zero level . I do not do facebook. There was a number associated with my account, but it did not copy it down.

    am I doomed.

    [email protected]

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  • Flinx

    Yes you’re probably doomed without the account number, unless you had a unique user name. Went through the same thing over a year ago and had to start all over.

    Ill offer you some advice for if you do have to start over though.  #1 as many here will agree, don’t spend any real money on the game. Ever.

    Dont buy any hats, they’ll show up fast enough just opening treasure chests and playing the ToF. Instead, save every single black pearl you get while you fill in the lower value hats for free, then you’ll have a big hoard to use on Exotic and Legendary hats.

    I see you were at FP 78 and have obviously played quite a lot so I’m not trying to treat you like a noob, just sharing my experience with you.  When I started over I saved everything I got and watched every video to get another one for the first few months. It didn’t take long at all to get my FP number back to where it was, but this time I have an insane hoard of gems, pearls, spells and arena tickets to go with it.  The game is much more fun when you have a robust savings account of loot and don’t have to think twice about what you spend.   Just like real life :^)

    12th Kitty

    If you saved your progress to the cloud they might be able to help you, but I think you are still got to know your id number. Or you might try sending a ticket to Rovno but they’ll probably ask you the same stuff I’d number, your screen name etc.

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