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  • So to start in the arena, opponents Bubbles power is 147 and my Bubbles is 141.  When we start the arena fight, his Bubbles power goes to 441 but my Bubbles power stays the same at 141.


    Why is he getting a 9x power boost right now??During arena

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  • Flinx

    That has to be a bug. There’s no way they have a Bubbles at 147  when their Red is only at 57.  Actually, I reckon there ARE ways it could happen but I doubt it.


    Yeah, I’ve come across this often. I pay VERY close attention to just about every aspect of this game because I don’t trust exactly trust Rovio. Had a 3 ME third (?) Daily streak reward switch to 3 GD before and much, much more that I won’t get into here since saying that was just to provide a small backstory and reason as to why I am sure in my analysis. But yeah, I have experienced this enough to be quite confident that it only adds a tripled extra bird score at most, might even simply be a normal score. I know it will always give the tripled in the pre-match screen where you can gemorrhage for new opponents. I would go with the assumption that it’s tripled, maybe I can do some further research but it might not get done before this one ends. And Bubbles is by far my favorite so unless it’s him or Stella, I’m not going into Arena with a tripled bird. I wish that they’d show us our opponent’s base score without it helping to cramp up screen space. And work this out so we don’t get freaked, it made me fearful of losing big in Arena first time I noticed the discrepancy.


    Here is the pre fight pic showing his original power at 147Pre


    I know the frenzy thing is over at the time of writing but I had the same problem. I paired with an account with the same Bubble power, 114 after multiplication. Flock Power roughly similar, but then in the game my opponent’s Bubble gained another 129, making it 243. Which is weird and impossible. Because 243 : 3 = 81, and it’s kinda seem impossible to have bonus card power higher than the mains, which at the time was around 30-40. I won that particular round, but I didn’t see how my opponent’s points went up as it used Bubble.

    In the past however, in this same frenzy x3 thing, when mine and the opponent’s FP were lower, the opponent’s bonus card was also at 243. Rovio get your math check.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Opponents bird power changes

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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