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  • Bye Rovio with your rancid cheat and bug ridden game.


    After 3 years I’ve deleted it – and do you know what I FEEL CLEAN.


    Level 118 23900 gems- all gone. GOOD!

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  • garethw

    Bad bad cheat ridden game.

    Pity because the graphics and gameplay (when not slugged or in cheat mode) are very nice.


    Bye bye Rovio – you take 5 spells on the first level of the arena against someone with less FP and you still get smoked.


    Whst are you fcukin smokin or drinking up on Finland – soon you will have no one left apart from the cheaters.


    Well, bye.




    Everything op said is 100% true.  The game is over run with cheaters and bugs that never get fixed.  Rovio doesn’t give a shit.

    Don’t spend a penny on this goddamn game and all your problems will be solved.


    Starting to wonder the same thing..

    Now I am seeing blatant commercials (ads) pop up after I finish a map in the main area..

    Ive had birds do little or no damage when on other maps they would obliterate blocks or stones.. they just bounce off wasting the bird.

    Too many king pig levels with no exits for the king pig, you have to beat them to death, and even the exploding bird does little damage with a direct hit.

    yep, looking more and more like its time to uninstall and find something else…



    I’m close to dumping this cheat ridden piece of &*#@ game too.  I don’t really care about whether or not other players cheat, it’s Rovios blatant scamming that ruins everything.  They always screw you just enough that if you watch an ad you can make a comeback.   Or like the OP said, he takes 5 spells into the arena against a player with his same FP and gets smoked because he’s been set up with throttled down birds. How is that fun for anyone?

    i firmly believe that Rovio would make a LOT more money if they themselves stopped cheating us players.  I’m not opposed to spending real world money for entertainment, but I feel that if I spent one single dollar on this game in its current state I’d only be rewarding their despicable behaviour and for that, I would feel dirty.  I won’t give a junkie dope money so why would I give a thief a reward?



    The number 1 key to enjoying this shit game, developed and maintained by imbeciles in Finland, is to never under any circumstances spend real money!

    The 2nd key is to join a clan that requires daily participation and consistently finishes clan events.  This along with the free gems you get from the daily quest will give you all the gems you need to play for free indefinitely.  If your clan never finishes clan events, your clan sucks and you need to leave. 

    the 3rd key is hoarding your gems like your life depends on it.  Never ever spend gems on extra turns in mebc, arena, dc/kpp.  You are going to get screwed the majority of times you spend gems in these situations.


    100% agree with the sentiment here. It’s incredible how much this game has negatively changed in the past 12 months.

    An unregulated gaming market means they can do whatever they want with relative impunity, and they do. Google and Apple get a cut of the action, so they won’t do anything to stop Rovio’s blatant and bullish unethical behaviour, unless a world of pressure came down on them.

    Doom Baby

    Pigs hidden behind obstacles, pigs too far away to reach, pigs scattered across the screen, pigs buried beneath layers and layers of structure – this game has gone from fun to downright frustrating.

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