• well with the latest win 10 servers being down, and I lost all my data, and they insist we log into face book to recover it (I do not nor will NOT get a face book account), I have decided to uninstall the game.

    Rovio just doesn’t care about the players anymore, and are just in it to get people to buy Gems.

  • Oh well, maybe they will just keep it closed.. might be better in the long run seeing how they haven’t done a proper update in quite a while.


  • Been nearly 24 hours, been trying to get to the Clan menus. Keep getting the “down  for maintenance message.

    Anyone else using win 10 experiencing this?

  • Looking for new WIN10 clan.
    300FP minimum,

    5days out, you are out. No one in clan who has not played in 6+ days (thats 2 clan battles).

    Must do clan battles. Wins legendary chests.

    I am finding to many clans are letting people park and its costing them. Was just in a clan for 3 days to do a battle.. we won it because the other team only had 2…[Read more]

  • Will, yeah, thats why win 10 players are leaving.. I think I too will be leaving it soon.
    Im back to playing boom beach on my lame tablet. Thinking of getting a newer one, but can’t cover the cost right now.. then I might return.. I probably will be done playing AB2 by months end.  No use continuing a game on a platform that they have abandoned,…[Read more]

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  • hey Folks.. Please ALSO post what Platform you are running.

    Win 10 people cannot join clans that are on Mobile platforms such as Android, or Mac, or whatever systems.

    It might help them find your clan easier. And this explains why some of you cannot be found by new players.


  • well yesterday I quit the old clan, and then in the afternoon, some guy blew a tire on his truck, swerved into me and totalled my car. Now i’m headed off to hospital for a few days, as I found out I have several small fractures in my leg and they want to fix it and get it stabilized. So will be there sooner or later..  The fact I am still walking…[Read more]

  • Well Joel, I am a FORMER clan leader, who just quit it after a year. Tired of non players costing us wins.. Looking for a new clan, but my FP is only 715.

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  • Hey Killer, if our players tell us they are “going off line”due to computer problems or Hurricanes, or whatever” we give them time and allow them to miss a few CVC battles.

    What we do not tolerate is people who log in during a battle and don’t even try to do it. And that happened many times.  We also have people who talk a lot of smack in chat…[Read more]

  • Well, We made a few changes before I checked email and saw your message.

    We used to be a “do the clan battle or your gone” clan. Still are for the most part. Down to 20 people. We got tired of non players coming in and loading us up which put us 2 leagues up, and then not doing the battle, causing us to lose it.

    We try to stay in Ameneth (or…[Read more]

  • Update to our recruitment drive.

    Can’t get any real players anymore.. Even says when you join that you must do the CVC Battle to stay in the clan. People check in every 4 days or so and do the battle at the last minute, causing us to loose because they don’t even try. They get kicked out.

    Oh well. We give up trying to recruit.

    And tired of the…[Read more]

  • Hey Wil-D, do you work for Rovio? Sounds like it.

    Yeah I uninstalled the android version. It would not work correctly. The game is Gem hungry, they are always trying to get you to buy gems or that 30 day letter.. It is pay to play, from day 1.  Never had a chance really. Even after 14 days.

    Like you said, time to move on and join the thousands…[Read more]

  • Same issue here.  I had to change the clan info to make it clear they had to do the clan battle to stay in the clan, but we still get a few who either log in and won’t do it, or just stop logging in. After 5 days we kick them or at the end of a battle, those who did not do it get kicked.

    We have 2 long time players reporting serious problems…[Read more]

  • Well for the 3rd time in a row, Rovio has matched up our Win 10 clan with a clan in a higher league than we are in.  And once again we are getting our tails kicked. Not going to even bother with this one either if it keeps up.. we are at 1334 FP they are at 16289 FP and in Amnesth league.

  • Well Heres the list of issues for my Android version.

    15 days playing now.

    Only shows me the “buy a 30 day letter” on the daily quests.

    Watch a video – No video’s available.

    Play golden eagle boot camp. Get thru to room 5, that is 8 rooms. Its not giving me the golden coins.. still at zero. On my win game i get 20 for finishing 8 rooms.

    I…[Read more]

  • I need a better android?  Galaxy Tab A 10 inch screen.. 128G..

    mmm.. 14 days playing.. still no video, still wants me to get a 30 day letter, cannot finish daily tasks while that is happening. I am NOT buying gems for this version of the game. I will watch ads, but they are not working.. how long does it take? I uninstalled and reinstalled, and…[Read more]

  • There has been still no update for the W10 app “Angry Birds 2” for 7 months.


    Which is why I started the thread “Has Rovio abandoned AB2”?


  • The big problem here is there are severe issues in both versions of AB2.
    I got clan people who are losing their game due to Win 10 issues..
    I can’t even get a complete game in on the Android version. After 14 days I have all but given up on it.  I mean why bother trying to increase flock, when you can’t even finish the daily quests?

    I have been…[Read more]

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