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  • went to do challenge, got this.. used up all my gems trying to get challenger that was close to my own level.

    Really, 6 out of 7 birds level 60 or higher against my 57’s.. they would win by shear number multipliers. No way to win this battle.. either way, I lose..

    This is reason 3 I am considering walking away from this game.

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  • Dearg mor

    Didnt you already post this on the Arena topic?


    That’s just how the game works: The higher you are on your winning streak, the better opponents you get. And honestly, this one is a piece of cake with not even 10% more FP. Take two or three spells with you and if you don’t do something very stupid, it’s a win. On streak 7-10 it’s not uncommon to face opponents with 50% more flock power than you have and sometimes even 4-5 spells added to that.

    Doom Baby

    Hard-reset your phone instead of spending gems for a new challenger. It registers as a non-play. Also, by the time you get to level 4, you’re gonna need to be using spells to guarantee a win.

    Another tip for the arena – NEVER take a 3x extra bird into the arena with you. As much as you might want to with the idea that it’s going to help you, Rovio will give the challenger a 3x3x extra bird. Yes, a triple-triple bird. The arena is one of many areas Rovio cheats you from your gems and money.

    And one final tip – NEVER SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME.


    yeah but im on PC not phone..


    Doom Baby

    Pull the plug


    Yes, this game is completely rigged.  Rovio cheats 24/7 without shame.  They give zero f#*&s about any of us, the entire business model is based on screwing people.

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