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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,477,270: Ranked 7 out of 526 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,810,000: Congratulations! You're over by 667,270!
Level 7-137,21080-54036,664+546n/a
Level 7-252,53091-1,66051,716+814n/a
Level 7-355,1207-53052,521+2,599n/a
Level 7-490,7504-23086,942+3,808n/a
Level 7-580,50061-13,67074,221+6,279n/a
Level 7-647,20026-1,48033,879+13,321n/a
Level 7-7118,4604-440106,021+12,439n/a
Level 7-8119,65071-4,010118,010+1,640n/a
Level 7-990,0701 Top Score!72,271+17,799n/a
Level 7-1085,75026-6,41075,422+10,328n/a
Level 7-1195,3702-8081,187+14,183n/a
Level 7-12126,2208-2,650112,780+13,440n/a
Level 7-13103,14024-2,67096,863+6,277n/a
Level 7-1479,57030-1,48072,939+6,631n/a
Level 7-15186,9902-740167,916+19,074n/a
Level 7-16106,03039-10,72098,528+7,502n/a
Level 7-1778,4609-2,52066,170+12,290n/a
Level 7-18190,96015-10,150174,739+16,221n/a
Level 7-19102,5803-32083,203+19,377n/a
Level 7-20140,15024-3,160134,436+5,714n/a
Level 7-21153,45014-5,150137,100+16,350n/a
Level 7-22103,87016-3,20090,471+13,399n/a
Level 7-23143,7402-380128,971+14,769n/a
Level 7-2487,77016-3,16080,009+7,761n/a
Level 7-25134,40041-5,590127,406+6,994n/a
Level 7-26160,07015-2,980155,035+5,035n/a
Level 7-2787,6605-91077,936+9,724n/a
Level 7-28182,7005-4,070169,886+12,814n/a
Level 7-29131,0109-3,100118,140+12,870n/a
Level 7-3048,46015-4,29041,235+7,225n/a
S-17 Bonus79,3707-3,73064,520+14,850n/a
S-18 Bonus103,3208-3,37078,150+25,170n/a
S-19 Bonus74,74081-29,01066,226+8,514n/a