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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,567,970: Ranked 1 out of 376 w/ 22 scores entered
Level 8-178,2902-56071,570+6,720n/a
Level 8-287,1708-1,68082,919+4,251n/a
Level 8-387,69011-1,92079,717+7,973n/a
Level 8-478,2905-60072,860+5,430n/a
Level 8-565,3407-2,79059,040+6,300n/a
Level 8-692,5004-92078,853+13,647n/a
Level 8-7116,64010-1,820109,672+6,968n/a
Level 8-891,9406-3,69080,754+11,186n/a
Level 8-976,5304-4,10063,194+13,336n/a
Level 8-10134,3705-3,460118,349+16,021n/a
Level 8-1182,6203-89067,112+15,508n/a
Level 8-12106,4005-4,07091,991+14,409n/a
Level 8-13103,9105-1,67087,472+16,438n/a
Level 8-14105,12010-4,47088,839+16,281n/a
Level 8-15116,8804-1,000111,018+5,862n/a
Level 8-16102,0506-2,83092,744+9,306n/a
Level 8-17138,9503-980123,770+15,180n/a
Level 8-18142,28012-3,100124,616+17,664n/a
Level 8-19148,7706-4,310128,070+20,700n/a
Level 8-20237,3802-3,880200,606+36,774n/a
S-20 Bonus135,6002-160126,267+9,333n/a
S-21 Bonus239,2503-2,720217,785+21,465n/a