• @maxxmatt thanks for reassuring me that it wasn’t just my phone and game.  and thanks for the type on the two classes that can be autoplayed, I’ll have to try them.

    What castle are you playing to boost mastery?  Thanks in advance!

  • @suzyq

    Thanks for checking on me Suzy.  I was feeling jealous when I heard that your game was quickly (pun intended) fixed.  My has not changed.  I’m at about a solid minute for load time of world map.  The opening music usually dies out and then the map finishes loading.  On the positive side, it give me a chance to go get a drink or snac…[Read more]

  • Also, I’ve noticed that auto play doesn’t work for me anymore.  Get’s stuck on mouthpool after a few waves.  Cannoneer and wizard.  Anybody else notice this new update perk?

  • @dahnlor Bingo!  The load time for the map is insanely long!  And purchases at the dojo, also super slow, as if the Rovio system is bogged down by too many players…?

    I contacted support and they sent:

    “Please accept our sincere apologies for this issue. We have tweaked the game progress on your account ________ and the loading times should d…[Read more]

  • @poptimus

    I know this is probably mentioned somewhere else, but since we’re on the subject, could you please tell me how to get/receive a Mythic Emblem?  I’m assuming those are the ones with the simmering finish to them.  Opposed to all the normal non-mythic ones I have.  Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, new update has been less than an update.  A few things that I’ve noticed it’s brought with it.

    -Before a battle you used to be able to check your birds mastery points by holding on their level number.  You can no longer do that.

    -The auto play still freezes.

    -Between levels on the map it takes 20-30 seconds for my phone to load.  I know it…[Read more]

  • “An ever-repeating chest reward in the Maelstrom battle stage is off the wheel.”

    That right there^ killed the game for me.  The elite mode dungeon=malestorm and wiz pig glitch was the best and only thing this game had going for it.  Malestorm=farming lc.  Wiz pig=farming snoutlings.  Now it’s gone…  Well, that makes uninstalling Epic an easy…[Read more]

  • Here’s Rovio’s official post:

    Patch Notes 2.1.2
    What’s new in Angry Birds Epic 2.1.2
    It’s almost been 3 years now, since our epic adventure began and we still enjoy turning over every stone on Piggy Island to improve the game that you love and keep supporting for such a long time. So here’s to the most…[Read more]

  • @budstheawes do you mean mastery or Experience level?  Also, which cave is number 21?  Is that 9-5?  Thanks!

  • Worried about how hard this elite thing will be…

    In other news… I just saved up enough lc to try for an ancient. Morbid curiosity. I got Chuck’s Ancient Lightning Tome. I have the Living lightning level 82 to go with it, yeah!!! So here is my question: Ancient items are already at Enchanted level 5. Do they max out at level 10? Or do…[Read more]

  • I know I’ll be banned for this radical comment, but I’d take gaurdian over both. Sorry, i know right? Guardian’s protect covers all 3 birds, by 25% for 3 turns. His hit lowers the attackers damage by 25%. So you hit the biggest guy, now you’re cover by 50% damage. And it last for 3 turns!

    All that being said, I leave red out of the majority…[Read more]

  • Ninja pigs are tough, have some success with:

    I may bring red with, samauri or guardian for their shield and then direct all attackers too them with rouge. We’ll see.

    I did have a few birds who had negative mastery. The bar was filled but read a negative number. So when I used them in cave 9-5…[Read more]

  • Too late… :(

  • My arena crashes all the time. Playing on a samsung phone. After every battle, shuts down. If I go to the ranking screen, same thing. I am not aware of a fix…???

  • Thank you @bubbley One more question, if I could. I usually avoid the arena and only play when they offer shards for rewards. As you move up through the divisions: wood, stone, etc, diamond…??? I’m assuming the shards offered in the reward wheel also increase. Is that correct? What are the rewards for the league you are currently in?…[Read more]

  • Hey, maybe not the right spot for this post. But when do the arena leagues reset? And Season 11 starts? Also, when it starts, does everyone get bumped back down to wood level? Thanks!

  • I had a free roll in the normal (set item) area from a friends bird camp. It worked fine. But when I went to the arena i had some troubles (last night and this morning.) When it shows that I have a free roll in the arena it won’t let me access my friends gpm. Nor can I visit friends birds and camps. Anyone else having this problem?

  • hhmmmm…. What does this mean? You want that mastery for more bombtastic bird-power! Loot it, now available from various world map chests.

    And what is this? I usually stay away from the arena. “Claim your rewards for completed daily objectives in the arena, it’s back and working.” I only play when they offer the 5 shards for completing the d…[Read more]

  • “I am still shaking my head about the suggestion of Rain Bird, however…”

    Interesting, take on it. He suited me VERY well in the ninja campaign we just finished. I use him on most of the dungeons.

    I may be biased as his set item is enchanted the most and his mastery is the highest of all my birds. And so it goes…

  • Is it me or has the dojo been running out of snoutling offers REALLY QUICKLY! I used to be able to buy 6-15 offers (15ish only once per day.) Now it seems 3-5 is normal. Is this another one of Rovios 2.0 game nerfs that limits our progression?

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