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  • New update…

    Why do we all just expect the worse from these? Must be the track record…

    Angry Birds Epic
    Patch Notes 2.1.3
    What’s new in Angry Birds Epic 2.1.3
    No time to hang out in a hammock on South Beach of Piggy Island! We’ve been staying on the race track to a brand new patch – bringing you the Summer Sports Tournament to see your bird team sweat in the stadium and also these refreshing updates:
    New epic stuff

    Return to the Epic Sports Tournament: the winners take it all – premium classes or upgrades in an athletic mini-campaign
    Choose your chest: our epic artists have come up with a new reward chest design let’s you easily distinguish your loot
    Classy kudos for arena champs: get the brand-new trophies and frames as arena season reward
    Tap once, claim all: so many of you asked for this one, we’re happy to finally make accepting gifts easier with the “claim all” button in your mailbox
    Shoppers paradise: Piggy McCool’s shop got a decent update and new one-time offers. Get them while supplies last!
    Balancing bonanza

    Don’t fear the World Boss, feel safer with optimized battle balancing
    No need to go pound sand: we replaced sand with vials on all reward wheels – so you don’t have to craft vials anymore
    Scrap for good: if you scrap emblems you’ll now get more resources from it
    Bombtastic bug fixes

    The issue with the ad banner jamming the Daily Login Calendar is no longer in the diary
    An ever-repeating chest reward in the Maelstrom battle stage is off the wheel
    Snoutlings rewards in the Golden Castle preparation screen are displayed correctly
    Several UI z-sorting and effect glitches fixed
    And finally faster is better with some minor performance improvements
    Famous last words

    The party is over: we’ve replaced the anniversary icon with the original one.
    Don’t let other, yet undiscovered bugs get away! Report them here:

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  • Pointless

    Seems like a bug-free update (I did have to reinstall to overcome the Loading Balancing hangup…again). You should all be safe to install. Minor tweaks, really. I guess it’s the introduction of the new Arena trophies that really drove this update.

    Coach MP

    “An ever-repeating chest reward in the Maelstrom battle stage is off the wheel.”

    That right there^ killed the game for me.  The elite mode dungeon=malestorm and wiz pig glitch was the best and only thing this game had going for it.  Malestorm=farming lc.  Wiz pig=farming snoutlings.  Now it’s gone…  Well, that makes uninstalling Epic an easy decision for me.  Thanks for all the help with my random questions!


    So basically the sports tournament is a way of Rovio, as always, to repeat events as they have no solid creativity in changing up the design of how the campaign flows. Nice.


    I installed and now the whole thing is loading and balancing forever. So I guess I will be quitting the game today rather than tomorrow. Pity I would have lifted my last Diamond trophy.


    I had the same issue when the game started but it’s working now here.


    U have to make few restarts to run the game.


    My game is not loading since the update. What the hell man!😡


    Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me.

    it really is a sad day. So long, old friend


    Rovio did admit since 2.1.0 I believe that you need to re-install the game to fix it. Only do so if you have a Rovio Account.



    after the patch downloaded, I had the some problem w the balancing loading. It wouldn’t ever finish loading. It finally worked when I closed everything and reset my iPad. No problems. Ya can’t leave us…….

    In the US,  “lifting” is slang for stealing……….. ha What about you?


    I had the balancing loading issue as well so I had to delete the game and re-download it.  Now I can’t get it to sign into Facebook. It keeps saying Login failed. I’m using an iPhone 6.  I can only sign into Facebook using Bluestacks.


    Today the game forced a hard update on me, after which it stuck on “Loading balancing” message. Several reloads, cleaning the cache, and full reinstall from Google Play did not make any change. The version in Google Play shows 2.1.26322.4307. (Shouldn’t it be 2.1.3-something?)



    I get my updates from Amazon and also got the 2.1.2 version like you. I uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times as I was also stuck on loading. The second time it worked and got version 2.1.4

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