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  • Anyone else is experiencing that?
    at any time while doing an arena battle, angry birds epic just closes down and crashes, so I lose a battle, yesterday I lost 3 battles like that, one after the other, so 3 losses, today i won 2 battles and on the 3rd one it crashed, so I am unable to complete any objective because this game keeps crashing, it didn’t happen to me before , just out of nowhere it started to crash

    I don’t want to pay 20 lucky coins just to lose them to continuos crashes again

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  • Leung Wai Hoong

    Do not open the ranking screen (including the event types). I have 9 out of 10 crashes within a minute after opening it (usually in other screens especially battles). When i refrain from opening the ranking screen, I experience almost no crashes at all. if you really want to check the ranking, go to the screen, forcibly close the game and restart the game, before attempting another battle.

    That’s my experience, not sure whether it is applicable to yours or not, good luck!

    i got 2 crashes today so i had to pay 20 lucky coins to finish my quests, i will stop playing on iPad since that’s where it is crashing, on Android it seems to be fine , it never happened to me before until yesterday maybe if I re-install it may work better

    Coach MP

    My arena crashes all the time. Playing on a samsung phone. After every battle, shuts down. If I go to the ranking screen, same thing. I am not aware of a fix…???


    @coachmp that happen to me as well

    on nexus 6 now and it crashed again, it is getting really hard to complete the missions


    I have found that the wireless link with various sources influences the amount of crashing. I get more crashes on my Netgear modem with Cox than I do with just straight Verizon 4G or certain clients routers when I am in their offices. Have tried channel changing and other adjustments on the Cox home router, but still have problems – especially with AB2. BTW, just established a FB account for gaming under Jay Winkerman if you are interested in networking for FE’s, GPM rolls, and such. Just include AB Nest in the friendship request…


    Hey. I have solution for you. You must logout from Facebook account when you playing arena battels.

    Martin Hart

    it happened to me a few times after just winning a battle. thankfully after the restart they still counted the win and any progress i had made on the task board

    well i uninstalled it and did a new install, so far i had a lot less crashes after it, now i can play mostly ok, but still many bugs with advertisement with black screens and things like that


    I’ve had the same problem with crashes. I lose the spin after a win but I get the credit for the objectives. However, it did crash on me during a battle so I lost. Now the arena has been under construction since the league ended on Sunday so I can’t play.

    Winning Guy

    I’ve actually had this problem for quite a while. It stopped for a few weeks, but then returned recently. I also believe I can 100% predict when it will happen and when it won’t on my device. Maybe it will be the same for some of you.

    If you WIN the arena battle, it will crash. Sometimes it will happen before you even spin, but most of the time it will happen back in the lobby screen. DO NOT immediately start a new battle because it will count as a loss because it will crash before you can even start it. In the lobby screen, watch the animations. Within a few seconds of getting to that screen you’ll see the animations stop. Then within 3 seconds after that it will crash.

    If you LOSE, it will not crash.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Arena crashes randomly since yesterday

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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