Squawk! Please, DO NOT enter scores using Power-Ups. Also, scores from modified LUA (PC) versions of any AB games will not be allowed in this leaderboard.

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burbman says:

@amslimfordy – the lowest score reported on 3-10 is not valid, there are seven pigs on the level, even if one could just pop the pigs, without any collateral damage, the minimum score on the level would be 35,000.

Thanks, I can clear it. But no need to go looking for these sorts of occurrences.

burbman says:

No problem, It just caught my eye.

Smoney says:

I completed Fry Me to the Moon and Utopia stages (with moderate 800K scores), yet on the AB leaderboard the scores do not show up (either through AB Space or Gamecenter). It just says not ranked for these levels. Is this a bug (I have an iPhone 4) or something I didn’t do? Thanks!

Please update the most recent version (v1.2.1, just released today). You may need to set a new top score to update your GameCenter rankings.

aleksch says:

My scores in Fry and Utopia did not show up in the Gamecenter too, but as soon as I got new highscore in one of the Fry levels they appeared in both episodes.

Joey says:

You just need to get a higher score in one of the two FMTTM or Utopia and they will both appear in Game Center

killerboye says:

I love this website :) I don’t have the legit version of it, but I don’t lie about my scores.

Sorry, but if you don’t have a legitimate version of the app, you can’t compete on our leaderboards.

killerboye says:

How can you guys check that I have the game or not?

HANI says:

@amslimfordy i think the score of david in 4-1 are out of sense,,

Or the fact that all scores were 55,555?

annach says:

@amslimfordy – there is a new user by the name epicfree who entered unrealistic/suspicious scores in the leaderboard today. You may want to check him out.

sal9 says:

He definitely has a lot of top scores. Nice catch

epicfree says:

and yeah sorry but seriously i kinda put some wrong score in that place due to hurry and can you fix it i guess i put 47 score wrong

epicfree says:

dude why are you make me look like a cheater seriously man i spent 2 month of trying to get perfect score on angry bird space even by sacrificing my grade i got D- :( and btw the utopia was not me my friend play it and hack it a bit (not the highscore but the bird he hack the bird)

sal9 says:

Actually you just did that by yourself epic!
Hacks wether small or big won’t be tolerated here at ABN.
I suggest you remove your scores from the leader board for the sake of fairness.

epicfree says:

ok then but seriously pig pang 1-1 is not hacking

epicfree says:

well i will remove it but pigbang 1-1 is not a cheating

Kartflyer says:

So you’re saying, that all of your scores were entered wrong by a few points (making it appear that you don’t have a top score but you got something a little lower), and PB 1-1 is a real score? The quickest way to prove this, a screenshot, for all episode totals.

You have said you used a hack. Using a hack at all negates every score you entered.

jlz-666 says:

Would people please stop posting scores lol!!! I step away to play piglantis & I’ve been thrown out’ve top 100 in space:( gonna have to come back here sooner than I wanted! Here I go again!

nascarboy says:

Might want to check Fry me to the Moon 3-7.

Rtipex says:

Hi nascarboy,

I’ve realley got this score on level 7. After days of playing this level there was an explosion in the center planet wich made the entire framework to move towards the outside. Wenn it came down again al but one brick was gone. I’m not even shure if I fired a bird. Its been a while sind i’ve got the score.

Are you saying you had a 1-bird explosion, or a 0=bird explosion? I would love to see a screenshot of your score, because a 2-bird finish does not even come close to your score. Just very curious. Thank you.

NinjaLynda says:

What does the asterisk (*) mean after some scores?

Are you talking about the * that appears beside the 3 star score?

An asterisk after a 3-star minimum score means that the listed score will indeed yield 3 stars, but lower scores could yield 3 stars as well. Basically, these are the lowest reported scores, though not necessarily confirmed to be the absolute minimum.

davidgoh says:

I’ve just entered my scores for ABSp here and verified that in “Game Center” (for iOS platform), the scores for the Space Egg levels (S-1 to S-10) are added twice to the “Total Score”.

That’s why the “Total Score” shown here does not tally with the “Game Center”. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this before.

To make the “Total Score” here tally with “Game Center”, you would have to add the scores for the Space Egg levels twice.

GypsyBird says:

Good Catch @davidgoh! I have noticed that for a while and been trying to figure out why the total score is so much higher than the combined total if done manually per each and what shows on ABN when we have all scores entered. I wonder if anyone has brought this to the attention of Rovio or Apple? (does Apple own the Game Center???).

davidgoh says:

I think this is either a bug made by Rovio or they purposely want to count the scores for the Space Egg levels (S-1 to S-10, etc.) twice in “Total Score”. It’s most probably a bug.

AustinRHL says:

Wow, reaching Score Addict in Utopia was like pulling teeth. I had to chip away with a couple thousand points at a time, and even so, I was still stuck for a while about 2k below the threshold without any clue as to where to find those points! Eventually lightning struck and I lucked into a top-ten score on 4-11 to put me over the edge, but until that happened, I had considered giving up. I salute those who have 3.5M or higher… that requires seriously impressive shooting.

I’m on Android, so I don’t have GameCenter, but how many points is score addict for the other chapters?

All Score Addict achievement values are listed both in the leaderboard and on the achievements page.

sparty83 says:

Congrats to @goavs4 for reaching 1 million points (said in my best Dr. Evil voice)! I haven’t posted my scores yet for the 3 new rover eggs because I saw how close I was to 1 million also.

goavs4 says:

Thanks @sparty83, I saw I was close as well and spent a bit more time on the Rover levels since I could clearly see they would push me over the mark, plus they are fun levels with lots of potential for extra destruction!

sparty83 says:

I haven’t had as much free time lately so I haven’t played them as much as usual. I’m currently at 995k, but there are a couple of the rover levels that I see I can improve on. Hoping to reach the million mark soon.

sparty83 says:

Congrats @jaberou for reaching 1 million points (said in my best Dr. Evil voice) in Space eggsteroids!

jaberou says:

lol..Thanks you’ll be there shortly..

Wierd alert! Isn’t eggsteroid 2 score a little high? There’s pretty much no way to get more than 16k. Maybe they added the total score of the level.

The clouds are impossible to hit and 3-star the level.

If you look at the level leaderboard, there are loads of people at 19k.

burbman says:

I think you need to get the tomato(3k) and the pig with the same bird to get these scores.

karen68 says:

@amslimfordy, tahu333 has taken over the Space leaderboards with obviously fake score. Thanks.

WereWolf69 says:

I’m almost done posting all my Space scores, just Cold Cuts & Danger Zone are left, I think I’ll try to raise some of those scores before posting them. Back when Space came out I only knew that it felt good to 3 star them, but I had no idea that I could get even higher then. Now I know.

WereWolf69 says:

Salami and Bologna Sandwich, anyone? I’m done with Cold Cuts, managed to raise a few scores, but nothing spectacular though, just #49 in 2-28 and everything else just above average and a few below. On to Danger Zone now, let’s see what I can do there.

WereWolf69 says:

It’s now safe to go through the Danger Zone, again no great scores, but above average in about 90% of the level. My dear friends and other players, if it seems as if I’m talking to myself, don’t worry it’s not contagious.

Kathy says:

No worries @WereWolf69 ;) you know what “they “” say..;)

bambenio says:

mazda needs help with numbers

Haha, no problem. I’ll take care of this lickity split.

karen68 says:

Wow no kidding. It helps if you specify @amslimfordy, then this kind of stuff gets taken care of quickly.

karen68 says:

Of course he’s here already….

PdB says:

@amslimfordy – the top scores for RP 1 and 2 are off the map.

PdB says:

Add S-12 bonus to that. Maybe anything from that player…

I’ll take a look. Thanks.

Snoid says:

Slim (@amslimfordy): So is Danger Zone still not available for Mac users? (And is there any word on when those ABS Facebook games will be?)

I plan on asking again about these two items. I’d like to wait until a bug fix arrives for Seasons though. That’s desperately needed.

Abhijit says:

can anyone tell me what is the score which we have to attain for utopia score addict.(I am a PC user)

iamMighty says:

3.450.000 is the minimum score required to get SA on Utopia.

xebic88 says:

@slimfordy hi slim ,just got an update for space ,is this expected ,or out of the blue?..its for the Red planet 10 blazing levels,and a bunch of other things..just thought i would mention it ,have a good 1

xebic88 says:

Sorry @amslimfordy might work better

sparty83 says:

@xebic88, I saw a notification on Facebook, checked google play and was suprised that it is also available for Android. (sorry, not sure what platform you’re on)

Pretty expected. Working on a post.

sparty83 says:

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but Rovio posted this about an hour ago on Facebook.

More levels for Angry Birds Space! Have fun: http://rov.io/updatespace :)

xebic88 says:

@sparty83 ,Im on an ipad ,so hopefully most platforms will get it,looks like a few comments are mentioning it now ,so i will catch u in Space :)

trogon says:

I am not able to enter any scores. I would appreciate if anyone could help me figure out if the problem is on my end or at ABN.

MVNLA2 says:

@trogon — Best to ask @AMSlimfordy for help. How far do you get into process before you hit a roadblock?
BTW — I like your avatar — Did you take pic? What kind of bird is it?

trogon says:

Thanks for letting me know where to go for help. My avatar is a type “Trogon”, which is a species of birds from South America with a number of different looking members. When I signed up to ABN and went looking for an avatar I googled “exotic birds of south america” and found them. I understand they were worshipped by the Incas or Aztecs (can’t remember which). Mine looked cool…so now you know the rest of the story. Thanks again. You made an other wise crappy day a little better. Regards.

Kathy says:

@trogon very nice avatar..is it an actual picture of bird itself or downloaded from a website?
Very nice either way:)

Kathy says:

Eger mind I misread your answer to mvnla2 ;)oh n

trogon says:

It is a real bird from the South American bird species”Trogon”. I downloaded the pic. from the website where I learned about them when I was trying to find an avitar. Thank you for your compliment. As I told another today, who also made coment on my avatar, you too have helped to make a crappy day better. Your good Karma will follow you. Regards, no regrets.

Kathy says:

9@trogon that’s what makes this site awesome ..we are all here as a community to lift each other up and help where help is needed, srry your having a crappy day. Someday if you feel up to -it check out the forum and look for The Bloated Pig..sounds funny but its a little place a couple of us created for the sloe reason of chatting about weariness or happiness ..and just general freindship..;) ask for me or rdnzlrips82 ..;) be sure to use the @feature and we will. See you;) hope tommorrow is a better day for you;)

You have over a thousand scores entered.

trogon says:

This started today when I went to enter my score for the daily challenge pig bang 1-18. When I tried to enter my score (which by the way 85440) and tapped to enter score….nothing. It was like view only. I was logged on. I have tried Angry Birds, Rio, Seasons..same thing happens..view only. This all started today when I tapped on “Community” and no drop down menu appeared. I was able to get there thru different route. When I tried to enter my score nothing happened there either. There is also no countdown clock either. Just the statement about how much time is left.
Below it the box is blank. Any help, including suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The Challenge countdown is a known issue.

Any other issues you are having are exclusive to your device. The leaderboards are functioning properly.

trogon says:

I logged on to ABN using my laptop and all appears to be OK. All my existing scores were obtained using my problem Android phone. For now,I have deleted the ABN “bookmark” from the phone. To prepare for reloading the site I will clean/remove all exisiting ABN file data from my phone. I will also be do a backup of my scores. Any suggestions or words of wisdom before I proceed? Again I thank you for taking the time to help. Regards, no regrets.

davidgoh says:

I saw this interesting website:

At the end of the home page, you can download the PDF files for the 7 Angry Birds Space game characters and create your own cardboard/paper versions.

For your info, Changi Airport is located in Singapore (my country). I didn’t see any article on this so I post this. I was reading some articles in the Yahoo! website and saw an ad on Angry Birds Space, when I clicked on it I was directed to that website.

pattya634 says:

I hope this is the right place to ask my question about the Leaderboard Total Score for Pig Bang in AB Space. It states that I have earned a Total Score of 1602480, Rank 1271 out of 1529, scores entered 33. This is not accurate. I actually have a score of 2202430. In fact, when I looked at Episode Total Score, my correct score had been entered and I was ranked 370 (right under AMslimfordy). I am confused about the discrepancy. By the way, I cannot tell you all how much a 71 year old LOVES this site.

Hi patty. We have a few bugs that need squashing in the Leaderboards. This may be among them. We will certainly look into it!

@pattya634 Everything should be set now.

pattya634 says:

Everything is correct! Thanks so very much! Happy Holidays!

Don’t know where to post this. What happened to the iPhone space eagles? They don’t show up but on ABSp HD they do???

I don’t really understand your question. Space Eagles are available for its and Android via Google Play.

What I mean is on my game on my iPhone the menu has just the leader board and achievement shortcuts but no area to view space eagles. Same inside the levels. No space eagle icon!

Have you played the app at all? They unlock after a few levels (I forget exactly which one. Maybe level 13?)

Right. Unlocked at level 11. Thanks Slim!

Meant for the thread above. Sorry

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