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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,491,725: Ranked 1 out of 2061 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,200,000: Congratulations! You're over by 291,725!
Level 1-128,7508-29027,914+836n/a
Level 1-246,9607-4045,447+1,513n/a
Level 1-328,6301 Top Score!26,834+1,796n/a
Level 1-474,60023-78071,112+3,488n/a
Level 1-530,49018-48528,434+2,056n/a
Level 1-632,23044-54031,487+743n/a
Level 1-747,06015-1,35041,798+5,262n/a
Level 1-858,98017-77054,691+4,289n/a
Level 1-943,2102-10038,141+5,069n/a
Level 1-1050,9902 Top Score!42,433+8,557n/a
Level 1-1153,73026-54052,000+1,730n/a
Level 1-1261,01017-91057,176+3,834n/a
Level 1-1351,58032-2,18047,580+4,000n/a
Level 1-14104,16019-4,94085,018+19,142n/a
Level 1-1544,59017-40040,404+4,186n/a
Level 1-16106,78049-3,98097,947+8,833n/a
Level 1-17156,7209-5,850133,270+23,450n/a
Level 1-1886,2008-73078,520+7,680n/a
Level 1-19107,9302-2,70091,907+16,023n/a
Level 1-2036,8702 Top Score!36,174+696n/a
Level 1-21113,90021-3,950106,486+7,414n/a
Level 1-2266,2602-51059,269+6,991n/a
Level 1-23110,4102-4094,528+15,882n/a
Level 1-2488,60010-1,57078,184+10,416n/a
Level 1-2556,4401 Top Score!49,420+7,020n/a
Level 1-2691,2956-1,52580,171+11,124n/a
Level 1-2789,4302 Top Score!79,556+9,874n/a
Level 1-2850,0106-4,02044,234+5,776n/a
Level 1-29136,13022-4,800114,211+21,919n/a
Level 1-30121,0505-6,77087,300+33,750n/a
S-1 Bonus88,12037-4,58080,329+7,791n/a
S-2 Bonus151,6201 Top Score!137,050+14,570n/a
S-3 Bonus76,9908-1,44067,042+9,948n/a