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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,453,510: Ranked 1 out of 218 w/ 30 scores entered
Level 9-145,12016-1,24040,055+5,065n/a
Level 9-271,2801 Top Score!63,182+8,098n/a
Level 9-3108,0801 Top Score!93,975+14,105n/a
Level 9-4112,31019-5,50098,631+13,679n/a
Level 9-5128,89017-3,150121,214+7,676n/a
Level 9-6144,03034-5,360138,054+5,976n/a
Level 9-7114,1405-3,77096,397+17,743n/a
Level 9-8229,0701 Top Score!176,149+52,921n/a
Level 9-9103,3001 Top Score!89,386+13,914n/a
Level 9-1082,5404-1,43073,845+8,695n/a
Level 9-11152,12013-3,100143,241+8,879n/a
Level 9-1292,1505-5,67082,511+9,639n/a
Level 9-13130,12016-7,920119,195+10,925n/a
Level 9-1477,17013-3,22065,213+11,957n/a
Level 9-15140,1101 Top Score!130,382+9,728n/a
Level 9-16137,64026-9,740126,292+11,348n/a
Level 9-17109,4404-2,00095,202+14,238n/a
Level 9-1884,9102-35074,177+10,733n/a
Level 9-1973,8005-2,31068,335+5,465n/a
Level 9-20115,6403-1,890105,531+10,109n/a
Level 9-2173,8401 Top Score!67,229+6,611n/a
Level 9-22104,7104-9,95094,016+10,694n/a
Level 9-2398,8501 Top Score!78,376+20,474n/a
Level 9-24246,3301 Top Score!217,367+28,963n/a
Level 9-25107,1103-19098,326+8,784n/a
Level 9-2667,26022-2,53064,475+2,785n/a
Level 9-2786,8306-1,13080,874+5,956n/a
Level 9-28147,4301 Top Score!132,354+15,076n/a
Level 9-2998,62013-2,70078,527+20,093n/a
Level 9-30170,6708-6,040109,580+61,090n/a