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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,734,330: Ranked 1 out of 790 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,910,000: Congratulations! You're over by 824,330!
Level 6-154,36035-32052,316+2,044n/a
Level 6-269,7201 Top Score!64,537+5,183n/a
Level 6-356,9906-21055,233+1,757n/a
Level 6-465,5505-43060,611+4,939n/a
Level 6-5100,1501 Top Score!88,081+12,069n/a
Level 6-6123,17026-4,870113,831+9,339n/a
Level 6-7124,8905-1,770109,707+15,183n/a
Level 6-8100,2902-5094,162+6,128n/a
Level 6-989,2804-8,27074,220+15,060n/a
Level 6-10142,8001 Top Score!120,027+22,773n/a
Level 6-11114,99016-2,440107,969+7,021n/a
Level 6-12131,6205-2,590117,021+14,599n/a
Level 6-1392,1904-46082,457+9,733n/a
Level 6-14153,2904-2,380132,121+21,169n/a
Level 6-15118,6803-90105,902+12,778n/a
Level 6-1672,3205-52063,470+8,850n/a
Level 6-1782,6101 Top Score!70,197+12,413n/a
Level 6-18103,0201 Top Score!89,813+13,207n/a
Level 6-19111,8004-870100,912+10,888n/a
Level 6-20161,79013-3,200148,166+13,624n/a
Level 6-2199,8501 Top Score!93,941+5,909n/a
Level 6-22107,3604-1,44098,748+8,612n/a
Level 6-23109,8201 Top Score!87,287+22,533n/a
Level 6-24122,1502-1,880110,139+12,011n/a
Level 6-25150,56012-3,090140,446+10,114n/a
Level 6-26131,9105-2,750112,248+19,662n/a
Level 6-27103,4409-1,68093,793+9,647n/a
Level 6-28112,8303-90105,362+7,468n/a
Level 6-29181,43012-6,070161,040+20,390n/a
Level 6-3077,8801 Top Score!54,889+22,991n/a
S-14 Bonus138,7602-310123,028+15,732n/a
S-15 Bonus170,00078-10144,540+25,460n/a
S-16 Bonus158,8303-900136,966+21,864n/a