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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,490,810: Ranked 14 out of 378 w/ 22 scores entered
Level 8-177,05018-1,80071,564+5,486n/a
Level 8-284,86057-3,99082,910+1,950n/a
Level 8-386,82021-2,79079,697+7,123n/a
Level 8-476,47031-2,42072,852+3,618n/a
Level 8-566,5603-1,57059,046+7,514n/a
Level 8-689,64030-3,78078,935+10,705n/a
Level 8-7115,25043-3,210109,655+5,595n/a
Level 8-889,64025-5,99080,726+8,914n/a
Level 8-972,14017-8,49063,202+8,938n/a
Level 8-10136,8602-970118,322+18,538n/a
Level 8-1178,54048-4,97067,051+11,489n/a
Level 8-12106,3706-4,10091,924+14,446n/a
Level 8-1396,08048-9,50087,423+8,657n/a
Level 8-14102,92029-6,67088,843+14,077n/a
Level 8-15115,53015-2,350111,014+4,516n/a
Level 8-1698,40032-6,48092,744+5,656n/a
Level 8-17133,63030-6,300123,747+9,883n/a
Level 8-18143,1904-2,190124,579+18,611n/a
Level 8-19142,77043-10,310128,088+14,682n/a
Level 8-20217,15045-24,110200,656+16,494n/a
S-20 Bonus133,30013-2,460126,273+7,027n/a
S-21 Bonus227,64045-14,330217,880+9,760n/a