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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,586,250: Ranked 189 out of 396 w/ 15 scores entered
Level 1-186,890252-5,94087,684-794n/a
Level 1-2132,720193-9,670132,898-178n/a
Level 1-3183,190214-20,820182,903+287n/a
Level 1-4213,350185-8,060211,732+1,618n/a
Level 1-5188,400233-13,970190,309-1,909n/a
Level 1-6195,390240-16,550197,591-2,201n/a
Level 1-7118,800222-7,380119,030-230n/a
Level 1-8179,550251-8,930180,492-942n/a
Level 1-9191,290249-12,040193,538-2,248n/a
Level 1-10174,970119-4,120173,328+1,642n/a
Level 1-11110,440215-5,030110,132+308n/a
Level 1-12177,880122-7,380174,138+3,742n/a
Level 1-13178,160261-15,350181,015-2,855n/a
Level 1-14247,810145-12,700243,569+4,241n/a
Level 1-15207,410199-23,510207,483-73n/a