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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,435,270: Ranked 325 out of 397 w/ 15 scores entered
Level 1-177,920363-14,91087,694-9,774n/a
Level 1-2127,320301-15,070132,913-5,593n/a
Level 1-3168,320347-35,690182,875-14,555n/a
Level 1-4202,240354-19,170211,765-9,525n/a
Level 1-5179,280344-23,090190,338-11,058n/a
Level 1-6188,360348-23,580197,577-9,217n/a
Level 1-7114,860316-11,320119,055-4,195n/a
Level 1-8176,860289-11,620180,515-3,655n/a
Level 1-9183,140321-20,190193,547-10,407n/a
Level 1-10171,050278-8,040173,341-2,291n/a
Level 1-11101,500334-13,970110,112-8,612n/a
Level 1-12163,050335-22,210174,174-11,124n/a
Level 1-13170,470315-23,040181,037-10,567n/a
Level 1-14217,870336-42,640243,614-25,744n/a
Level 1-15193,030306-37,890207,467-14,437n/a