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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,468,140: Ranked 303 out of 397 w/ 15 scores entered
Level 1-187,270234-5,56087,694-424n/a
Level 1-2126,190325-16,200132,913-6,723n/a
Level 1-3176,730294-27,280182,875-6,145n/a
Level 1-4208,530281-12,880211,765-3,235n/a
Level 1-5181,630318-20,740190,338-8,708n/a
Level 1-6188,040351-23,900197,577-9,537n/a
Level 1-7118,240241-7,940119,055-815n/a
Level 1-8172,940333-15,540180,515-7,575n/a
Level 1-9188,280291-15,050193,547-5,267n/a
Level 1-10168,250326-10,840173,341-5,091n/a
Level 1-11106,620307-8,850110,112-3,492n/a
Level 1-12163,750323-21,510174,174-10,424n/a
Level 1-13165,390333-28,120181,037-15,647n/a
Level 1-14224,710322-35,800243,621-18,911n/a
Level 1-15191,570313-39,350207,467-15,897n/a