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  • KillerKea

    I just got reset minutes ago for the forth time. This time I had over 4k.

    15 minutes later after earning 1500 I got reset for the 5th time. I hope a Rovio rep chimes in and let’s us know what is happening.

    Philip Sun

    LOST over 7000 MEDALS!!! and of course the stamina and essence I used wasn’t replenished Not cool at all…. when is Rovio going to address this?


    I created an account so I could log in and add to the list of players being reset to zero. I won’t even be trying to play the event until it gets resolved, or maybe during the last hour or so of the event so that I can place possibly in the two star range. I might play just for the purpose of collecting a few stamina drinks, but otherwise there’s no point in wasting potions or using stamina drinks I’ve already collected. It’s really too bad, because up until this event and the arena event, I hadn’t experienced a lot of problems with the game crashing.


    Seeing as it’s been about 24 hours, I think people should exercise a bit of patience.

    And for those who have been reset multiple times, I’m not sure why you’re still bitter. At this point, you’re setting yourself up on purpose. You know the bug exists, so why not relax and take a step back? It’ll sort out in a day or two.


    Maybe we resent our time being wasted.


    If I was them, I’d stop the event until it is fixed and send everyone a message indicating what they know and what they are doing to fix it or schedule a downtime to fix everything.

    I’m sure it has been reset more than 5 times. How many times do they need to restore a backup to fix this? When any of the many servers I support goes down it generally doesn’t take me this long to fix unless I have to order parts which is rare because servers have a lot of built in redundancy and will continue to work despite things like hard drives, fans or power supplies failing. I always let my users know what is going on, what I’m doing to fix the problem and approximately when I expect things to be back up. I don’t erase anyone’s data without backing it up first then restoring it later.


    How long will this go on?!!! I’m tired of losing their medals !!! I had lost about 6000-8000 medals, 10 ~ stamina bottles, 15 essences of friendship, from the beginning of the event!!

    Is it possible that multi-millionaire company “Rovio”, no has group of programmers and QA? It was impossible to test ?! Or can not be fixed a during the day ?!


    got my first reset on the ios device. none on andy.


    Glad I’m not the only one who is losing medals after a crash. The game on iOS has been crashing a lot lately.


    The combination of Device based “crashes”, and the Server based “medal resets” has me thinking that this is not going to be an easy fix. It would be nice if it were, but maybe Rovio should just shut down the current event until it can be addressed.


    @burbman — I can’t imagine that they are still having server issues today. I think attributing the resets to server problems is a red herring, but then I’m not an IT person.


    Has anyone else been having this bug? I play the Santa pig level and every time the Santa pig summons more elf pigs at the end of the pigs turn, THEY ALL GET TO ATTACK AGAIN!?!? Wtf the pigs get two turns, sometimes 3 before I can go and I lose the battle since I usually lose two of my birds or all of them.


    @BirdLeader — Is Rovio going to tell you or us when they think the bug is fixed? A lot of people have stopped playing the event because they don’t want to lose their progress repeatedly. So far there has been no acknowledgment from Rovio that they know the problem is continuing, and it is not clear how they plan to inform everyone when they think it’s really fixed.
    The answer I got yesterday in response to my support request implied that they thought it was a one-time issue and shouldn’t happen again:
    “We had a brief problem with our game servers that caused some issues for Angry Birds Epic players. This resulted in the event scores being reset for all players. Our game developers are currently investigating the issue and making sure this kind of error shouldn’t happen again.”
    Because of this response, I played some more today. I’ve been keeping fairly close track of what is happening with my Event scores in Epic. I only had one reset until this afternoon, when I had the second. At this point, the only reason that I am playing any more event or arena battles is to try to figure out what is really going on. However, I’ve decided this is a waste of my time, and better left to Rovio.
    The most significant thing that happened immediately before my scores were reset today is that I got a message saying that my game had been resynchronized. Maybe they aren’t recording event scores in the synchronization file?


    @mvnla2 It is probably a software issue, but you would think that they would test the software before releasing it. The problems are universal across all platforms and quite frequent. There is no way they wouldn’t have noticed these problems if they did some testing ahead of time. Resetting everything makes no sense to me, but they haven’t given us a reason why they keep doing that. We know that past events worked much better so they should probably use the same code they used on the past events. Granted we wouldn’t get any presents, but they could deliver presents via message instead.


    @atomix The santa pig level is really tough. I haven’t really worked out a good strategy without using too many resources.
    I have had santa call for reinforcements in a couple of games, but his elf pigs have not attacked out of turn.

    Bird Leader

    @mvnla2, unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything outside what is already known. I think the best bet is to keep Rovio informed via Twitter and Facebook (politely of course, can link here too). It definitely sucks, but these things happen (usually at the worst times: holidays + event = bah humbug).


    Me too, third time. Who started the rumor that it was fixed?

    Why let the challenge continue? The only stamina I’ve spent since I got screwed the first time is what I earned thru spins. But some people are presumably using real money and getting burned.

    Only solution I see is have every leaderboard host only 3 players. Everyone gets the 6000 spin and they fight for a few snoutlings. Otherwise Rovio is just saying “oh well, sorry, keep playing and keep spending suckers”.


    Como toda empresa multinacional, cuando tienen a su público conquistado y ven que ganan mucho dinero, no les importa cometer errores, debido a que siempre tendrán a los usuarios mas fieles.

    Si no fijaos en sus inicios y comparadlos a otros juegos, al principio siempre te prestan atención y al tener mucho dinero pasan de todo.

    Definitivamente, ellos saben que esta el problema, pero se hacen los despistados, al acabar el evento te dan 6-10 monedas de oro y ya nos tienen contentos.


    You are the first person to mention that it might have been fixed. I’ll trust that it is fixed when it has been working for more than 24 hours because I had a stretch where it worked for over 12 hours. I’ve been reset 6 or more times now and lost about 12,000 medals. The good thing is that I gained 35-40 experience potions, 20+ stamina and 1000+ snoutlings. I just got my first present where my score did not reset after collecting it. All the previous times I found 5 presents on screen and I discovered my score was reset after collecting them.


    @killerkea I believe it is resetting every time our devices synch with the server. It could be that our devices are not sending information to the server, or it may be that there is something about logging in and synching with the server starts the event from scratch.

    In the stretch of 12 h where it did not reset, your device was probably active and remained in contact with the server – there was probably no need for your device to synchronise.

    My other observation is that it is specifically the rewards that are reset. All other changes during our gaming (snoutlings, stamina level, stamina drinks, potions used etc) are not reset.


    I sent a ticket to Rovio and here is the answer I received 3 hours ago :

    Hello there,

    and thanks for contacting us!

    We are terribly sorry about the scores resetting in the new event, we are currently investigating the cause if the issue. We hope to have the issue fixed as soon as possible, but since most of the team is away for the holidays this might take some more time than we would like.

    If you had made any purchases and lost them, please contact us with the receipt so that we can handle the refunds. If you have lost items you have earned in the game, please be patient as we are currently considering different ways of handling the compensation. We will have more information on this once the issue has been fixed.

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team


    I was having no issues over the last 24 hours and then this morning my game stopped and now I can’t log in at all. My game hangs at logging in and then says login failed. Anyone else see this? I am sure when I do get in I will have lost all my medals.


    Same here. Locked out. Maybe the “fix” is happening as we speak? I just hope I get my medals back!


    Yea can’t get in the game
    Bet they banned access to it to fix it
    And make people less frustrated because we keep losing our progress

    Grumpy Cat

    Damn, I thought I had been forced to update and updated from 1.1.3.

    So it’s not actually a forced update, but a bug. Oh well, there goes my restarting of Chronicle Caves.

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