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  • Okay, back to having awesome events. This is the best reward wheel yet, as long as you finish top 3, if you spin a +6000 All, you’ll also get +6000 for two other birds. No crap prizes, really.

    The challenges aren’t too hard either, starting out with a Golden Chili. Played the top tier twice and victory was pretty easy. My Chuck took a bit of a beating, but it seemed easier than previous top tier challenges.

    Oh, and the event banner is still spinning for me, both on iPad and an Android tablet, but it actually has always properly displayed on my iPhone.

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  • Joey

    Game keeps crashing. I played the event and won 700 c than crashed. Started from 0 lost all progress. Did it AgSin and it happened again!!!keep loosing all my progress of the event !! Anyone having the same ?


    Images for this event-

    Angry Johnny

    Note that in this event there are also Christmas presents laying around that contains points and stamina potions. Just click on them to collect the free gifts.


    Might be Fun but as @Joeyba mentionned, bugged like H*ll …..

    Too much crashs, + some ads freezing the games & everytime you restart the game you have lost all your points, all the stamina spent & More FUN you’re place in a new leaderboard with 0pts…. yeah cool !


    When I did a battle it presented me with a blank screen with a tiny dot shaped bird in the center. Fortunately I knew where all the buttons were so I played this blind using autoplay. I managed to 3 star a wave even though it lasted several rounds. I just hope I don’t accidentally waste my essence on the wheel spin if my touch is slightly off.

    It seems like these enemies have much more health than the previous event.

    Another bug is that I ran out of stamina and watched a video to gain 3 stamina, but it didn’t give me the 3 stamina.


    @admins all of my Christmas event data was reset, well not my used stamina. I had nearly 4k and now it’s all gone. Anyway to get it back?


    @calvinjj2009 I recently had a complete reset of my game file and logging into Rovio/Facebook actually synced my resetted progress; contacted Rovio and they said there was a problem with their backup system so the latest backup restore they had was from a month ago. Unfortunately it’s not likely they have any current backups of your progress but if you backup your local file using iFunbox every time you play you can always recover it yourself.


    I scored over 1000 points and mine got reset to zero too.

    I’ve also noticed that the sync feature is messed up since yesterday because this morning my iPhone had 156 LC and almost 4000 snoutlings. My iPad had 149 LC and 5600 snoutlings because it wasn’t syncing up. I defeated the golden pig, got an LC from the caves and bought over 20 dojo upgrades on my iPhone so my iPad was more than 6 hours of progress behind my phone.


    the crash is awful. you lose your medals, lose the boar you were playing on(reset to 0) you lose all the gains from the christmas gifts and when you restart you don’t even have any stamina so you have to wait for stamina to compete. hope they fix fast or long 6 days. if I even bother.


    Mine just got reset to zero as well. Nothing else in the game got reset.

    Is this possible it was intended?


    Oh my God… I re-started after being reset to zero. Game crashed again a little later and… I’m back at zero again! and the Stamina drinks have been consumed. WTF is going on?

    Angry Johnny

    The admins for Angry Birds Nest can not help you, this is a fan site not an official Angry Birds site. For direct help about your problems you have to contact Rovio directly from their own site.


    I’m really not happy about losing all event points whenever I exit the game. I still have my stamina DRINKS (not event stamina), including one that I got from an event battle spin.


    I’m not wasting my time with this event until they fix the bugs. I’ve been reset to 0 twice now. The first time I got my used stamina drinks back. The second time I did not.


    @angryjohnny We know. But everyone else should be informed of this as well.

    I just tried something. Did one battle and closed the game (I’m on iOS). I restarted and I still have my winnings. So maybe only a crash makes you lose it all? That’s going to be hard to avoid with all those ads and other bugs crashing the game constantly.

    Latest crash was this (I assume that’s a common bug):



    Had all my medals reset to zero too. Couple thousand gone.


    Yep, mine was reset too.


    It’s true, I register for this report.. Too have many crashes and resetting all points:(((


    I have this bug last 3 month… But it’s wasn’t important for me(exclude caves), but now… With arena and new event… Please fix it!


    I’ve had my event points reset twice now and have also had crashes in 2 pvp arena battles which resulted in automatic losses. Not cool!


    Same, lost all my progress after 3 750-point wins and 1 500-point victory. Least they could’ve done was given me back the Stamina Drinks that I used on them so that I could work on rebuilding. :-|


    Lvl 41, 890 stars, 162 team mastery ranks, no Facebook, playing on iPad.

    I just hit my third reset to zero. In the initial start, I was in a group of eight that seemed to real people since their numbers moved upward at the start of the event. In my next logon, I was at zero by with no one else in the group. In the third set, I was in full set of 15 and managed to climb to third, but none of the opponents changed scores. Now I’m back to zero in a group of 11. In the three groups of named opponents, none of the names were the same. I have 120 stamina saved from previous events, but don’t want to use them figuring I’ll go back to zero again. I love the idea of getting chance for all those mastery points, but we’ll wait and see what Rovio does. Thinking I may just do a push right before the close next Sunday to see if I can get anything.


    @eric2203 I got the same screen as you. However you can still hear all the sounds and play the battle even though you can’t see anything. You are fighting blind. All the buttons are in the same place even though you can’t see them so just put it in autoplay until you hear that you’ve won or lost. After that close and reopen the game to get your screen back.


    Ugh… I am back to 15 medals. I had almost 2000. Super.


    To answer one question — I just lost all my medals and started out with a new leaderboard, AND THE GAME DID NOT CRASH, before or after. Just finished playing 2 or 3 battles, I was in first with ~4000 medals, and then when I went to look after the last battle, I only had 400 and had a new leaderboard.
    In addition to losing medals, I had used some friendship essence to buy more stamina drinks so I could battle the Santa’s when they appeared.
    Not a happy camper. Grrr!


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