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  • FlirtyBanner

    Thankfully I managed to keep my 300-ish medals to the end and got first prize. I feel sorry for all the players who got nothing :(


    Mathematically speaking you should respin if you get 2k all birds, red and 2k all birds. There are 8 possible outcomes on the wheel. Assuming you have all 25 birds and none are mastery level 10 and you got 3 stars the possible awards for total mastery are

    110,000 (4 of the spins)
    130,000 (1 spin where you get 2k all birds twice)
    210,000 (3 spins where 6k all birds is one of the results)

    The average spin = 150,000 which is higher than 130,000 so it is generally to your advantage to respin. Of course the amount of mastery you receive and averages will change if you don’t have all the birds or have some level 10 birds.


    @angryjohnny I agree with you. I exited the game to make it sync shortly after I got the award. I logged in on another device and verified that my account was synced even though I saw a message saying that it synced earlier.

    I’m not going to play the PvP events for at least a few hours because the game is still unstable and I don’t want anymore losses because of that.


    The game crashed on me about two hours before the event ended. I winded up being on a leaderboard with nobody above level 10 … so I won with 1k points :D
    I got very lucky with the wheel, getting 6k for all + Bomb + Blue (just what I wanted) on my first try. Now I just hope I can keep it.


    I was logged in when it ended, but I was 6th, so only got 2 stars. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t get that many resets, and didn’t get any today (despite several attempts), so ended on the board from yesterday, where first had >4000 points, and I had ~800. Took me 7 re-spins to get the 6000 for all and 6000 for Chuck. I did get the points, and leveled up several birds. Haven’t checked to see if they still have the points.


    I waited with the game running until the end to be able to check if I was keeping my first place. Then when the timer reached 0, the red banner disappeared and nothing since then, no roll on the wheel for me :(


    I was in third, got 6000 for all which is nice, but was unable to re-spin. Sounds like the bugs affected people differently.


    Hi all!

    For me, the event basically did not end, I mean it disappeared, but I didn’t get any reward and I didn’t see any result at the end…
    Did this happend to anyone out there as well..? And if yes, do you think, that we’ll be rewarded somehow, or this chance is gone forever?
    thanks in advance! :)


    oh well, first i should have red the comments before I ask… anyway, i’m still interested in any suggestions about the missing reward


    crash just for the ending … got first place with collecting presents ???? ;-)
    first spin was 6k all plus blue and black
    decided to respin once
    got chuck, 6k for all and blues … perfect!

    still feel upset for losing my 4k and all stuff previously due to bad syncing

    still hoping for compensation from rovio


    Eric OG

    I’m jealous of those of you who got to spin at the end. After a reset I managed to get into second place with about 1500 medals one hour before the end. When I came back to check the red banner said ‘Finished,’ then ‘Computing,’ and then just disappeared. I didn’t get to roll at all. This whole thing was an exercise in futility. My game has been crashing repeatedly since the last update and I’m almost to the point of uninstalling it for good.


    I’m glad that the event is over. So much aggravation with crashes and resets. I got 3 stars, which is great.


    Crashing continues even after event completed, and haven’t been able to log in at all most of the time. For those that got no chance to spin, I suggest you send a support request directly to Rovio. I will do so even though I ended with 2 stars and got to spin.


    If the event had lasted as long as scheduled, I would have had enough lucky coins for Sea Dog and could have gotten mastery points for that class. Instead, since my last reset left me on a board with someone who had over 8K — and I was NOT expecting the event to end early — I only got 2 stars off the wheel. I think I got 6K for all and for Blues. (Not complaining about “only” getting the rewards I did. Mainly just irritated that the event ended early without much notice, although as someone else has said, the early ending has probably saved a lot of frustration from the constant resets.)


    I’m glad they ended it early so we’ll have 3 less days of frustration if they manage to stabilize the game soon.

    Mattias Möller

    I didnt get the chance to spin but i was on leaderboard?!?!?!


    I’m guessing if your score was zero you didn’t get to spin. In the last hour it kept resetting my score to zero every 2-10 minutes so I was constantly collecting presents to make sure my score wasn’t zero when the event ended. I simply set an alarm on my phone to alert me 5 min and 2 min before the event ended so I could make sure my score wasn’t zero.

    Did you take a screen shot showing that you were on the leaderboard when it finished? Send it in to Rovio and they’ll probably compensate you with some lucky coins.


    Wow it ended early? I guess then I cant jinx anything by saying I didn’t get a SINGLE reset on my medals. Now that the wheel could be a problem that could be bad. If I don’t get to spin the wheel Rovio is going to hear from me.


    I sent a ticket a few hours ago about the absence of wheel roll, still no answer, but I suppose most of them aren’t working today


    @bouble — Not only is it Christmas, but Rovio is in Finland and I bet the support desk won’t really be working again until Mon.


    I’ve been really patient with the event resets. I’ve just worked my way back up to the top of the leader board, but I woke this morning to find the event over and no chance to spin the wheel. My birds are all level 8 and 9 so it takes a lot of mastery points to level up. I think Rovio will try to make up for the big mess of an event, but I seriously don’t think they’ll give every bird 6000 mastery points (which I was going to spin that wheel until I won that, plus 6000 points on either side.

    I guess we’ll find out more next week. All I wanted for christmas was a level 10 Paladin. Lol.

    I’m pretty pissed off with this actually. Did not get to spin, even though I was top of the league twice. First with over 20K and then the reset came. Blew me back all the way and then I was no1 again after playing my ass off.

    No spin, no mastery no nothing. Just a lot of time, effort, essence and stamina down the bloody drain.

    Can’t see how this would be compensated properly with everyone having such different results from these bugs. Worst epic week ever.

    Have a merry Christmas without birds everyone!


    I can’t believe they let it go on as long as they did. And allowing players to spin on the reward wheel was risky. I think they created a lot more work for the support desk. Better to have just shut it down and work on a fair reward for all. E.g. 6000 mastery for all birds ( or 4000).

    They will now have to deal with my request to get a spin. I left it with a winning score, but it crashed after I logged in this morning and saw the event wind up on my game.

    Edit: The game seems more stable now.


    Anybody else still seeing the event as active? Mine still shows as having 68 hours left.


    I’m guessing they ended it early because they’re tired of getting support tickets, didn’t feel like dealing with it during the holidays (remember Europeans take loooong vacations). They’ll get some angry emails from those who got hosed, but that’s probably a much smaller number.

    Waiting to see what “compensation” is, if any… and/or if you have to prove that you spent money to get said compensation.

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