• Sorry to keep venting here, but here’s an update. I looked more closely at my leaderboard. Only two of us are level 45, but nine made it to diamond league last season. I’m now in 10th place, there are two players about to pass me, and I just took my third loss so I’m totally shut down. It took a lot of grinding to get to Silver League. If I get…[Read more]

  • @burbman – Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I only win the coin toss about 1 of 10 times, possibly less. I have the Save Me set for the Blues but never got Chuck’s Phoenix set so I only use Chuck in the arena if an objective forces me to. My way around the mismatch (and the lost coin toss) has been to play with Rogues and Druid, which enables me…[Read more]

  • My birds are all level 10 rank 45, so I guess that technically puts me in the same category with the teams I’m matched up with, but my opponents have clearly made it to higher leagues so their equipment is superior. Their power ratings are all over 800 (I’m around 760) and their banners are 13,000+ (mine is 11,990). I can beat superior opponents…[Read more]

  • I was alone on my silver league board until this afternoon, and now I’m getting completely shut down. I’m having to skip 9 out of 10 opponents because it keeps matching me against vastly superior teams. When I do fight I lose every coin toss. My last remaining objective is “kill three birds with one attack” for 3000 points, which I will not be…[Read more]

  • The game is in the process of shutting me down again. I am in silver league, and most of the week I’ve been the only person on my leaderboard. That changed today–I ended up on a leaderboard when the new daily objectives went up this afternoon. Since then the game will only give me vastly superior opponents, and I lose every coin toss. I have the…[Read more]

  • I just got the Stone Guard and the dojo let me upgrade it all the way to 10. Glad to not have to do any grinding. I tried it out in the arena and I’m loving it. The core of my grinding team is Rogues and Druid with the third bird somewhat interchangeable (usually Samurai or Paladin). Since the Stone Guard’s damage is multiplied against targets…[Read more]

  • I’ve also had the problem with getting stunned for two rounds by the Wizard’s energize effect. I posted about it on the bugs thread.

  • Eric OG replied to the topic Cheaters in the forum Angry Birds Epic Forum 9 years ago

    @larry– yes, I passed on the info and screenshot to Rovio, and here is the reply they sent me:

    “Sorry to hear that you have encountered a possible cheater in your Arena League. With the updates 1.2.4 and 1.2.5, we implemented certain fixes that should have prevented the cheats from working. It appears that the fixes are working; however, it also…[Read more]

  • @MVNLA2 – I haven’t reported my issue, partly because it would be hard to prove without a screenshot or some other evidence. That’s kinda why I posted it here–I want to know if others have had the same experience. If I’m the only one it might be the case that I just got really unlucky and lost fair and square.

  • I’ve posted this elsewhere, but the leader on my board scored 11,000 within the first hour (about 5000 of that went up in less than a minute), and is now well over 30,000 on day 2. Clearly a cheater.

    Also, I’ve often had the problem of the game shutting me down after I’ve racked up a few hundred points in a run. I have all level 10 birds and an…[Read more]

  • It just happened again: I was wiped out in two turns by a team of level 7 birds (my birds are all level 10). I checked all of their specs and there seemed to be no evidence of it being a hacked account. The only explanation is that they were dealing more damage than advertised. This time around I’d already accumulated two losses along the way so…[Read more]

  • Eric OG replied to the topic Cheaters in the forum Angry Birds Epic Forum 9 years ago

    There seems to be a cheater on my leaderboard–within the first few minutes of the new tournament starting their score had leaped to around 11,000 points, and the screenshot I’m posting here was taken around 10:30pm EST, 5.5 hours after the tournament began.


  • Here is a screenshot taken around 10:30pm EST, only a few hours after the new tournament started. The cheater’s score jumped several thousand points on multiple occasions, so it looks like they may be repeatedly resetting their daily objectives.

    <img src="<img…[Read more]

  • Eric OG uploaded a new picture: Screenshot_2015-03-… 9 years ago

  • Eric OG uploaded a new picture: Screenshot_2015-03-… 9 years ago

    Epic arena leaderboard showing a cheater, taken around 10:30pm on 3/29 EST.

  • Has anyone noticed a bug with the Wizard’s “energize” effect in the arena? I’ve found that whenever one of my birds gets stunned by the energize they are knocked out for two turns.

  • Not sure if this is the place, but there seems to be another cheater on my arena leader board. We’re less an an hour into this week’s tournament and the person in 1st place has already scored 11,700 points, and I’ve seen their score jump by several thousand points in less than a minute.

  • It may be worth noting that I was trying to catch up to the leader and had gotten between 200-300 points when the change happened.

    Kind of unrelated, another bizarre thing happened last night. One of the opponents was Matilda’s Druid, but she behaved like Chuck’s Rainbird. Anyone else seen anything like this?

  • I was (and still am) in 2nd place in the silver league. I had actually been #1 for a while and I’d recently been passed by another player when they got caught up on the daily objectives. I’d defeated several opponents who had level 10 birds and large banners, so the real difference was that they suddenly started to fight. Once that happened I was…[Read more]

  • I just had a weird experience in the PVP arena: I played dozens of battles and won easily, and frequently because the opponent wouldn’t attack my banner. Even if all of my birds were knocked out the opponent wouldn’t fight and would use only support functions. After I racked up ~1500 points this way it was almost as if the game decided I was done:…[Read more]

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