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    The arena is heavily bugged and wildly unbalanced. The arena allows all sorts of hacked accounts and people using exploits or alterations to keep competing. If you join the arena leagues, you will INEVITABLY run into these types of players, forcing you to lose leagues without a chance of winning.

    Please do everyone a favor and do not cheat in the arena. Let’s give everyone a chance to enjoy their competition. Also, do not spread your knowledge on cheating methods. This tactic has already caused a lot of grief among fair players. If you are using any kind of exploit with side-effects in the arena (no info on this in the nest!), make sure to play only a single set of objectives each day. That also means that you should not grind the arena when you can accidentally achieve objectives.


    Known methods for cheating

    There are now 3 known different type of cheaters.

    Objectives resets

    The first group is resetting their daily objectives on a regular basis to achieve a high level of points in a short time to the disadvantage of all fair players who don’t know how to do this. The known methods for this should be tackled with the upcoming update. People who use this type of cheating gain thousands of points many times per day. They can easily reach from 50000 to more than 100000 points per day.
    daily goals resetters

    Score/winnings alterations

    The second group is able to alter their scores or winnings directly. (input/confirmation needed) These players have been able to get their scores upto millions within hours of the start of the league, making it impossible to overtake them. This is probably done either by directly altering their league score or by altering the wheel prizes.
    score alteration 1
    Image by @richrupp
    score alteration 2
    Image by @steven-dunn-5648 (notice the picture of GenteBoa compared with the other image, they’re one week a part)

    Another glitch in the scoring causes even negative numbers to become the highest scores.
    negative 1 – espejo123.png
    Image by @espejo123 (These guys think that higher numbers are better but they don’t seem to understand why it doesn’t work…)
    negative 2 – thumper316.png
    Image by @thumper316 (This one understands the concept of negative numbers)

    Hacked accounts

    The third group is using hacked accounts so they become unbeatable. Most of these accounts have an xp level of 99999999 or similar so you should not get these as an opponent or in your league. However, some have managed to get their flag or their birds to have health and/or damage in the billions. These will cause a certain lost battle if you accidentally start a fight with them.
    hacked account
    Image by @espejo123
    hacked flag
    Image by @strategia55 (there are so many numbers, you can’t even read them anymore)

    We now have also seen several opponents with slight modifications which give all birds 30-50% more attack power. These are VERY DIFFICULT TO SPOT. Therefore make sure you check really carefully before entering a fight in the arena.
    Images by @tigerussell, very well spotted. Note the 30% increase in all attack power

    How to identify cheaters

    First of all I want to explain who are NOT cheaters. If you see scores which are slowly rising to high numbers (with only a few hundred every 10 minutes or so), this means that someone is working REALLY HARD to achieve fair points. This is called grinding. A normal progress for grinding the arena is about 6000 total points per day for a normal player. An average hard grinder can get upto around 9000 points per day fairly. Some excessive players who have nothing better to do can achieve upto 20000 points by grinding throughout the day ( check out the post by @silleck at page 5 of this thread).
    These kind of people deserve any winnings they can get.

    Another thing which needs to be made clear is the following. The leagues start at the same time around the world. However, objectives are being reset at midnight local time for everyone. This means that some players already get a new set of objectives within the first hours after a new league starts (Europe). This means that it is normal for someone to achieve a score of around 12000 within a few hours of the start of a league.

    Now onto the cheaters. With the information above in mind, this means that to positively identify a cheater, you have to keep a really good eye on your league scoreboard. People who regularly jump ahead with many thousands of points throughout the day and achieve let’s say 30K in a few hours are most likely resetting their objectives.

    Obviously it is easy to identify anyone with 100000 points or more. These are all cheaters, most likely using objective resets. We have not had any reports from anyone at all achieving these kind of scores at the end of a league. This is simply not a reasonable amount of points. Therefore, any player with 100000 points or more at the end of the league can be assumed to be a cheater.

    Anyone with a NEGATIVE score is altering the scores directly or modifying their prize wheel with negative values.

    Finally, you can run into hacked accounts during battles in the arena. You have to ensure to check each and every opponent bird AND banner for any incorrect numbers. Be aware that some modifications can be hard to spot. In this thread there are some screenshots from altered birds with only a few hundred added to their attack damage. These WILL take you out.

    What to do with cheaters

    If you have confirmed a cheater in your league of any kind, we would ask you first of all to report this player to Rovio. This is done best by creating a support request at

    By now Rovio will be fed up with all these cheater reports, but that’s the point isn’t it?

    Make sure to include a screenshot of your scoreboard or the altered birds. I recommend you look for instructions on making screenshots for your particular device. This screenshot should be included in your support request.

    Most cheaters we have seen are repeat offenders. Therefore it can make sense to post a copy of your image in this thread as well. This way everyone knows who to look out for. To do this, you should use your album (it’s in your profile. If you don’t have a profile here, create one) to upload the image and you can copy-paste the embed code (med) into a post in this thread.

    Avoiding cheaters

    To prevent cheaters in your league you can try to start a new week’s league as late as possible, while still allowing yourself enough time to achieve the first set of objectives of the day (let’s say half hour before midnight). This should give you better chances of getting a fair board for the next week. This is based on the principle that most cheaters are quite fanatic about their scores. They will likely be playing as soon as the new week starts to get high scores. This means that they will be dominating the boards which are formed in the first hour of the leagues. If you dare, you can even try to join much later in the week. The odds are however that you will end up with a score which is several days behind, with some missed objectives. On the other hand, some have reported having a (nearly) empty league board with a high to guaranteed upgrade to the next level.

    Check out the “Join the Birdsnest Arena leagues!” thread for all details on how we determined this.

    Dealing with hacked and outclassed opponents

    The leagues for xp level 41 are a complete mess. The difference in rank between the different players can be enormous so for many players it becomes impossible to just beat other players’ birds. Although this has nothing to do with cheating, it does prevent many lvl 41 players from achieving their goals in the arena fairly. This is what we call an unbalanced fight. For you this means that you’re dealing with an outclassed opponent.

    Here’s some tips and tricks for dealing with these kind of line-ups which we do not consider cheating, since you don’t gain anything on anyone else’s expense, except for fair or sometimes even easy fights.

    1- Make sure you always check the opponent xp level, mastery, strength and health, including the flag to ensure you’re not dealing with a hacked account.
    2- If you are dealing with a hacked account or an opponent which is several mastery ranks ahead of you, restart epic to force a new line-up.
    3- If you cannot get a fair line-up in the arena, restart the game and as soon as the island map is fully loaded, enable airplane mode and load the arena. While the arena loads, it is trying to generate a line-up from the servers. Obviously this fails so the game ends up with a generated line-up. When the arena is loaded, simply disable airplane mode and start your fight. You can do this many times in a row. All you have to do is enable airplane mode again before accepting the prize on the wheel. Re-enable in the arena lobby and you are good to go again.

    The computer generated line-up can be recognised as “unnamed player” and mastery bars which are empty. (Ie mastery 8 with no half-filled bars) All birds will have the identical mastery level. This line-up is random and something you should be able to deal with at your level (experience level AND mastery level) relative to the league you’re in. Higher leagues and ranks will give you higher ranked opponents.

    Reclaiming purchases

    What you need to know is that if you spend money on the game and Rovio does something which renders the purchase useless, it is reason to get a refund and you should not hesitate to claim it. Rovio is currently worth many billions with almost no expenses at all. Don’t worry, you won’t bankrupt them.

    Several people (including myself) have spent varying amounts of money on the game, from several bucks to many hundreds. I and others have received refunds for our purchases due to changes made by Rovio and bugs after the purchases which caused more trouble than what the purchases bought.

    An example, a while ago the mastery system was a lot different. You could buy the master level hats for LC. Let’s say you spent money to get these hats, only to find out that the mastery system has changed so you cannot buy the necessary hats anymore, this is enough reason to get a refund.

    A more up to date example. Let’s say you spent money to get in-game items with the purpose to get an edge in the arena. Then you are confronted with all the cheaters. This means that the edge which you should have had is reduced to zero. Plenty of reason to get a refund since Rovio is responsible for dealing with these cheaters.

    Here’s how to apply for your refund:
    Start by submitting a support request and informing them that you want your money back. Don’t be impolite, don’t get angry or upset, just normal business.

    Don’t muddle along with things like “maybe you can give me my money back”, “I would consider to asking for a refund” or “If you don’t do something then I want my money back”.

    Instead, make sure that you state very clearly: “I hereby formally request that you refund my following purchases:” and then list your order dates, order numbers and money values.

    Do not forget to explain in detail why you wish to get a refund. For example, “I spent money to gain in-game items which everyone seems to have, so that I can have a chance at competing in the arena. Now I am continuously confronted with impossible scores, undefeatable opponents with millions of health and continuous cheating. This has made my purchases worthless. Therefore I hereby formally request …”

    Feel free to copy anything you like, although I would strongly recommend using your own wording. Just make sure to keep it formal so they cannot simply ignore you.

    Please report back into this forum thread whether your refund was successful!

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  • Half an hour farther in, it looks like this…
    League score board


    I know that in the last round there were people that were able to exploit the server, when it was reset. Apparently there still are. 2 hours after the new league formed, there was person in my league who also had 16000+ , points.
    Impossible without exploiting some sort of cheat.


    As said in other threads, send these screenshots to Rovio. I have the same thing happening and if we give Robio enough information, maybe they can nip these cheaters.


    The small percentage of cheaters are ruining the fun for everyone. In the week that just finished all 15 players in my league had scores of 15k+. I completed all objectives and finished 5th with a score of 46,585 in the Stone league. It already looks like I’ll stay in the Stone league again because there appear to be 2 people who can reset their objectives.

    Was anyone able to move to the gold league without resetting their objectives this week?


    Eh, what’s the point? First it’s the guys all mastery 10 decked out with all the latest legendary items, now it’s the guys with 20K points 8 hours into the event. The whole event is a giant waste of time. the only thing lamer than cheating on an online game with no money at stake is taking time to rat out the cheaters.


    Was anyone able to move to the gold league without resetting their objectives this week?

    I would have been able to, except I couldn’t meet my objectives because my opponents were way too strong. Why should I have to compete with diamond opponents to advance out of the stone league?


    @killerkea I was able to move to Gold league this week. I ended week as 3rd on my leaderboard with 15k points ahead of 4th player. Player who ended first obviously reset his objecitives couple times as he had over 102k points while 2nd ended with 80k and I had 75k. I played a lot during holidays and never reset my objecitves.


    I got myself promoted to stone, just because I was curious
    Within an hour some guy was at 6500 points????

    this morning I logged in to see some others at 16k+ points???

    this is silly, I am not going to put to much effort in there
    I might spend some LC to get some good (better) set items

    no point in competing with cheaters

    I have figured out how they do it and it is actually really easy. I was able to reset my objectives twice just now. I will not be playing these objectives though, since the rest of the players in this league are a few hundred to 1000 ahead of me now and I don’t want to cheat real players (except the cheating player, he’s over 40K by now). I sent the info to rovio, but i am not sure if they will do something about this. It seems to be inherent to the way the whole game is set up and the division between client/server tasks.

    , i would be happy to share the exploit, but do not want to cause more cheating. I think more people will find out soon enough though. You seem to be a moderator of some kind. Any advise here? Share the exploit or not? Level the playing field by cheating for all or wait for rovio?


    I’m an admin here @larry. Could you send it my way? I’ll share with Rovio as well.

    @amslimfordy I just sent you the info. Let me know if you think it would be fair to share with the community. Maybe if some people keep getting cheated on, they can use this to even the odds a bit.


    I’d be more then happy if Rovio could fix this things. Hope they will be able to investigate if they get proper information. So far I have no intention to compete with cheaters on my leaderboard. While i can bear with one cheater, I can’t do much against three of them First player on my leaderboard is over 25000 points ahead of me, second is over 20000 points ahead. Players from 3rd and below seem to play fair.
    Currently I am no.6 still have some chances to get 3rd only if I play all time and pay for additional lives every time I lose…


    @larry Thank you for the details. We will be forwarding this to our direct contacts at Rovio and hopefully they can do something about the exploit.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it is wise to publicize the method here. I’m not sure “an eye for an eye” is quite the mentality to use here. Let’s see what Rovio says first.

    @cosmo2503 Yeah, fully agree. I have to admit, it is tempting to use the same cheats to force the cheaters out, but the problem is that all other fair players won’t get through anymore. Hope Rovio does something about it, but I think they will need to make a few big changes to prevent this and big changes are not easy to implement. I am afraid we’ll be stuck with these cheaters for a while.

    In the mean time, the cheater in my league is up to 40K in one day…
    Leaderboard cheater


    what is being done about cheaters in the current Epic league, made to the silver level, first place player “Pulsar” went from 6K to 87k in 24 hours. what is the challenge, no point in spending any time or money on the game if they can’t keep the cheaters out


    @ctwodstz As we are saying, we are going to talk with Rovio about this exploit and see if we can get something sorted.


    Good to hear, seems to be a common feeling amongst the players, what is only fun if it is fair. I would think Rovio would want to resolve the issue, after all, if people stop playing, they stop spending money, and it give Rovio and the game a bad reputation.

    @ctwodstz, why don’t you post a screenshot of your scoreboard as well… Especially send it to Rovio in a support request.


    This is not a cheat, this is a bug. when you are using your Rovio Account on different devices, you may be able to fulfill your daily Quests serveral times and get more than 5500 points.
    Rovio has to fix that bug!




    Cheat OR Bug, it should be fixed. And, probably shouldn’t be fully explained to everyone else until Rovio addresses the problem.

    @angryman79, It is a cheat, or actually more an exploit. I was not aware of using multiple devices myself, but it sounds like a good way to get 2 sets of goals to achieve. I have sent the details of the exploit to amslimfordy (admin) and Rovio. I am able to reset the objectives on my device only, anytime I like. That’s an exploit based on the fact that many things in the game are triggered by variables on the device. It’s an easy exploit and you can actually come across it by accident without even knowing it.

    It is also not a bug since it is programmed to behave in the way it does. Some of these issues are based on design choices to “encourage” people to play as many times per day as possible instead of whenever someone has the time to play. This is the type of designing you can find in many of the free-to-play games with in-app purchases and lots of advertising. It just doesn’t work well if you want to let people compete against each other.

    Your way of using multiple devices also fits in this design strategy. Since many things like golden pig, friendship essence requests and new goals in the arena are triggered by the device, it makes sense that using two devices could flip the triggers on both devices at the same time. Since only your arena scores are stored outside your cloud save on a central scoreboard, you would get double credits (any double income from a second golden pig would simply overwrite the data from the other device).

    Honestly, I would consider using multiple devices cheating, but sadly it is a feature provided with the support for multiple devices. It is hard to blame you for using this, although I would feel really screwed if you were in my league, so please don’t.


    @ctwodstz The link you posted was not valid. Please try another means.

    @ctwodstz, just use the album in your forum profile to upload any images. You can link to it easily.

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