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  • TomC

    The resets are truly sporadic; I just got reset in the middle of collecting the 3rd present from another reset just a minute ago when viewing the leaderboard.


    I did not have any reset at all yet. Lokks like im lucky


    It looks like they are terminating the event early. My timer is at 2h:35min.


    Yes it happens to me as well. Also all the other birds disappeared from the leadership board. So I would assume they are making everyone winning as some kind of compensation?


    I don’t shink that will be any compensation. And we have any explanation from Rovio about this mess.
    If they wont to end early, what need to delete results? Stop on some point is better? than delete all.


    My game has been very unstable this evening. Crashing all the time, and difficult to log in.

    Edit: I am not sure they would leave it to the wheel. I think maybe just give everyone the top prize (6000 per bird) and leave it at that. Plus maybe a small amount of LCs.




    Yesterday disaster struck … reset after being 20k or so in front. Also the game synced wrong, setting my progress back two weeks or so :-(. I lost 4k MP per class at least, rainbow bar is empty again and all my arena stuff is gone :-(

    I am majorly disappointed and sent a complain to Rovio

    also this morning I had multiple game resets.

    I am just in front now, timer says 90 more minutes or so


    The game is crashing like it’s nuts.

    The event is ending in half an hour. It was a great event, what a shame.


    Are you kidding me?? My progress deleted again. Second time in a day. What in a hell are you doing with game???


    Lol leaderboard reset 5 minutes before the end, well I’m gonna be first with 540 medals

    Angry Johnny

    Yes! After all the resets I still managed to finish in first place :-)
    I got 6000 mastery points for all and 6000 extra mastery points for Chuck and Mathilda on my second spinn. Nice.


    Crashed 3 minutes before the end of the event, with me in 1st place, and now I can’t log in to see my standing.

    About 50 minutes ago they said they were going to disable the event to avoid further complications with their ongoing server maintenance. No comment if they’re going to give out any rewards at all. They should give *everybody* who played even once the 3-star spins on the reward wheel.


    I finished 1st with 845 since I was the only one on my leaderboard. I got blues, bomb, and 2k all birds so I respun and got 2k all birds, red and 2k all birds and was deciding if I should keep it since I could only do one more spin then it crashed on me. I logged back in and noticed my essence was back and I got to do the spin over again and got 6k all bird, blues, and bomb which was the spin I want most and quickly clicked on the check mark too make sure I got the reward before it crashed again.


    Whew, finally logged back in. 1st place with 940 points, got 6000 All, and 6000 for Matilda and Chuck on my first spin. Probably would’ve preferred getting it for Blues and Bomb instead, but I’ll take it.

    Now to see if I can keep it or a crash takes it all away. :)

    got nothing, last time i checked i was first with 600 points and then game crashed, by the time i logged back in again the event finished and got nothing , well done! got nothing by trying to play the stupid event and lost many things on the way.


    LOL!!! More then one winner? Cople of first place? LOL!

    Dr Dave

    I finished first on my leaderboard and rolled 6000 for all birds, black, and blue on my first spin, just what I wanted. . . then crash! After it rebooted no mastery had been awarded, no snoutlings had been added to my tally and the event was obviously over. Waited a while but no respin option ever appeared. Very frustrating. Hopefully they will fix their issues and offer another event very soon. Giving all participants a “gift” also makes sense to me.


    I was logged in when the timer ran out on the event and in first place with 540 medals but I didn’t get to spin the wheel. This event was a crock.


    Event ia a mess of ages. Mess of all messes


    Crashed 4 seconds before the end, got nothing. Oh well, farmed up 1300+ stamina pots from presents with all the resets.


    Game was crashing every minute and a half. I logged in with about a minute before the event ended. Got first place spun my prize after about 15 second game crashed, but I still managed to get my MP


    I was first,the game crashed before the end of the event and I got nothing !!!(No whell to spin and no snoutlings) Worst event ever!


    Yep, crash took away all those points I had gotten for winning, and the 3 birds that leveled up as a result are back down to their original levels. And I didn’t even do anything, because I didn’t want to risk a crash. The game was just sitting there open, and boom. Ridiculous.

    Angry Johnny

    I think it is best if you after rolling and gotten the reward you quit the game so that the game can fully synchronize with the servers. After that a crash of your game SHOULD not reset your rewards.

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